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  1. surviving r. kelly
    After Scathing Documentary, R. Kelly Is Back on the ChartsGood to know edgelords still exist!
  2. Which TV Actors Get Paid the Most?Analyzing actors’ increasing salaries in the world of Peak TV.
  3. search history
    What We Learned About Sexual Desire From 10 Years of Pornhub User DataWomen are much likelier to watch porn on their phones, Pornhub traffic spikes on Christmas morning, and more fascinating insights.
  4. charts
    Sia Lands First No. 1 As ‘Cheap Thrills’ Unseats Drake in the Hot 100It’s the first chart-topper by a woman over 40 since Madonna’s “Music.”
  5. charts
    Male Food Privilege in Two ChartsIt never ends.
  6. music
    Breaking Down Bob Dylan’s Longstanding Love of Cover SongsWhat he sings when he doesn’t sing his own songs.
  7. A Glimpse at What TV Shows People Are Watching, City by CityGod help us all, Entourage continues to be massively popular.
  8. charts
    The Politics of Michael Bay’s Supposedly Apolitical MoviesAn assessment of where his movies fall ideologically.
  9. series finales
    What’s the Most Satisfying TV Series Finale?In a chart!
  10. charts
    Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, and Scarlett Johansson Have an Older-Man ProblemThese charts show just how often our hottest young actresses are paired with men old enough to be their dad.
  11. Stop Making Dudes Named ‘John’ and ‘David’ CEOsAdd up all the women running big companies, and men named John or David still outnumber them.
  12. charts
    Jennifer Lawrence’s Hunger Games Song Is ChartingSo far in the U.K. and Australia.
  13. charts
    ‘All About That Bass’ Just Got Bumped From No. 1Good-bye, Meghan. Hello, Taylor.
  14. charts
    Barbra Streisand Edges Out Chris Brown for No. 1Sorry, Chris.
  15. charts
    ‘All About That Bass’ Hits No. 1Sorry, Taylor.
  16. orange is the new black
    Every Relationship on Orange Is the New Black, VisualizedEvery beef, bond, and parental relationship, in chart form.
  17. charts
    Smelling Something Fishy Actually Makes People More SuspiciousAnd four more clichés that mean more than you think.
  18. charts
    Ariana Grande’s on Top of the Charts (Again)It’s her everything.
  19. charts
    Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ Swiftly Shakes to No. 1Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” is right behind.
  20. How Changing Your Body Can Change Your MindYour yoga teacher would call it the mind-body connection. 
  21. charts
    The Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack Is No. 1It’s those oldies.
  22. relationships
    4 Ways Technology Is Your Relationship’s Third WheelCan’t live with it. Can’t live without it.
  23. charts
    Song of Summer Update: Eh, Still ‘Fancy’As of July 24, 2014.
  24. charts
    Weird Al Conquers Billboard Charts After Conquering the InternetGetting his first No. 1 record ever.
  25. 5 Scientific Truths About the Way We LieHonest! 
  26. Your Happiness Makes Your Friends Happy, TooAnd your friends’ friends, and even your friends’ friends’ friends, research shows. 
  27. The Science of Us Guide to Making Friends When You’re an AdultIt’s tougher than it used to be — but it’s not impossible.
  28. How to Speed Time Up — or Slow It DownTime flies when you’re having fun, and/or doing these incredibly specific things. 
  29. charts
    Lana Del Rey Got Her First No. 1 AlbumUltraviolence is No. 1 on the Billboard 200. 
  30. charts
    3 Slightly Disturbing Figures That Reveal How Attached You Are to Your PhoneYour phone has you on an incredibly short leash. 
  31. infographics
    9 Game of Thrones Season 4 Moments As Hilarious Graphs and Pie ChartsThe Purple Wedding, the Red Viper vs. the Mountain, and more!
  32. Here’s How Many People Admit to Keeping a Secret From Their Significant OtherResearch reveals insights about the secrets we keep. 
  33. 3 Weird Ways Your Plate Tricks You Into Eating MoreThe size and even color of your dish can affect your eating behavior.
  34. How a Great College Professor Changes Your LifeThe long-lasting benefits of connecting with a mentor. 
  35. Highlighting Won’t Help You Remember AnythingIt’s time you learned how to learn. 
  36. One French Scientist Found 5 Research-Backed Ways to Get a Woman’s NumberCarry a guitar case, and other unlikely tips. 
  37. Here’s How Much of Your Own Happiness Is Under Your ControlA psychologist who studies and writes about the science of well-being explains. 
  38. This Map Explains Why Midwesterners Find New Yorkers WeirdWe’re really (at least) three countries in one.
  39. Why We Enjoy Chili Peppers and Gruesome MoviesIt’s all about feeling safe and threatened at the same time.
  40. 3 Weird Reasons You Pour Yourself Way Too Much WineScience explains the heavy pour. 
  41. What Emoticons Reveal About How We See EmotionDo you look for happiness in the eyes or smile?
  42. Here’s How American Men and Women Split Up HouseworkYeah, sounds about right. 
  43. Which of These Secretly Dangerous Household Objects Is Out to Get You?Hairpins, skateboards and toilets send thousands to the ER each year. 
  44. This Chart Will Reveal How Many Men and Women Are Married by Age 30Learn how common (or not) your current matrimonial status is.
  45. This Is the Day of the Week That You Weigh the LeastEnjoy it while it lasts.
  46. Study Forecasts Who You’ll Hook Up With After A Break-UpWho’s doing whom after a breakup, according to science.
  47. We Asked 100 New Yorkers: What Did Jay Z Do to Make Solange So Mad?“He accidentally sexted the wrong sister.”
  48. charts
    The Brooklyn Bandscape: A Recent History of the Borough’s Music SceneFrom Afropunk to Electroclash to Zebulon, an abridged tour of its millennial moment.
  49. charts
    The Surreal Life Family Tree of VH1 ShowsHow one show was the gift that kept on giving.
  50. whack charts
    This Facebook Marriage-Age Chart Means Basically NothingConclusion: whatever. 
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