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Stephen Colbert Mourns the Imminent Outlawing of the Tiger Selfie

Apparently, New York is considering banning taking selfies with a tiger. Yes, taking a selfie with a tiger is now a thing, and our no-fun nanny state government is going to put a stop to our dangerous and exploitive behavior. Thanks, Obama! But [...]

By Adam Frucci

Stephen Colbert Sings the Praises of the Freedom Ship

There are some not-too-realistic sounding plans for a gigantic "Freedom Ship" being made right now, which would essentially be a floating city for rich people to live on in order to dodge taxes in the most flamboyant way possible. On last [...]

By Adam Frucci

Stephen Colbert Has Some Thoughts on Amazon’s Delivery Drones

With the news that Amazon wants to start delivering products via drone within in the next few years, Stephen Colbert decided to help out the mega-retailer with an even bolder idea as to how its customers can get their products ASAP. We'll see [...]

By Adam Frucci

Stephen Colbert Takes Sides on Karl Rove vs. the Tea Party

Last night, Colbert dove deep on the growing civil war between establishment Republicans and their brash Tea Party cousins. He focused on "unlanced boil" Karl Rove's new SuperPAC, which is aimed at taking down more extreme right wingers in [...]

By Adam Frucci