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Civil War

  1. The Photographer Who Documents the Former Sites of Confederate MonumentsArtist Matthew Shain set out to capture the pedestals where they once stood.
  2. Sanders Claims Kelly Learned Civil War Nonsense From Ken Burns. She’s Right.We would like to believe that nice Ken Burns could not depict the same ideas as nasty John Kelly.
  3. Trump Tweets His Way Into the Virginia Governor’s RaceThe same day a new poll shows the Democratic candidate taking a big lead.
  4. No, Impeaching Trump Would Not Reverse the 2016 ElectionsIf Trump were to be removed from office via impeachment, the GOP would continue to rule with much the same policies. So why all the talk of a “coup?”
  5. Here’s the Sweet Video of a Somali Mom Crying at Daughter’s GraduationThe heartwarming video has gone viral.
  6. Robert E. Lee Monuments Are Symbols of Neo-Confederacy, Not the ConfederacyMonuments that went up to celebrate the white supremacist triumph in successfully setting up Jim Crow should come down now.
  7. How Much Do Donald Trump and Andrew Jackson Actually Have in Common?▶️ “Had Andrew Jackson been around a little bit later, you wouldn’t have had the Civil War. He was a very tough person, but he had a big heart.”
  8. Trump’s Absurd Civil War Comment and the Limits of Deal-MakingHis belief that wheeling and dealing could have solved the conflict over slavery shows a dangerous lack of principle.
  9. Reaction From Right to Dallas Massacre: Trump Is Measured; Others Not So MuchCivil war” hysteria breaks out in some conservative quarters after massacre of police in Dallas, but so far Donald Trump’s being remarkably restrained.
  10. Columnist George Will Has Left the Republican Party Because of TrumpThis is not my party.”
  11. roll clip!
    See the Opening of McConaughey’s Civil War FilmHe’s from the South, but he’s a good guy.
  12. Top GOP Donors Bemoan Trump at Elite SummitThey helped raise more than $1 billion for Romney in 2012. Now they are considering putting “country first, party second.”
  13. TNT Picks Up Young Shakespeare SeriesThe network has also ordered a pilot about a modern day civil war.
  14. Anti-Trump Republicans Are Still Plotting an Independent Presidential Run#NeverTrump4Ever?
  15. Tech Tips for the Avengers, Who Have Never Seen a ComputerJust Dropbox it, you guys.
  16. As Trump Pans Republican Party Unity, Palin Targets Paul RyanJust another 24 hours in the national implosion that is the Trump-era GOP.
  17. See Chris Hemsworth, Ostensible Mortal, ExerciseIs he Team Cap or Team Iron Man? As if you even care.
  18. political ideologies
    Chris Evans Is Team Iron Man in Real LifeChris Evans, you beautiful traitor.
  19. See Portraits of New Yorkers Who Served in the Civil War150 years after they returned home.
  20. Some Southern Members of Congress Apparently Haven’t Gotten Over the Civil WarYou rebel scum.
  21. Flint, Michigan Woman Reportedly Killed While Fighting Alongside Syrian RebelsI didn’t think she was (a terrorist), but God only knows,” said her aunt.
  22. U.S. to Give Syrian Citizens $100 Million in AidSidestepping the “thin red line.”
  23. Grover Norquist Opposes Insane Texas Judge’s Tax PlanTax increases lead to civil unrest.”
  24. Book Shelf
    Historical Society of Pennsylvania Reprints Civil War-Era CookbookThe book features more than 200 recipes from the Civil War era.
  25. Florida Claims First Shots of the Civil WarDrunk Floridians may have been fired on by federal soldiers.
  26. Haley Barbour Admits That Abolishing Slavery Was a Good ThingBREAKING x 1000.
  27. Talk Box: Glenn Beck Warns GOP ‘Boys Club’ of Whig-Like ExtinctionPlus, Chris Matthews tries to get Alabama governor Haley Barbour to let him know when the next boys’ club meeting starts.