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  1. cityscape
    Can Paris Exist Sans Gasoline? Its Mayor Thinks So.Anne Hidalgo fights to create a global capital free of exhaust-spewing cars. But not everyone is ready to let go.
  2. urban planning
    A Year Has Passed Since the Grenfell Tower Fire. It Could Happen Again Anytime.This was murder by negligent bureaucracy. Preventing the next one begins with stronger regulation.
  3. urban planning
    Nashville Is Supposed to Be the Model Walkable 21st-Century City. Not Quite.A walkable downtown that’s still pretty car-dependent.
  4. urban planning
    Why You Should Be in Favor of Congestion Pricing in New YorkYes, it’s annoying to be taxed for something that always appeared to be free. Get over it.
  5. select all
    Can Cities Protect the Free, Open Internet for Everyone?When cities like New York shape the internet to their needs and beliefs, the web — and society — benefit.
  6. Are American Cities in Crisis?In his new book, longtime urban optimist Richard Florida appears worried.
  7. urbanism
    The 4 ‘Spaces’ Cities Need to Make People HappierKey ingredients to urban life.
  8. Cities Will Be the Best Answer to a Trump White HouseThey’re called “cosmopolitan for a reason.
  9. Scientists Are Tracking New York Noisiness in Order to Quiet It DownThe researchers hope their work will help pinpoint louder spots and track whether noise ordinances actually work.
  10. Milwaukee Shows What Segregation Does to American CitiesFormalized in Baltimore, spread across the country.
  11. Immigration Is Probably the Best Way to Fight CrimeReducing murders, bringing in billions of dollars.
  12. Why Chicago Is the Best City in America for Young Standups A comedian I know just moved to Chicago after two years in Los Angeles. Hearing the news, another comic asked “Are they nuts? If you’re […]
  13. the urbanist
    These Are the Cities Within New York CityPart industrial park, part adult playground.
  14. cozying up
    How Would You Pick the Coziest City? A ranking based on availability of ciders and cowl-neck sweaters? 
  15. moving on up
    Detroit to Finally Get Out of BankruptcyThe emergency manager is also stepping down.
  16. in other cities
    Here Are Cities Where Women Earn the Most MoneyWhere should we move? 
  17. dangerous american cities
    St. Louis Named America’s Most Dangerous City, New York Not Even in Top 200According to one study, anyway.