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  1. Senate Democrats Let a Big Bunch of Trump Nominations Go Through TodayDemocrats had slowed down confirmations of Trump nominees to protest the Senate’s handling of health care legislation. Today they gave it a rest.
  2. bans
    Chuck Schumer Will Save America From the Menace of ‘Snortable Chocolate’Who didn’t see this one coming?
  3. It’s Time for Term Limits for Congressional Party Leaders — Even Nancy PelosiNancy Pelosi has done good work. But in an era where Congress is chronically unpopular, 16 years in leadership is too long.
  4. Democrats Threaten Obstruction If GOP Doesn’t Make Concessions on Rule of LawDemocrats plan to bring Senate business to a halt if Republicans don’t take steps to protect the independence of the Russia investigation.
  5. Schumer Laughs Off Trump’s ‘Border Wall for Health Care’ DealFirst Trump tried to hold Obamacare hostage for Democratic cooperation with Trumpcare. Now it’s the border wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for.
  6. Chuck Schumer Says Democrats Will Filibuster GorsuchBut some moderate Democrats are reportedly willing to support Trump’s Supreme Court nominee for the right price.
  7. Chuck Schumer Demands Sessions Resign for Misleading CongressMeanwhile, some GOP lawmakers are calling for the attorney general to recuse himself from any investigation of Russian hacking.
  8. the national interest
    The Myth That Democrats Must Cooperate With Trump“All your life is Time Magazine. I read it too. What does it mean?”
  9. Mini-Filibusters Show New Mood of Democratic Resistance to TrumpThanks in no small part to grassroots anger, the party is adopting some aggressive tactics — including pulling an all-nighter in the Senate.
  10. no ban no wall
    Thousands Protest Outside Chuck Schumer’s Brooklyn Home Over Trump Cabinet PicksOn Prospect Park West.
  11. Chuck Schumer Recycles Mitch McConnell’s 2009 Demands on Cabinet NominationsSchumer threatens to slow the confirmation process until Trump’s picks complete their ethics reviews, echoing McConnell’s own demand from 2009.
  12. scotus
    Schumer Says He’ll Fight to Keep Supreme Court Seat VacantUnless Trump finds a mainstream nominee both parties agree on.
  13. politics
    Who Will Do What Harry Reid Did Now That Harry Reid Is Gone?Nevada’s departing senator would have fought Trump with a ruthlessness perhaps no other Democratic leader has.
  14. Trump Campaign Manager Condemns Left for Delegitimizing the President-electThe woman who helped elect the leader of the birther movement scolds the left for trying to “deny [Trump] what he just earned.”
  15. politics
    Senate Avoids Government Shutdown, Passes Water-Relief BillAn hour before the deadline, Democrats caved on an effort to extend health benefits for retired coal miners.
  16. Schumer Says He Won’t Oppose All Trump’s Legislation, But They Aren’t ‘Friends’The senator vows that Democrats will block Trump’s more controversial laws, however.
  17. The Trans-Pacific Partnership Is DeadChuck Schumer has informed labor leaders that the trade agreement will not be ratified by Congress.
  18. how a bill becomes a law
    Schumer, Miranda Team Up Against Ticket BotsThe bill would fine bot users $16,000 per ticket sold.
  19. food policy
    Renewed Demands for FDA to Improve Food-Recall ProcessChuck Schumer is the latest to blast delays as a “recipe for disaster.”
  20. Schumer and White House Exchanging WordsChuck Schumer, joined by de Blasio and Bratton, gets shirty about DHS funding.
  21. Overstimulated
    This Peanut Butter Has More Caffeine Than a Cup of CoffeeChuck Schumer is already working to protect you from it.
  22. gun control
    Amy Schumer and Senator Schumer Team Up Against GunsA family matter, but not a laughing matter.
