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Clayton Lockett

  1. the law
    SCOTUS: Death-Row Inmates Must Pick Their PoisonIn an explosive 5-to-4 ruling, the Supreme Court upholds Oklahoma’s lethal-injection protocol. And Breyer invites a constitutional challenge to the death penalty.
  2. Executed Oklahoma Man Said Drugs Felt Like His Body Was ‘On Fire’In the state’s first execution after a horrendously botched one in April.
  3. Oklahoma Resumes Lethal Injections After LockettCharles F. Warner is supposed to be executed Thursday night.
  4. Drug in Botched Oklahoma Execution Felt Like ‘Liquid Fire’According to doctors.
  5. Photos: A Haunting Look at America’s Execution ChambersEven states that haven’t put anyone to death for decades tend to have a facility for doing so.
  6. Oklahoma Delays Execution for 6 Months After Botched Lethal InjectionCharles Warner was scheduled to be executed hours after Clayton Lockett.
  7. Botched Death Shows Problems of Lethal InjectionThe botched death of an Oklahoma inmate reveals our failed attempt to make capital punishment less abhorrent.
  8. The Horrifying Details of Clayton Lockett’s Torturous Execution in OklahomaA lethal injection failed last night: “It looked like torture.”