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  1. This Mysterious Clown Has Been Terrorizing a Wisconsin TownAnother small-town clown causes chaos.
  2. Locos Tacos
    Clown Assaults Taco Bell CustomersIt’s not funny.
  3. Danny McBride and Todd Phillips Are Set to Remake the Twisted Danish […] Danny McBride and Todd Phillips have just signed on to remake the popular Danish comedy Klovn (Clown in English). Klovn, which grossed over […]
  4. r rated
    Danny McBride’s Next Project: Adapting a Danish Raunchy-Canoe-Trip MovieAbout two guys going on a “Tour de Pussy.”
  5. fears come true
    Clown Breaks Reporter’s Face During Halloween Parade in the VillageConsider your fear of clowns validated.