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Chuck Close

  1. the industry
    Chuck Close Apologizes After Sexual-Harassment Allegations: ‘I Am Truly Sorry’“I acknowledge having a dirty mouth, but we’re all adults.”
  2. The Second Avenue Subway Is New York’s Newest World-Class MuseumThe art alone cost $4.5 million.
  3. art
    We Smoked a Cigarette in the Whitney Last NightSaying good-bye to the Breuer Building on Museum Mile.
  4. photography
    Jessica Craig-Martin on Her Big Show for CharityFeaturing work by Cindy Sherman, Kara Walker, Gregory Crewdson, and more.
  5. party lines
    Party Pics: Lana Del Rey, Pharrell, Coco Rocha, and MoreThe finest celeb-studded parties from both coasts.
  6. her mossness
    Kate Moss Playboy Update: Chuck Close Involved?He’s supposedly making a painting based on her nude shoot.
  7. scene stealers
    Easy Frieze-y: Capes, Trains, and Other Art-Fair Style HighlightsCheck out New York’s artsiest street style.
  8. stand clear of the closing doors
    Chuck Close Will Make the Second Avenue Subway PrettyAt East 86th Street. 
  9. party report
    Tim Tebow Trade Proves Unimpressive to New York City Cultural EliteThe newest Jet is already getting a cold welcome.
  10. Community Boards
    Chuck Close Goes to Bat for Il Buco ExpansionThe artist tells CB2 that “bars and restaurants saved our neighborhood.”
  11. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Javier Bardem Clarifies His Man-Crush On Brad PittPlus, Levi Johnson assures the nation that his sex life will not be hampered by race for the Mayor’s Mansion in Wasilla.
  12. Chuck Close on ‘Dull’ Armory Show“Honestly, I thought it was a lot less interesting than usual.”
  13. basel blog
    Takashi Murakami Scales Back at Art Basel’We knew this was coming for about a year,’ says Murakami.
  14. neighborhood watch
    Artist Who Protested Fancy New Condos on Bond Street Just Bought OneChuck Close keeps it superreal.
  15. news reel
    Chuck Close to Paint Zhang Huan’s Giant Head All by HimselfZhang Huan uses 100 studio assistants. “I’m a schmuck,” says Close, “I’ve been doing all my own work.”
  16. you saw it here first
    Matthew Barney, Banksy, and More: A Sneak Peek at Bono and Damien Hirst’s Art AuctionVulture’s exclusive slideshow of our favorite work in Sotheby’s (AUCTION) RED.
  17. you saw it here first
    A Sneak Peek at Bono and Damien Hirst’s Art AuctionVulture’s exclusive slideshow of our favorite work in Sotheby’s (AUCTION) RED.
  18. news reel
    Chuck Close at His Gala Party: Eff You Every MuchWith a cameo from an art-grubbing Michael Ovitz!
  19. art candy
    What Is This? An Art Studio for Ants?Joe Fig’s tiny, meticulously crafted miniature replicas of famous artists’ studios, up at Southampton’s Parrish Art Museum through August 5, are every art nerd’s—and doll house enthusiast’s—happiest dream.
  20. liner notes
    Annotated Artwork: Ripping and Shredding the Art MarketRon Rocheleau, the one-man editing machine behind the mid-nineties Public Access hit Concrete TV, is back with a solo debut at Chelsea’s Cristinerose. After a thirteen-year hiatus from galleries, Concrete Ron has abandoned the crash footage, porn tapes, and B-movie clips of his TV days.