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Child Abuse

  1. crime
    27 ‘Possible Graves’ Found at Notoriously Abusive Florida Boys’ SchoolOfficials have already unearthed 55 graves at Dozier School For Boys.
  2. crime
    YouTube Mom Accused of Abusing Her Kids, Forcing Them to PerformMachelle Hackney, who runs “Fantastic Adventures,” allegedly starved her adoptive children and forced them into ice baths.
  3. child abuse
    Thousands of Migrant Children Were Reportedly Sexually Abused in U.S. CustodyThis was over the course of just four years, per a government report.
  4. systemic abuse
    For Decades, Nuns Brutally Abused and Killed Kids in Vermont Orphanage: ReportAccording to an explosive new report, children were beaten, burned, and forced to eat their own vomit at St. Joseph’s orphanage.
  5. immigration
    Immigrant Kids Say They Were Strapped to Chairs, Left Naked in Detention CenterThe allegations are part of a new lawsuit against a Virginia facility that houses children as young as 14.
  6. family separation policy
    The Lasting Damage of Depriving a Child of Human TouchAt detention centers along the border, workers are forbidden from hugging or physically soothing traumatized children.
  7. woody allen
    Moses Farrow Defends Woody Allen, Accuses Mia Farrow of Physical AbuseIn a new self-published personal essay.
  8. crime
    4 Missing Girls Were Rescued From Their Dads’ Doomsday CampOne dad is charged with kidnapping.
  9. abuse
    Seattle Mayor Resigns Amid New Allegations of Sexual AbuseEd Murray’s cousin claims the mayor molested him when he was a teenager.
  10. custody battles
    Cops Called Over Robin Thicke and Paula Patton’s Latest Custody ConfrontationTheir custody battle is no closer to resolution.
  11. Robin Thicke Accused of Child Abuse in Custody Battle With Ex-Wife Paula PattonThe Los Angeles Department of Child and Family Services is investigating.
  12. can u not
    Mom Arrested After Feeding Her 11-Month-Old Son Only Nuts and BerriesShe’s reportedly an “extreme” vegan.
  13. drug tests
    Brad Pitt Takes Voluntary Drug Test, Is ‘Cooperating Fully’ With InvestigationAfter reportedly being accused of child abuse.
  14. drug tests
    Brad Pitt Reportedly Takes Voluntary Drug Test After reportedly being accused of child abuse.
  15. child abuse
    Brad Pitt Reportedly Accused of Child AbuseSources say the incident occurred on a private jet.
  16. can u not
    Vegan-Fed Baby Hospitalized, Taken From ParentsThe 14-month-old toddler weighed only slightly more than a three-month-old.
  17. child abuse
    Corey Feldman on Hollywood Child Abuse: ‘They Were Passing Us Back and Forth’The former child actor says he “would love to name names” but can’t, for legal reasons.
  18. Babysitter Charged With Torturing Staten Island Toddler to DeathAnthony Delgado was 16 months old.
  19. Texas Mother Accused of Waterboarding Her Disabled 13-Year-Old SonShe claims it was her boyfriend’s idea.
  20. P.A. Governor Tom Corbett: Joe Paterno ‘Probably’ Shouldn’t Have Been FiredThough he reportedly pushed for his dismissal.
  21. Another Child Beaten to Death in an NYC Homeless Shelter The second one this week. 
  22. Brooklyn Man Charged With Beating His 3-Year-Old Stepdaughter to DeathOfficials say he hit her because she soiled her pants.
  23. child abuse
    Amanda Bynes Recants Abuse Claim, Blames ‘Microchip in My Brain’ [Updated]On Twitter.
  24. child abuse
    Why Adrian Peterson’s Child Abuse Isn’t Generating More OutrageMost Americans are cool with corporal punishment.
  25. Abused Queens Girl, 12, Found Weighing 58 PoundsHer father and stepmother are finally in jail after nearly two years of beatings.
  26. Dottie Sandusky: Victims Manipulated With MoneyThe convicted Penn State abuser’s wife is still in denial.
  27. Caretaker Pleads Not Guilty in Tortured 4-Year-Old’s DeathProsecutors say murder charges are likely.
  28. crimes and misdemeanors
    I Believe Dylan Farrow Ultimately, what you think depends on whose experience you identify with more.
  29. A Brief History of Woody Allen Being Creepy About Young GirlsThe Internet continues to dig up disturbing stories in light of the resurfaced child-molestation allegations.
  30. Father Released From Jail to Bury Tortured 4-Year-OldI felt he was in reasonable care,” said Wade.
  31. 4-Year-Old Child Dies While in Babysitter’s CareJust awful.
  32. Classic Rock D.J. Dave Herman Arrested for Planning Sex With 6-Year-OldThe legendary radio host was dealing with an undercover cop.
  33. NYPD Officer Arrested for Punching 3-Year-Old Son in FaceMy daddy punched me in the face.”
  34. cold case
    Man Formerly Suspected of Etan Patz Murder Set to Go FreeJose Ramos served 25 years for unrelated child molestation convictions.
  35. Pope Defended on Palm SundayTimothy Dolan took to the pulpit to speak up for his boss.