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  1. GOP Senate Candidate in West Virginia Calls McConnell ‘Cocaine Mitch’Don Blankenship is now adding Mitch McConnell to the list of conspirators — including Barack Obama — he says are trying to keep him out of the Senate.
  2. extortion
    Blackmail From Cocaine Dealer Led to Former ESPN Chief’s Surprising ResignationJohn Skipper resigned in December to deal with a longtime “substance addiction.”
  3. the chain gang
    Bronx McDonald’s Manager Ran Thriving Cocaine Side Business From Store’s CounterNYPD called it “so blatant, it would be comical” if it weren’t a serious narcotics crime.
  4. Overwatch Takes a Trip Through Meme History With This Zarya EmoteThe 1988 aerobics championship that just won’t die.
  5. party chats
    Carrie Fisher Now Says She Doesn’t Think Trump Used Cocaine at the DebateWalking back a tweet.
  6. coke business
    Police Found $56 Million Worth of Actual Coke at Coca-Cola FactoryLet the conspiracy theories begin.
  7. Top Chipotle Executive Indicted for Cocaine PossessionFor now, the chain has put him on leave.
  8. Long Island Doctor, Mother of 3, Found Dead After Night Out in CityA Post source says the Manhasset dermatologist used cocaine that night with a Facebook pal.
  9. It’s Cocaine-Gourd Season Federal agents found $6 million in drugs hidden inside a shipment of pumpkins and squash.
  10. Honored NYPD Cop Busted for Buying CocaineHis precinct is probably regretting it now. 
  11. FIT Student Became an Unwitting Drug Mule During Her Summer VacationShe found ten pounds of cocaine in her suitcase.
  12. These Disgusting-Looking Cookies Have a Very Special Ingredient Worth $52,000Hint: It’s illegal.
  13. Creative Smuggler Hid Cocaine in Suitcase HandleHis inventiveness will not go unappreciated.
  14. Powdered Custard Packages Not the Best Place to Hide CocaineNo one needs that much non-perishable dessert.
  15. The Latest Creative But Ultimately Unsuccessful Way to Hide Cocaine: Goat MeatA good effort.
  16. Nigella Lawson
    Cocaine Testimony Allegedly Landed Nigella Lawson on No-Fly List“She didn’t seem to say much, but she did not look happy.”
  17. crimes and misdemeanors
    Cocaine-Addled Naked Man Rides Tricycle Through New Jersey Apartment ComplexIt happens.
  18. 14 Cocaine-Filled Condoms Seized En Route to the VaticanIt probably wasn’t for Pope Francis.
  19. Nigella Lawson
    Nigella Lawson Won’t Be Investigated for Drug UseNow it’s really time to move on.
  20. Nigella Lawson
    Nigella Lawson Admits to Dabbling in CocaineWe can all move on now, but it’s likely that won’t happen.
  21. Allegations
    Nigella Lawson Drug-Use Allegations Just Keep Getting NastierThe celebrity chef’s ex-husband sent her an e-mail saying “you trashed your daughter’s life.”
  22. Allegations
    British Court Hears Reports of Nigella Lawson’s Alleged Drug UseThe lawyer says that the alleged drug use is “highly relevant” to his client’s court case.
  23. Representative Trey Radel Is Taking a Leave of Absence to Enter RehabWill donate his salary to charity.
  24. You Can’t Check 2,866 Pounds of Cocaine on Air FranceOr any airline, really.
  25. baby bumps
    Another Use for Prosthetic Baby BumpsHint: It’s illegal.
  26. The Secret to Long Life: Walking, Barley ... and Cocaine?Maybe! (Not really.)
  27. Brooklyn Cocaine Truck Sold Ice Cream TooAlso, oxycodone.
  28. Hives and Punishment
    Really Raw Honey Owner Frantz Walker Gets a Really Raw Deal, Lawyer Says“He’s a legitimate business owner, and he has a Second Amendment right to own weapons,” his lawyer says.
  29. Arrest Report
    Oops! Dream Hotel Owner Vikram Chatwal Arrested With Cocaine, Heroin, Pills, andThe hotelier kept his stash in a baggie in the crotch of his pants, apparently.
  30. Competitive Eating
    Out-of-Towner Crowned Wing Bowl Champ; El Wingador Indicted on Drug ChargesThis year’s champion chowed down 287 wings to cinch the win.
  31. unintended uses
    Breast Implants a Bad Place to Stow Your CocaineOr anyone else’s cocaine.
  32. Times Square Still Seedy Enough for $5 Million Cocaine BustSix alleged traffickers were caught with 48 kilos of coke.
  33. Someone Tried to Smuggle 57 Pounds of Cocaine on a Flight to New YorkThey were thwarted.
  34. Crime Scenes
    El Wingador Busted For CokeThere’s no Buffalo wing eating contest where he’s going.
  35. Guess What Was Inside These 684 Buttons at JFKThis is an easy one.
  36. sadface
    Whitney Houston’s Death Ruled AccidentalCocaine use and heart disease contributed to her accidental drowning.
  37. Maybe Ban Ki-moon Just Really Likes to Party?Security found 40 pounds of cocaine at the U.N.
  38. Mediavore
    Logan Customs Officials Warn Against Diseased Delicacies; Maya Angelou Knows WhyPlus fatty foods are as addictive as cocaine and more, all in our morning news round-up.
  39. Crack Cocaine Penalties Are Now Less SevereMore than 1,800 prisoners are eligible for release.
  40. Vaccines in the Works Against Smoking, CocaineBut science is having a hard time dominating pleasure.
  41. Cocaine Is Killing Fewer New Yorkers These DaysIt’s one advantage of a bad economy.
  42. According to New Book, Sarah Palin Slept With Future NBA Star Glen RiceAnd snorted cocaine.
  43. Mediavore
    Plans to Eradicate Mosquitoes Has Local Beekeepers Buzzing; Be Not Afraid ofPlus: Gutter oil is the latest food-safety scandal to emerge from China; and cocaine was the secret ingredient that landed a NJ cook in jail, all in our morning news roundup.
  44. Cocaine Will Rot You Inside and OutAlmost all coke in the U.S. is cut with a dangerous chemical.
  45. Columbia Drug-Ring Leader Sentenced to JailHarrison David will spend three to six months at Rikers.
  46. Over $100,000 Worth of Cocaine Found Inside Sneakers at JFKThe luggage had reportedly arrived from the Dominican Republic.
  47. Today’s Reason to Not Do CocaineIt can cause your skin to rot.
  48. The Post Just Wants Drug Kingpin to Lavish More Money on His WifeIs that so much to ask?
  49. drugs
    Instead of Drinking Cocktails, Dennis Quaid Used to Snort Cocaine“Cocaine was even in the budgets of movies.”
  50. It Takes a Lot of Drugs to Get You Out of RikersLike $90,000 worth of drugs.
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