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  1. ilhan omar
    The Christian Right, Not AIPAC, Drives the GOP’s Pro-Israel StanceWhether or not Ilhan Omar’s claim of vast AIPAC power has anything to do with anti-Semitism, it’s just not accurate, and helps her enemies.
  2. 2020 elections
    Is Cory Booker the Candidate of the Christian Left?Booker’s political gospel could be discomforting to secular progressives and the Christian right as well.
  3. george h.w. bush
    The Bush Family’s Struggle to Keep Up With the Conservative MovementGeorge H.W. Bush and his sons George W. and Jeb tried to stay in step with the ever-rightward drift of the conservative movement. They failed.
  4. Will Trump Dump Sycophant-in-Chief Mike Pence?Some advisers want Trump to find a replacement veep who could appeal to women in 2020. But the Christian right would be unhappy about losing Pence.
  5. the kavanaugh confirmation
    Christian Right Leaders Want Senate to Ignore Assault Charges Against KavanaughConservative Evangelicals like Ralph Reed and Franklin Graham want their SCOTUS justice even if he hasn’t been cleared of attempted rape charges.
  6. andrew gillum
    Will Andrew Gillum’s Christian Progressive Running Mate Help Win Evangelicals?It’s not clear whether Gillum was doubling down or reaching out to evangelicals with his unconventional choice of Chris King as running-mate.
  7. Jerry Falwell Jr. Urges Trump to Fire SessionsJeff Sessions was a long-time Christian-right stalwart and an early Trump endorser. But he’s violating a new litmus test: Don’t cross the boss.
  8. Russian Spy Suspect Was Infiltrating Christian Right As Well As Gun GroupsThe story of alleged Russian agent Maria Butina and her live-in boyfriend Paul Erickson is quite the spy novel.
  9. Franklin Graham Invades ‘Godless’ CaliforniaIn the state where Billy Graham built his national reputation, Franklin Graham has embraced the Christian right activism his father rejected.
  10. Poor People’s Campaign Begins With Protests and ArrestsIn a revival of Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy project that brought protestors to Washington in 1968, the protests will continue for 40 days.
  11. What the Christian Right Sowed, Trump ReapedA prominent Evangelical who once advised George W. Bush makes the case that his fellow believers lost their way long before falling into Trump’s lap.
  12. Bibi and the Christian Right Agree: Trump Is the New Cyrus the GreatNetanyahu gives his friend the president the great favor of reinforcing conservative Evangelical belief that Trump’s the supreme virtuous pagan.
  13. Billy Graham Lived at the Crossroads of Faith and PowerAfter getting too close to Richard Nixon, Billy Graham stayed away from partisan politics. But his son Franklin Graham is up to his ears in it.
  14. Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has No Plans to Go Anywhere Anytime SoonConservatives pining for a fifth SCOTUS vote to overturn Roe v. Wade may have to win the 2020 election to outlast Ginsburg.
  15. The Amendment Allowing Churches to Get Political Is Gone From the GOP Tax BillIt was spiked by the Senate parliamentarian.
  16. Alabama’s Christian Right Has Been Doubly Disgraced in 2017In Roy Moore and former governor Bentley, the state’s conservative Evangelicals have backed two bad apples from the same basket.
  17. Mike Pence, First ToadySome see Pence as a rival to Donald Trump, but he’s actually earned exceptional power by brownnosing the man who saved his political career.
  18. Pence Says ‘President Trump Is a Believer.’ Really?Conservative evangelicals really need to stop ascribing religious belief to the president until he shows he has faith in anything other than himself.
  19. Trump Tax Bill Repeals Limits on Politicking From the PulpitIt would have no immediate impact, but repealing the Johnson Amendment redeems a major symbolic Trump promise to conservative Evangelicals.
  20. McConnell Pulls Out the Stops to Smooth Path for Trump’s Judicial Nominees.GOP used the “blue slip” tradition that let senators veto home-state judges to thwart Obama nominations. Now they’re denying Democrats the same power.
  21. Mike Pence Campaigns Softly Against His Old Christian-Right Ally Roy MooreNeither Donald Trump or his veep seem to relish attacks on Judge Roy Moore. In Pence’s case, there’s some history.
  22. Sam Brownback Returns to His First Vocation: Warrior for the Christian RightAs Trump’s religious-freedom envoy, Brownback has a chance to leave the state he wrecked and to take his religious views worldwide.
  23. A ‘Spiritual Biography’ of Donald Trump Is in the Works. Seriously.Most of Trump’s Christian right allies don’t bother to take his own slight religious pretensions very seriously. A new book apparently will.