  23. the national circus
    Why Are Donald Trump’s Poll Numbers Still So High?Even after the debate fracas, the oft-predicted implosion in support for Trump has yet to materialize. Plus: Chuck Schumer’s opposition to the Iran deal and Caitlyn Jenner’s future as a public figure in this week’s edition of the National Circus.
  24. the schumers
    Amy and Chuck Schumer Want the U.S. to Do Something About Gun Violence The cousins are teaming up. 
  25. city politic
    Chuck Schumer Gets a Head Start on His New Job – Whatever It Turns Out to BeThe New York senator has been tapped for a leadership position after Harry Reid retires. But will his way doing of things work in a (probably) very different political environment?
  26. Bans
    Chuck Schumer Is Still Waging War on Powdered AlcoholThe “Kool-Aid of teenage binge-drinking” is still out there, but the senator will fix that.
  27. just ask chuck schumer
    Schumer Tells Same Breakup Story Over and Over“I said to myself, ‘What a loser you are.’”
  28. Bans
    Chuck Schumer Also Wants to Outlaw Powdered AlcoholHe calls it “the Kool-Aid of teenage binge-drinking.”
  29. mouthfeel
    Homeless People Wary of Leftover Olympic Chobani“They look at it and go, ‘Eww.’”
  30. oh congress!
    Schumer Urges House to Pass Immigration Reform Without BoehnerUsing an obscure legislative tactic.
  31. Whey to Be
    Chobani Donates Yogurt Withheld From Olympians to Food BanksChobani is the official yogurt of the 2014 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Teams.
  32. Whey to Be
    Chobani Supports Athletes With Kind Words Instead of Greek YogurtThis wasn’t how it was supposed to go down, but it’ll do.
  33. 2014 olympics
    Russia Depriving U.S. Athletes of Sweet, Tempting, New York–Made YogurtThis aggression will not stand.
  34. No Whey
    Russia Blocks U.S. Olympic Team’s Supply of Chobani Yogurt [Updated]Senator Charles Schumer isn’t happy.
  35. notable quoteables
    Chuck Schumer Not Totally Sure What Sport Happens in the Super BowlWhat a fantastic sporting contest!
  36. sad things
    Chuck Schumer Proposes Legislation to Honor Avonte OquendoThe program would provide tracking devices for autistic children.
  37. it's never too early to talk about 2016
    Chuck Schumer Endorses Hillary Clinton’s Nonexistent Campaign Here we go.
  38. unlikely bffs
    New BFFs Schumer and McCain Want to Make D.C. Function AgainUnlike the rest of Congress.
  39. the national interest
    Iowa Republican Has Good News for Chuck SchumerHe would make a fantastic goy.
  40. just ask chuck schumer
    Chuck Schumer Accurately Describes Experience of Owning a Cell Phone“A ticking time-bomb, ready to explode.”
  41. just ask chuck schumer
    Chuck Schumer Endorses Caffeine, Drinking Outside But not study drugs.
  42. america!
    Statue of Liberty Still Bound by Security Squabbling Schumer and Kelly restart the feud.
  43. early and awkard
    Toomey Refused to Appear With SchumerSmart move?
  44. airport security
    Chuck Schumer Wants to Keep Airplanes Completely Knife-FreeThe senator called on the TSA to reverse its new guidelines.
  45. gun control
    NRA Reveals Schumer’s Gun Registration PlanWeeks of scheming, undone with a slip of the tongue.
  46. he's got jokes
    Chuck Schumer and Manhattan D.A. Vance Battle for Corny Pun SupremacyThe groaner Olympics begin here.
  47. Post Claims Schumer Wants Beyoncé ApologyThose two things usually have something to do with one another. 
  48. hurricane sandy
    Schumer’s NYU Announcement Is Too Clever by HalfGood news, bad joke.
  49. gun control
    Do Democrats Need to Like Gun Lovers?Before the party can pass gun control, Charles Schumer says, they’ll have to warm up to gun lovers like him.
  50. Chuck Schumer Not a Fan of Tax Deal“Little more than happy talk.”
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