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  1. trailer mix
    Ford v Ferrari Trailer: Matt Damon and Christian Bale Put the Pedal to the MetalWho will win … the Game of Cars?
  2. deleted scenes
    Watch the Song-and-Dance Number Cut From Adam McKay’s Dick Cheney Biopic ViceGive ‘em the ol’ razzle-dazzle.
  3. oscar futures
    In Best Actor, Has Rami Malek’s Time Come?But Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper will keep fighting till the end.
  4. awards season
    Lady Gaga and Glenn Close Tie for Best Actress at 2019 Critics’ Choice AwardsMeanwhile, Roma takes home Best Picture and Alfonso Cuarón Best Director.
  5. surprise!
    Christian Bale’s Accent Is Always a ShockSurprise! He’s Welsh!
  6. 2019 golden globes
    Christian Bale Brings Back Real Accent, Thanks Satan in Globes Acceptance SpeechHollywood’s king of playing “charisma-free assholes.”
  7. movie review
    Vice Is Gimmicky, But Christian Bale’s Dick Cheney Impersonation Is Spot-onAdam McKay has devised a rollicking comic style for what amounts to an anti-hagiography, a scabrous portrait of Dick Cheney the Unholy One.
  8. i am the batman
    Of Course Donald Trump Thought Christian Bale Was Bruce WayneAnother strange cameo.
  9. Watch Christian Bale’s Weight Change Drastically Over 12 RolesFrom American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman to Vice’s Dick Cheney.
  10. nurse!
    Christian Bale’s Vice Research Saved Adam McKay From a Heart Attack“I always thought when you get a heart attack, it’s pain in the chest or the arm.”
  11. trailer mix
    Vice Trailer: Christian Bale Goes Full Dick CheneyJust in time for the holidays.
  12. netflix
    Warner Bros. Sells Andy Serkis’s Live-Action Mowgli to NetflixThe Andy Serkis–directed adaptation will now premiere next year instead of this fall.
  13. movies
    Christian Bale Hasn’t Watched Dark Knight Rises Since the Aurora ShootingThe former Batman says he can’t watch the movie without thinking about the tragic shooting.
  14. manly men
    Christian Bale Thinks He’s Too Good for Rom-comsMaybe he just hasn’t found the right rom-com.
  15. batfleck
    No, Christian Bale Hasn’t Gotten Around to Checking Out Batfleck in Action“My son seemed like he was really interested, but then I realized he just wanted to see the trailer and that was it.”
  16. good opinions
    Christian Bale: Our Culture Will Be ‘Richer’ When ‘White Dudes’ Aren’t in ChargeHe’s ready for white dudes to not be in charge of everything.
  17. Hostiles Is a Well-Intentioned Downer of a WesternChristian Bale and Rosamund Pike star in this slog, which still doesn’t do right by its native characters.
  18. inspirational
    Handsome Actors Bravely Become Slightly Less Handsome for Movie RolesTruly moving.
  19. transformations
    Christian Bale and Amy Adams Are Unrecognizable As Dick and Lynne CheneyIt’s for Adam McKay’s upcoming biopic.
  20. What’s New on Amazon Prime: October 2017Now’s the time to catch up on The Americans.
  21. casting couch
    Christian Bale and Amy Adams May Hustle America Anew With Dick Cheney BiopicWith Steve Carell as a potential Donald Rumsfeld.
  22. last night on late night
    Henry Cavill’s Superman Ran Into Peeing ProblemsEveryone, in every superhero movie, is constantly panicking about when they can use the bathroom.
  23. movie review
    Terrence Malick’s Knight of Cups Feels Like Self-ParodyThe director’s archetypes have a way of turning into abstractions or, worse, clichés.
  24. critiques
    Bale Wasn’t Completely Stoked With His Batman“I didn’t quite nail it.”
  25. chat room
    Christian Bale on Making Malick’s Knight of Cups“We’re not trying to be emotional, unless we’re complete frauds.”
  26. trailer mix
    See Malick’s Latest Teaser for Knight of CupsMajor Diplo alert.
  27. Bale Drops Out of Ferrari Due to Weight ConcernsThe hunk we deserve, but not the one we need right now.
  28. chat room
    Christian Bale on The Big Short“Not being a good guy is not the same as being a bad guy.”
  29. The Big Short Will Make You Furious All Over Again About 2008The pitchfork mobs didn’t quite make it to Wall Street. So seven years later, the man who brought you Anchorman decided to give it another go.
  30. Christian Bale on The Big Short“Not being a good guy is not the same as being a bad guy.”
  31. trailer mix
    Watch the New Trailer for The Big ShortMuch greed, much bad hair, much shade.
  32. priorities
    Teen Drew Barrymore Had No Time to Chase BoysChristian Bale still wonders what happened.
  33. vulture remix
    The Big Short’s Wigs Get Their Own TrailerOur latest Vulture Remix.
  34. bad wigs
    Ranking the Ridiculous Hair of The Big ShortOne might say these wigs are subprime.
  35. casting couch
    Christian Bale to Play Enzo Ferrari — You Know, the Car GuyZoom!
  36. casting couch
    Oscar Isaac & Christian Bale to Star in PromiseYou’ll have to learn to share.
  37. berlin international film festival
    Bale, Portman on Malick’s Knight of CupsThe film premiered Sunday at the Berlin Film Festival.
  38. castings
    Christian Bale and Ryan Gosling Join Brad Pitt’s Big Short AdaptationIt’ll be directed by Anchorman’s Adam McKay.
  39. Christian Bale Is Our Least Relatable Movie StarSavior, superhero, sourpuss. 
  40. beef
    Christian Bale Would Like George Clooney to Stop WhiningAbout paparazzi.
  41. cue inception noise
    5 Ways to Know You’re in a Christopher Nolan MovieDon’t trip on any dead wives.
  42. movies
    Christian Bale Won’t Play Steve Jobs After AllBale has dropped out of Danny Boyle’s Jobs.
  43. movies
    Christian Bale Will Play Steve Jobs, Will Allegedly ‘Crush It’Aaron Sorkin is writing the script based on Walter Isaacson’s biography.
  44. Leonardo DiCaprio Won’t Play Steve Jobs Christian Bale is back in the running.
  45. first look
    How Monty Python and Mel Brooks Helped Christian Bale Play MosesAnd why the actor isn’t afraid to don mascara, if needed.
  46. casting couch
    Very Famous People to Lend Their Voices to New Jungle Book MovieLike Christian Bale and Cate Blanchett famous.
  47. trailer mix
    Christian Bale Brings Plagues in Exodus TrailerLet my people go, to the theater!
  48. summer movie preview 2014
    Before/After Pics: Actors Who Got Superhero BuffSee Chris Pratt, Andrew Garfield, and more crazy transformations.
  49. negotiations
    David Fincher Wants Christian Bale for His Jobs BiopicThey do look alike.
  50. oscars 2014
    Best Actor: Who Can Unseat Matthew McConaughey?Could DiCaprio, Dern, or Ejiofor surprise?
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