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  1. the top line
    Banks Don’t Like Paying You So Many Credit Card Rewards — But They WillRich reward cards aren’t going away. But the most generous offers and benefits might be.
  2. 2008
    Sheila Bair on What Hasn’t Changed Since the Great Recession“The financial system we have is basically the financial system we had in 2008.”
  3. The Benghazi Scandal Was Great for CitigroupWall Street can profit from anything.
  4. power plays
    Google and Condé Nast Are Planning Something MysteriousPartnering with a French ad agency.
  5. Will Citigroup Get a PR Bump From Citi Bikes?Survey says … maybe.
  6. Jack Lew’s Fake Citigroup ‘Bonus’ Scandal Peters OutThe incoming Treasury Secretary negotiated his contract well — that’s all.
  7. Did Citigroup Pay Jack Lew a Government-Job Bounty?Or is it just a misunderstanding?
  8. Citigroup Learns From Mistakes, Only Slightly Overpays CEO This YearCorbat rakes in $11.5 million.
  9. Breaking: Wall Street Bank Is a Sausage-FestCitigroup is heavy on Y-chromosomes.
  10. Citigroup Cuts 11,000 Jobs in Pre-Holiday BloodlettingMerry Christmas!
  11. Ousted Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit Gets $6.7 Million In ‘Sorry About That’ MoneyDecent going-away present, I guess.
  12. A Wall Street Guide to Working From Home During Hurricane SandyFive easy steps for productivity in your PJs.
  13. Amateurish E-mail Mistakes Cost Citigroup Analyst/Assistant Pair Their JobsPeople! Send a text!
  14. Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit Was Ousted by World’s Worst Office UnderminerMike O’Neill just Wanted. Him. Out.
  15. How Screwed Is This Bank? Goldman Sachs and Bank of America EditionPlus, a Citigroup callback!
  16. The Tuesday Massacre and Vikram Pandit’s OusterA long-running conflict with the board forced Pandit out.
  17. How Screwed Is This Bank? Citigroup EditionThe Pandit Palace limps along.
  18. loose threads
    Nicole Kidman Talks About Her ‘Belly’; Zara Home LaunchesPlus, Marni is looking for an investor, should you be interested.
  19. The Libor Scandal Is About to Hit HomeHere come the subpoenas!
  20. Sandy Weill Goes H.A.M. on Big BanksHas Sandy Weill been watching ‘The Newsroom’?
  21. Will Citigroup Be the Next Libor Casualty?The bank seems to have misbehaved even more than Barclays. 
  22. Moody’s Takes Big Banks Down a Notch or, in Most Cases, TwoOddly, some banks are relieved.
  23. Vikram Pandit Gets Paid Too Much, Say Citigroup ShareholdersThey voted against an executive-compensation proposal.
  24. Citigroup to Cut 4,500 JobsThe year’s finance total: 200,000 and rising.
  25. Judge Smacks Down Citigroup–SEC SettlementA $285 million settlement is “neither fair, nor reasonable, nor adequate, nor in the public interest.”
  26. Citigroup Earnings Up 74 PercentNot bad.
  27. Obama’s Economic Team Was an Infighting Mess, According to Suskind BookThe president might have let Citigroup dissolve.
  28. Citigroup Exec Pleads Guilty to Stealing $22 MillionBut he really did need that chauffeur.
  29. Citigroup Had a Fire Drill TodayIt’s a form of punishment.
  30. Former Citigroup VP Gary Foster Charged With Embezzling $19 MillionThe former financial exec was arrested yesterday.
  31. Moody’s to Congress: No, Seriously, Raise the Debt CeilingOr we’ll lower your credit rating!
  32. Peter Orszag Got Ben Stein Booted As Citigroup Conference Speaker for Sexist JokesA woman e-mailed Orszag to complain.
  33. SEC Probes Bank of America, Citigroup, UBS for Manipulating Banking RatesThe SEC is very probe-happy these days, no?
  34. Citigroup Received More Bailout Money Than Any Other Bank $476.2 billion in cash and guarantees.
  35. International Financial Conglomerate Thinks Fashion Is About to Get ‘True Grit’Fashion advice from financial wizards.
  36. America Made $12.3 Billion on Citigroup ‘Investment’We still feel dirty.
  37. Citigroup Makes Penny-Pincher PresidentJohn Havens gets a promotion based on genius plan.
  38. Citigroup CEO Would Rather Not Know What Failure of His Bank Would Look LikeWhy dwell on the negative?
  39. Pastry Presence Indicates Citigroup Is Back on TrackThe embattled superbank can once again afford doughnuts.
  40. U.S. Treasury Will Sell Remaining Citigroup SharesCiti doesn’t need us anymore.
  41. Citigroup in Talks to Hire Peter OrszagThe former White House budget director is a busy bee these days.
  42. Citigroup Trying Out This Negative-Publicity Thing?Beleaguered bank tests new marketing strategy.
  43. Richard Parsons: Let Them Eat PizzaThe Citigroup chair thinks people should just chill out.
  44. Citigroup Would Like Donna Gianell Removed From Juror ListWhy? They’re glad you asked.
  45. Citigroup Chair Richard Parsons On His Magical Leather Jacket and Vikram Pandit’s PerformanceVikram is doing a terrific job. He really, actually is.”
  46. Citigroup Earnings Beat Expectations!Of course, expectations weren’t very high to begin with.
  47. Citigroup Claims Women Were Fired for ‘Legitimate Business Reasons’Limp handshakes” may or may not be one of them.
  48. Mike Mayo Knows Exactly What He’s Wearing to Meet Vikram PanditJust because he hates Citigroup doesn’t mean he won’t show it respect.
  49. And As for ‘Too-Hot-for-Citigroup’ Banker Debrahlee Lorenzana ...She hasn’t changed a thing about the form-fitting outfits or high heels that she says bosses told her to quit wearing.”
  50. Still No Raise for Vikram PanditSad trombone sound for Citigroup CEO.
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