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  1. a close read
    Glenn Close Ranks Her Movie HusbandsWas Jack Nicholson better than Robert Redford?
  2. this. is. art.
    Queens Has a Christopher Walken Sculpture GardenGo on walkin’ through the Walkens.
  3. tribeca film festival 2016
    49 Best Shots From Our Tribeca Photo StudioNicole Kidman, Maisie Williams, Susan Sarandon, and more all paid a visit to our studio.
  4. Kevin Spacey Turns Into a Cat in the First ‘Nine Lives’ Trailer2016 is turning out to be a fantastic year if you’re a fan of big Hollywood movies about cats. First up is Key and Peele’s movie Keanu due out […]
  5. party dump
    Partiers of the Week: See Leo DiCaprio, Alexa Chung, and More Get WildBut first, guess who rode a camel?
  6. Walken Does ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’Kevin Pollak “walks in” Walken’s shoes.
  7. year in culture 2012
    The Year in Culture: 2012 in Viral VideosWatch these, maybe?
  8. movie review
    Movie Review: A Late QuartetSoap operas featuring musicians are in a different league than all the rest.
  9. Now Honey Boo Boo Reads Christopher Walken LinesAnd go, Internet!
  10. impressions
    Five Incredible Christopher Walken Impressions on YouTubeNo more cowbell, please.
  11. you so crazy
    Ranking Christopher Walken’s Eleven Most Psychopathic RolesWe did the top eleven. Could have gone top twenty, but chose top eleven instead.
  12. seven psychopaths
    Christopher Walken Reads Honey Boo Boo“These are words?” asks Christopher Walken.
  13. christopher walken
    Christopher Walken Cooked a Chicken, Filmed ItThe Internet: done.
  14. Video Feed
    Watch Christopher Walken’s Fake(-ish?) Cooking ShowRichard Belzer’s there, and it’s all played pretty straight.
  15. seven psychopaths
    Watch a Clip From Seven PsychopathsBeware the Shih Tzu!
  16. trailer mix
    Stand Up Guys Trailer: Pacino and Walken Are Grumpy Old Hit MenAnd one of them has to kill the other.
  17. chat room
    Christopher Walken Talks Seven Psychopaths, SNL“TV, you can get famous in the wrong way.”
  18. trailer mix
    A Late Quartet Trailer: A History of ViolinsStarring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener, and Christopher Walken.
  19. trailer mix
    Seven Psychopaths Trailer: Christopher Walken, Dog KidnapperIn an ascot, no less.
  20. a late quartet
    See New Stills From A Late QuartetNow that’s a soundtrack we need to hear.
  21. Celebrity Settings
    Brite Spot Closed for Pacino-Walken ProjectThe duo is shooting Stand Up Guys with Alan Arkin, leading to multiple sightings on Sunset.
  22. seven psychopaths
    See Photos From the Set of Seven PsychopathsWho looks nuttier: Farrell or Walken? (Like we even needed to ask.)
  23. casting couch
    Owen Wilson, Kristen Wiig, and Christopher Walken in Talks for Cryogenics MovieThe 3Ws, everyone.
  24. clickables
    Watch ‘The Walken Dead,’ a Zombie–Christopher Walken Mash-Up“I haven’t killed anybody since 1984!”
  25. movies
    Colin Farrell Into Martin McDonagh’s Seven PsychopathsHe’ll join Sam Rockwell and Christopher Walken.
  26. clickables
    See a Charmingly Weird Letter From Christopher Walken to His FansIt’s from 2004, after he’d finished with ‘Wedding Crashers’ and was in need of work.
  27. Christopher Walken’s Letter to His Fans Is Just GreatThis is a letter from Christopher Walken to the members of his fanclub, type written and mailed out in August of ‘04. It is very charming, […]
  28. casting
    Todd Solondz’s Latest Adds Walken, Farrow, BlairThey’ll join ‘Dark Horse,’ which Solondz promises will be his least controversial movie ever.
