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The Profit Recap: Sink or Swim

Imagine an earnest, genuinely helpful version of Nathan for You. That’s what The Profit is like.

By Molly Fitzpatrick

‘Jay Leno’s Garage’ Gets a Season 2 Renewal at CNBC

The rich tradition of shows involving rich comedians and fancy cars continues, because today Variety reports that CNBC has officially renewed Jay Leno's show Jay Leno's Garage for a second season, which will consist of 12 hourlong episodes. [...]

By Megh Wright

Is the GOP Cracking Up?

With Jeb Bush looking finished at last night's debate and Marco Rubio still not attracting base voters, the possibility remains in play.

By Frank Rich

Jay Leno Is Close to a Deal for His Own Show on CNBC

It hasn't even been a year since Jay Leno left The Tonight Show, but the comedian is already lining up his next TV hosting gig. THR reports that Leno "is close to a deal" to host a new primetime show for CNBC focused on Leno's love for cars, [...]

By Megh Wright