  24. Evangelical Supporters Pray Over Trump — Who Could Probably Use the HelpA photograph of the event is getting some buzz today.
  25. Tim Farron Not Dropped As Leader of Britain’s LibDems Because of His ReligionA proposed new martyr to the Christian conservative cause, U.K. LibDem leader Tim Farron, may feel persecuted, but a bad election really did him in.
  26. The More Trump Struggles, the More the Christian Right Loves HimEvangelicals have a transactional relationship with Trump, strengthened by a sense of shared victimization.
  27. While Comey Was Calling Trump a Liar, Trump Was Quoting the Bible“Because as the Bible tells us, we know that the truth will prevail,” he told an audience of Evangelicals.
  28. Trump Vows to Get Rid of Electioneering Restrictions on ChurchesIn another payoff for Christian-right political support, Trump would end the principle that tax subsidies are inconsistent with partisan politicking.
  29. Gorsuch Could Give WASPs Representation on SCOTUS AgainTrump’s nominee would be the 34th Episcopalian to serve on the Court. But it’s been a while.
  30. Baptist Leader Could Pay the Price for Opposing TrumpRussell Moore spoke out against the billionaire candidate. Hard-line powers of the Christian right don’t seem ready to let him forget that.
  31. Trump Victory Gives Christian Right a Second WindThe crisis Trump’s candidacy produced in some conservative evangelical circles abated with his election victory. But some issues still remain.
  32. Why the Christian Right Shares Trump’s Affection for PutinThe president-elect might admire him as an authoritarian tough guy, but many Evangelical leaders see him as an ideological ally.
  33. Trump Picks Wealthy Voucher Proponent to Head Education DepartmentBetsy DeVos is his gift to the Christian right.
  34. Trump Did Not Need an Organization: He Let Conservative Groups Organize for HimThey were strongest in the areas where he did best.
  35. Trump Decides the Bible Isn’t Quite As Good As Two of His Own BooksAs usual, his religious veneer is thin and chips easily.
  36. Donald Trump and the Religion of White NostalgiaA lot of Evangelicals want to return to the 1950s — and this draws them to the GOP nominee.
  37. Liberty University Students ‘Tired of Being Associated’ With TrumpAt the flagship university of conservative Evangelicalism, there’s growing protest at their famous president’s support for the heathenish GOP nominee.
  38. Why Donald Trump’s Campaign Could Prove to Be the Death of the Christian RightEven as most white conservative Evangelicals prepare to vote for Donald Trump, he’s unleashed tensions that could change the Christian right for good.
  39. The Apocalyptic Argument for TrumpChristian conservatives are lashing themselves into a frenzy for Trump on grounds that it might literally be the end of the world if Clinton wins.
  40. Christian Right Renews Its Vows in Marriage of Convenience to TrumpHe’s a crude philistine whose appeal to conservative evangelical leaders is purely transactional. But what choice do they have?
  41. The Christian Right Has Surrendered to TrumpSo recently an electoral and ideological fountainhead for the GOP, Evangelicals have given themselves over to a Philistine. 
  42. This Is Why Ben Carson Was Talking About Lucifer at the RNCThe devilish plot he invokes is a common right-wing conspiracy theory, but it’s one never heard from the podium of a national political convention.
  43. Top Evangelical Leader Suggests Trump Was Recently Born AgainFocus on the Family founder James Dobson calls Trump “a baby Christian.”
  44. Christian Soldiers Not Mobilizing for TrumpConservative Evangelical leaders are getting comfortable with the idea of voting for Donald Trump. But they aren’t going to war for him. 
  45. Trump Not Very Christian About RefugeesTrump stayed on his own familiar turf at a Faith and Freedom Coalition event today. Sad to say, that included the kind of refugee-bashing that Jesus condemned pretty categorically.
  46. We Don’t Need a ‘Christian Left’ to Replace the Christian RightProgressives of faith should not replicate the sin of politicizing the pews that created the Christian Right. Church-state separation is righteous.
  47. Are Republicans Falling Into a Democratic Trap on Transgender Bathrooms?Cultural conservatives are going crazy on an issue most people don’t care about at all.
  48. How Donald Trump Has Split the Christian RightFracturing a coalition that has held firm for nearly four decades. 
  49. Hillary Clinton Gives Liberal Christians a VoiceDemocrats have failed to find “common ground” with conservative Christians for years, but at least Clinton is hunting on her own religious turf.