  29. the industry
    Chris Pine May Star in Welcome to PeoplePlus: Captain Sully sells the film rights to his memoir.
  30. Celebrity Settings
    Christopher Walken and Lidia Bastianich Remember the Good Ol’ DaysLidia Bastianich got her start at Walken’s Bakery.
  31. radio star
    Christopher Walken Hosts a Radio ShowHe’s guest-hosting “The Leonard Lopate Show” on Monday.
  32. Christopher Walken Recalls His Diaper DaysI remember this marvelous warm breeze coming in, so it was around June, and I was a couple of months old.”
  33. tv
    Watch Christopher Walken’s Classic SNL Census SketchIt is, indeed, “definitely in the Top 500” comedy sketches about the U.S. census.
  34. movies
    One Man Wonders, ‘What If Willy Wonka Starred Christopher Walken and Jack Nicholson?’Brandon Hardesty takes celebrity impersonation to another level.
  35. party chat
    Christopher Walken Wants Human HandsAsked to confirm, Walken replied, “That is not not-true.”
  36. insane in the membrane
    Christopher Walken Ups His Crazy on BroadwayThe go-to man for lunatic portrayals finds new shades of insanity — even for him — in ‘A Behanding in Spokane.’
  37. christopher walken
    Christopher Walken Reads Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face’Just in time for Halloween.
  38. gossipmonger
    Robert Pattinson to Play Prince Harry?But Harry is the FUN prince.
  39. the industry
    Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams to Remember the Days When Things Didn’t SuckPlus: Hedy Lamarr, scientist?
  40. the industry
    James McAvoy and Elizabeth Banks Have Pest ProblemsPlus: Katie Holmes to leave the house.
  41. sadness
    Those Aren’t Christopher Walken’s TweetsSorry to disappoint you.
  42. tweets
    So, Is That Really Christopher Walken on Twitter?Doubtful, but we’re not sure it even matters.
  43. Jermaine Dupri Puked in Janet Jackson’s LapThat’s the way love goes, we guess? Speaking of which: ScarJo got married! And more, in today’s gossip roundup.
  44. the early-evening news
    George Clooney’s Secret Beef With the WGA Revealed!George Clooney goes financial core over Leatherheads credit, Beyoncé and Jay-Z tie the knot, and Radiohead get their own social-networking site.
  45. Chloë Sevigny Down! We Repeat, Chloë Sevigny Down!The indie actress is felled by a viral infection, Salman Rushdie would vote for Barack Obama, and writer Peter Davis cares too much about a socialite contest. All that and the rest of the gossip from New York’s tabloids today.
  46. agenda
    “Balls of Fury” made worthwhile by Christopher Walken.This film is redeemed by another bizarre, must-see performance from Christopher Walken, whose evil, chinoiserie-clad table-tennis tyrant makes for a master class in camp.
  47. vulture lists
    7 Best Movie Weapons of 2007Towels, wangs, and flying police cars!
  48. quote machine
    Johnny Depp’s ‘Sweeney Todd’ Performance in No Way Influenced by Actor’s BollocksPlus quotes from Joss Whedon and Ozzy Osbourne!
  49. Neal Boulton Wants, Doesn’t Want AttentionFormer Men’s Fitness editor and Jann Wenner paramour Neal Boulton calls up “Page Six” to tell them that he is getting harassed for being “too straight.” Harvey Weinstein said he uses Vogue and Anna Wintour to help style his films. The Box is about to implement a security system designed by Safir Rosetti, which is run by former police commissioner Howard Safir. 50 Cent may perform at Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Salman Rushdie dressed up as Darth Vader on Halloween and had to fend off chicks with his light saber. Fox News correspondent Chris Wallace complained that only 39 American soldiers died in Iraq in October 2007, the fewest deaths in a month since 2004.
  50. the industry
    Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore Will Play Big Edie and Little EdiePlus industry news on Tobey Maguire, Sarah Jones, and Steven Seagal!
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