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The 25 Best Golden-Age Movie Musicals

From The Wizard of Oz to Singin’ in the Rain to A Star Is Born, here are the most dazzling works to come out of the 1930s, ’40s, and ’50s.

By Samantha Ladwig

A Beginner’s Guide to Ingmar Bergman

Anyone who has ever cast their gaze to the sky and impotently wondered why the world is such absolute crap will be able to tap into Bergman’s ethos.

By Charles Bramesco

A Recommendation: The Hallmark Channel’s Late Night Lineup

When looking for good comedy options, the Hallmark Channel is probably the absolute last place you would look. It’s a network named after a greeting card company that specializes in “original” romantic dramedies that are designed to be as [...]

By John Hugar

Michael Schur Gives Cheers the Respect it Deserves

Parks and Rec showrunner Michael Schur really loves Cheers. So much so that he did an entire interview with Vulture about the show and what made it so great. It's essential reading for fans of Cheers and fans of great TV comedy in general. [...]

By Adam Frucci