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  1. marriage: an investigation
    How a Marriage Survives the Death of a Child“If you were to ask me why this destroys some marriages, I would probably say that some marriages are ripe for being destroyed.”
  2. crime
    Two 9-Year-Old Girls Terrorize Australian Shopping Center“This is our car, so get f*cked!”
  3. screen time
    Too Much Peppa Pig Is Causing Kids to Speak in British AccentsCrikey, is your kid under the influence of the #PeppaEffect?
  4. life after warming
    Parenting the Climate Change GenerationClimate change isn’t a reason not to have kids. Kids are a reason to fight it.
  5. bullies
    Middle School Closed for Safety Concerns After Adults Threaten Transgender GirlAn Oklahoma middle school closed down for two days after multiple parents threatened a transgender girl with violence.
  6. power
    Border Patrol Accused of Giving Children Rotten Food and Undrinkable WaterChildren also reported being kicked and forced to strip naked.
  7. immigration
    Chilling Photo Shows Huge Mural of Trump in Detention Center for Migrant KidsNearly 1,500 boys are being held in a former Walmart in Texas.
  8. rebellions
    Child Steals Parents’ Credit Card, Flies to Bali Vacation After FightEat, pray, tantrum.
  9. crime
    Parents Who Kept 13 Children Captive Facing Life in PrisonProsecutors filed charges, and new details of the siblings’ horrifying ordeal emerged.
  10. crime
    Aunt of 13 Kids Held Captive Says She’s ‘Shocked and Angry’Her sister is accused of torturing her children, aged 2 to 29.
  11. crime
    What We Know About the Case of the 13 Siblings Held Captive in Their HomeAged 2 through 29, they were found shackled to their beds and severely malnourished.
  12. baby names
    Couple Loves Olive Garden So Much They’re Naming Their First Child After ItOlive Garton was too much — Olivia Garton, though, was just right.
  13. guns
    Children of Any Age Can Now Hunt With Guns in This StateA new law eliminated the previous age minimum of 10 years old.
  14. beep beep
    Cops Thought They Were Chasing a Drunk Driver, But It Was a 7-Year-Old BoySurprise!
  15. actually good news
    NYC Libraries Are Forgiving Children’s Unpaid FinesThe move will allow kids with blocked accounts to start checking out books again.
  16. Researchers Accidentally Found One Way to Help Kids Grow Up to Be VotersChildren who were in a program designed to help develop social skills were more likely to vote when they grew up, an unintended but happy side effect.
  17. The Lunches My Child Has Been Served at School Can’t Possibly Be the […] As a parent, nothing is more important to me than the health and well-being of my child. From studying the labels on Caiden’s favorite snacks […]
  18. choices
    Ina Garten Shares Why She Didn’t Have ChildrenThe Food Network star says “it was a choice I made very early.”
  19. This 4-Year-Old Walked Miles in the Wilderness to Help Her Sick GrandmaA criminal case has been opened against her mother for allegedly putting the girl in danger.
  20. tiny heroes
    BBC Interview Made Infinitely Better by Hilarious Interrupting ToddlerGet this kid her own show, stat.
  21. tiny heroes
    Watch a Moment-by-Moment Breakdown of That Toddler-Interrupted BBC InterviewShe does not give any damns.
  22. modern life
    Californian Children Will Soon Get Their Own Luxury Cinemas With Jungle GymsCinépolis USA is opening two theaters with massive jungle gyms and play ares for tots.
  23. The Best Way to Answer Kids When They Ask ‘Why?’If you don’t satisfy their teleological needs, they’re just going to ask again.
  24. health
    Parents Are Confused About When to Keep Their Kids Home From Day CareThere’s a lot of confusion on the subject, and many parents and day-care centers are being overly cautious.
  25. The FDA Warns That Anesthesia Can Harm the Brains of Children Under 3The warning extends to pregnant women in their third trimester.
  26. cute things
    This Is What Happens When You Let a Toddler Dress Herself for a School PictureNicely done.
  27. racism
    Bias Against Black Kids Starts With Preschool TeachersThe findings of a new study show how deeply rooted racism may be.
  28. Your Personality Starts Showing Up During InfancyTemperament starts early.
  29. Body-Image Issues Start As Young As 3New research suggests our body struggles may start way before middle school.
  30. How Child-free People Decide Not to Have Kids“It’s a rational response to what it means to have a kid and what impact [being a parent] has on the rest of your life.”
  31. sex ed
    Why Pediatricians Should Teach Sex EdBecause we all know abstinence-only education isn’t cutting it.
  32. Kids Successfully Sent a Stuffed Animal to SpaceUnfortunately, he’s now MIA.
  33. Books Expo America Tackles The Tough Subject of Children in PerilChildren in grave danger are easy to turn to because a certain kind of reader craves in fiction what she might avoid at all costs in real life.
  34. 50 Years of Research Shows the Scary Ramifications of Spanking KidsAnd sadly, 80 percent of the world’s children are still subject to it.
  35. select all
    Inside the Strange World of Million-View ‘Surprise Egg’ YouTube VideosFor the past several weeks I have been captivated by videos of adults opening Kinder eggs.
  36. children
    Seriously, Don’t Spank Your KidsA comprehensive new study finds that it’s ineffective and harmful.
  37. cut cover story
    Is Parenthood the Enemy of Creative Work?A portrait of the artist as a young mom.
  38. it's all your fault
    Your Depression and Anxiety Might Make Your Kid a Picky EaterBut don’t get anxious about it!
  39. parental leave
    Etsy Announces New Half-Year Paid-Parental-Leave PolicyAnother private company picks up the slack for our government.
  40. North West’s Closet Is So Much Better Than YoursPrepare to wish, briefly, that Kanye West were your dad.
  41. motherhood
    Making Peace With My Daughter’s Frozen ObsessionOn toddlers, TV, and letting it go.
  42. uncanny impressions
    Watch Little Girl’s Impression of Star Wars Fans“AHHHHSPACEAHHH!”
  43. Sandra Bullock Adopted Another Kid, and It Still Wasn’t YouShe’s now mom to 3-year-old Laila.
  44. this is your brain on advertising
    This Is Your Brain on Advertising: Why Kids Are So Vulnerable to MarketingChildren are very, very suggestible.
  45. guns and grandmothers
    2-Year-Old South Carolina Boy Shoots His Grandmother in the BackHe was in the backseat.
  46. feature
    Can Racism Be Stopped in the Third Grade?An experiment at Fieldston, which starts when 8-year-olds are sorted by race, has some very liberal parents fuming.
  47. parenthood
    We Live in an Age of Irrational ParentingIt’s hard to think of a safer time to raise kids. So why are parents always freaking out — or being needlessly policed?
  48. The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Birthday Cake, by Dan Rozier In a big tree house down a sunny dirt road deep in the heart of Bear Country, it was Brother’s birthday. The Bear family—Mama, Papa, Brother […]
  49. gabi the hero
    This 9-Year-Old Dark-Lord Poetess Is Our New Goth Hero“The fire is red as blood,” writes Gabi.
  50. kids these days
    Lululemon Is Going to Put 6-Year-Olds in Yoga PantsOm.
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