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  1. remembrances
    Colin Hanks Is Pretty Sure He Has the Best Story About Luke Perry“Out of no where, a man comes from first class.”
  2. paris attacks
    Watch the Trailer for HBO’s Doc on Paris Attacks“I saw fear take ahold of everyone in that theater.”
  3. Eagles of Death Metal to Star in a New HBO Documentary About the Paris AttacksColin Hanks will direct.
  4. chat room
    Colin Hanks on Playing Dexter’s Doomsday Killer “Getting the blood knife to work was incredibly difficult.”
  5. clickables
    Watch a Featurette on All of Dexter’s New Guest StarsColin Hanks! Edward James Olmos! The artist formerly known as Mos Def!
  6. chat room
    Colin Hanks Has a Bone to Pick With the Smurfs Movie“I am appalled.”
  7. clickables
    Watch a New Episode of Adam Pally’s ‘Riding Shotgun,’ With Colin Hanks and Fred SavageAdam Pally: not a great driver.
  8. trailer mix
    Lucky Trailer: Colin Hanks, Killing PeopleSee the trailer for this serial-killer comedy.
  9. casting couch
    Mos Def Heading to DexterHe has a multi-episode arc.
  10. quote machine
    Princess Jake’s Latest Role Kind of a StretchPlus: Cate Blanchett on the joy of working with Russell Crowe.
  11. Mischa Barton Defines ClassyAnd more tidbits of celebrity wisdom, in today’s gossip roundup.
  12. the industry
    Tyler Perry to Make MoviePlus: Spike Lee co-signs ‘County of Kings.’
  13. gossipmonger
    Britney Spears Has Apparently Not Learned Her Lesson About Backup DancersThe pop star hooked up with one of the guys on her tour.
  14. broadway
    All the Screen Stars Invading BroadwayThe phenomenon of Hollywood and TV stars hitting Broadway is a growth industry that just keeps expanding, downturn be damned.
  15. gossipmonger
    Twilight Star Has a Thing for Tina FeyRobert Pattinson likes the hot nerd type.
  16. party lines
    Hanks & Blunt at The Great Buck Howard ScreeningIt was “kind of disappointing,” says the director of ‘The Great Buck Henry.’
  17. party lines
    Fonda and McGowan at the 33 Variations Opening“I think skinny ties look fantabulous, whatever is going on in the economy,” Hanks told us.
  18. chat room
    Colin Hanks on 33 Variations, The Great Buck Howard, and Playing His Father’s Son“Oh God, will you please just shut up? You’re driving me crazy about this thing that should not be driving me crazy.”
  19. gossipmonger
    Lindsay Lohan Wants to ‘Womanize’You know, more than she is doing already.
  20. gossipmonger
    Kate Winslet Will Bare All No MoreAnd the world wept.
  21. quote machine
    Christina Applegate Is AwesomePlus: Colin Hanks describes New York TV as ‘cop and cougar shows,’ accurately.
  22. the early word
    What’s Buzzing at Sundance: Hold On, We’ll Find SomethingYou can’t say Sundance is a bust — if these films were at Tribeca, everyone would be thrilled. But so far it’s definitely a dud.
  23. quote machine
    Jack Nicholson Faces His Own Libido’s MortalityPlus: Glen Hansard, Colin Hanks, and Vince Vaughn!
  24. trailer mix
    ‘Untraceable’ Trailer: Websites Will Kill You!Unlike 1995’s The Net starring Sandra Bullock, which played on understandable fears of new technology and seemed perfectly reasonable until early 1996 or so, Untraceable is side-splittingly hilarious now, and it doesn’t even come out for another three weeks!
  25. quote machine
    Kevin Smith No Fan of WetsuitsQuotes from Rainn Wilson and Queen Latifah!