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Class Warfare

  1. Activists Have Declared War on Hedge Funds — and They Might Be WinningLarge investors are pulling out money for both political and financial reasons. Does this mark the beginning of a long decline?
  2. Bill O’Reilly on Bill de Blasio: ‘I Want to Beat Him Up’He seriously said that.
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    Things the Mothers of Urban Baby Find TackyFrench manicures, girls’ night out.
  4. Who Will Win the Great Garbage Fight of 2012?Williamsburg vs. UES.
  5. Newt Gingrich: Trampolines, Not Safety Nets, for PoorSo what poor children need is to do janitorial work while bouncing on trampolines.
  6. Michael Moore Admits He’s RichI make my money the old school, honest way by making things.”
  7. Sustainable Rage? Frank Rich and Adam Moss on How Occupy Wall Street Will EndKind of like the sixties, but without sex or pot.
  8. Obama Incites Panhandler to Dis Wall Street CEOWhat could cause a homeless panhandler, normally paragons of rational discourse, to act suddenly mean and crazy?
  9. Understanding Class Warfare HysteriaWhat we are talking about when we talk about “class warfare”.
  10. A Brief, Recent History of the GOP’s ‘Class Warfare’ GambitKeepin’ it classy.
  11. Upper East Siders Want to Keep the Trash OutResidents don’t want the city to reactivate a waste-transfer station.
  12. When Kids From a Ritzy Private School Burned Down a Public School Playground, Parents Somehow Took It As a Class IssueHow did they come to that conclusion?