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  1. Pretending Single Payer Health Care Is Easy to Pass Doesn’t Make It EasyBernie Bros need to stop calling Democrats shills and engage with the reason they’re reluctant to impose radical change.
  2. Do Obamacare’s Left-Wing Critics Actually Understand It?A Jacobin editor defends the Republican Party against the charge of wanting to take poor people’s insurance away.
  3. The Berniecrats Have an Obama ProblemA small problem for the triumph of the revolution.
  4. Remember How Trump Was Going to Erase Obama’s Legacy Overnight? Not So Much.Even a highly competent president would have difficulty unwinding them, and Trump has shown no signs of being even a minimally competent one.
  5. Trump Invents New Fallback Lie on Russian Hacking“Okay, maybe the Russians did it, but we know it had no effect.” Uh, no, we don’t.
  6. If This Is the Best Defense of the Clinton Foundation, She’s in TroubleJoe Conason replies. He makes 11 points, goes 0 for 11.
  7. The Fight for the Soul of the Republican Party Is Over: The Rich Won AgainRemember “reform conservatism”? That used to be a thing.
  8. Is Political Correctness Good for the Left?We’re thinking about the wrong class of victims.
  9. Repealing Obamacare Would Be Extremely ImmoralYour not-very-tricky ethical dilemmas, answered.
  10. The New Republic and the Imperfect Media MarketA reply to Ezra Klein, FWIW.
  11. Conservatives Now Completely Losing It Over GrubergateThe MIT economist is sapping our precious bodily fluids.
  12. Reading Is Fundamental, Charles C.W. CookeNational Review writes entire column about me based on mistakes.
  13. Football and Moral Panic, a Case StudyARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL in-depth statistical disputes?
  14. Have Nerds Betrayed the Left?Thomas Frank has identified the enemy of true populism: political science.
  15. ‘Youngsters Love Rand Paul’ Is a Fake TrendStop trying to make Rand Paul happen.
  16. How Libertarians Snookered The New York Times MagazineAnatomy of a journalistic train wreck.
  17. Is Zionism a Feeling, or an Idea?A response to an inadvertently revealing New York Times op-ed.
  18. I Have Mocked Ross Douthat One Time Too ManyToday in pundit feuds.
  19. 7 Ways Paul Ryan Revealed His Love for Ayn RandSociety could never accept their love, but the passion could not be denied …
  20. What’s My Problem With Conservative Reformers?Yay! Arguments about arguments!
  21. Today in ‘Your Conservative Questions Answered Very Easily’There’s no such thing as innovation in a government-led industry is there? Oh.
  22. Obamacare-Hating Pundit Asks, ‘When Has the Left Ever Cared About Facts’?They are stubborn things.
  23. I Corrected a Misinformed Obamacare CriticAh, what’s the point?
  24. Why Conservatives Got Segregation Wrong a Second Time in South AfricaThey’re not good at this race stuff.
  25. Baffler Writer Baffled by Distinction Between Means and EndsAn objection from an authentic voice of the people.
  26. Subsidizing Farmers But Not the Poor Still EvilTurns out there are arguments for this policy. Just not good or even factually true ones.
  27. Markets Are Not the Solution to the NCAA’s ProblemsA reply to the cynics.
  28. ‘Libertarian Populists’ Have Great ImaginationsAugust is here. It’s feudin’ time.
  29. Reading Is Fundamental, Alex TabarrokA friendly PSA for the libertarian economist community.
  30. Is Rand Paul’s Love of Ayn Rand a ‘Conspiracy’?Turns out libertarians don’t like it when you insult Ayn Rand. Who knew?
  31. Libertarian Columnist Timothy Carney Is In Way Over His HeadJonathan Chait keeps being wrong about Obamacare,” says guy who has no idea what he’s talking about.
  32. Raising the Medicare Retirement Age Still SuckyBut not totally-unacceptable-sucky.
  33. Race and ‘You Didn’t Build That,’ Part 2No, I didn’t call Romney racist!
  34. Brave Leftie Blogger Exposes My Ryan Suck-UpA spectacular and truly original interpretation.
  35. Obama-Boehner Debt Negotiation Furor Continues!Everybody still angry at each other over year-old non-consummated budget deal.
  36. Yes, the Republicans Are Pretty BananasRoss Douthat writes a response, only to say he can’t be bothered.
  37. New York Times Symposium Beats Straw Man MercilesslyWho needs their stupid club for jerks, anyway? I’ll start my own symposium right here.
  38. I Will Try To Be Nice This TimeIt’s kind of painful, actually.
  39. Inequality Deniers Fudge the Numbers AgainPersistence is actually a bad trait when you’re delusional.
  40. 1964 Not the Only Time Racists Hated GovernmentAre paleolibertarianism and racism incompatible?
  41. Inequality and the Political Choice We HaveIf you’re not the kind of reader who enjoys long debates between columnists, you should probably stop reading right now.
  42. Inequality and BullshitPethokoukis’s latest project is to deny — or quasi-deny, or muddy the waters, depending on the day — the fact of rising income inequality.
  43. The Evasions of the 53 Percent: This Time It’s PersonalConservatives defend a series of nonsense statistics about taxes and inequality.
  44. Lessons on Partisanship for LibertariansIf there’s one thing I’ve learned about ‘Reason’ magazine’s writers, it’s that they think I’m “partisan.”