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  1. comebacks
    Fan Bingbing Has Finally Appeared in Public AgainSome Chinese citizens are not pleased.
  2. returns
    Ed Westwick Joins Forces With IRL Bond Villain Louise LintonIn 2017, three women accused the actor of sexual assault.
  3. song review
    Sky Ferreira’s Big Comeback Song Goes Full Twin PeaksWhat if we heard from Laura Palmer’s ghost? Sky Ferreira’s first single in six years envisions what she’d say.
  4. comebacks
    Max Brenner and a Return From Chocolate ExileOne of the most famous names in chocolate is back — after a half-decade ban — with a new shop dedicated to cacao.
  5. questionable comebacks
    Rose Byrne: You Shouldn’t ‘Surprise’ People With Unannounced Louis C.K. Comeback“I think if he’s going to show up, just let everybody know so then they can make a decision, like, ‘I don’t want to see this guy — I’m out.’”
  6. stand-up
    We Always Knew a Louis C.K. Comeback Would Be EasyThe comedian’s return to the comedy-club scene has arrived without much resistance.
  7. comebacks
    One Simple Stat Explains Why It’s So Hard for Restaurants to Eliminate TipsThe difference in pay for servers at one popular New York restaurant is shocking.
  8. comebacks
    Garrison Keillor Is Also Preparing His ComebackHe has two gigs scheduled.
  9. comebacks
    Why Escargot Is Crawling Back Onto Restaurant MenusThe once-forgotten French delicacy has found new life at some of the city’s most exciting restaurants.
  10. just brow-sing
    Are Skinny Brows Back?Rihaaaaannaaaaaaaaa.
  11. comebacks
    Mel Gibson’s Ongoing Comeback Is Getting Help From Mark Wahlberg, Ari EmanuelTo please his client Mark Wahlberg, Ari Emanuel is reportedly helping Gibson’s return.
  12. comebacks
    Charlie Rose Will Reportedly Host a Show About Men Brought Down by #MeTooIn which he’d interview people like Louis C.K. and Matt Lauer.
  13. comebacks
    Iggy Azalea’s Management Staged an Intervention Because of Her Twitter BeefsShe spent time at a facility in Arizona.
  14. comebacks
    Saltie’s Caroline Fidanza Has Rejoined Andrew Tarlow’s Restaurant GroupLook for her “Big Italian” sandwich at Roman’s new brunch.
  15. comebacks
    Slice, Everyone’s Sixth-Favorite Soda From the ’90s, Is Back — Sort OfGet ready for another LaCroix competitor.
  16. Jimmy Kimmel Predicts a Kathy Griffin Comeback: “She Is One of the […]Since the infamous Trump photo controversy in May 2017, Kathy Griffin has had an extremely challenging eight months full of lost jobs, lost […]
  17. comebacks
    Jolt Cola, Energy-Drink Pioneer From the ’80s, Is Coming BackIt still has “all the sugar and twice the caffeine.”
  18. comebacks
    Taylor Swift’s Best Comebacks During Her Sexual-Assault TrialShe did not come to play with you, Gabe.
  19. comebacks
    David Letterman Is Returning to TV for a Netflix SeriesEach of the planned six episodes will feature Letterman in conversation “with extraordinary people.”
  20. reopenings
    Mas (Farmhouse) Returns to NYC With a New Menu and Renovated Dining RoomThe restaurant closed for nearly a year after an electrical fire.
  21. Amanda Bynes on Asking Drake to ‘Murder’ Her Vagina: I Was Serious, But on DrugsThe former child star says she’d like to return to TV.
  22. Watch Amanda Bynes in Her First Public Interview in 4 YearsThe former child star says she’d like to return to TV.
  23. comebacks
    Colbert Dethroned Fallon This Season to Be the Most-Watched Late-Night ShowCBS hasn’t won more viewers than the Tonight Show since the ’90s.
  24. comebacks
    ABC Officially Picks Up the Roseanne RevivalThe revival had been shopped around to several networks.
  25. comebacks
    Sara Jenkins Is Bringing Porchetta Sandwiches Back to the East VillageThe roast-pork-sandwich shop is popping up for six weeks at Porsena Extra Bar.
  26. right click
    Iggy Azalea’s Latest Comeback Single ‘Mo Bounce’ Has Landed“I promise you I had my whole record down and I scrapped the entire thing.”
  27. comebacks
    How Stephen Colbert Got His Groove BackIn recent weeks, the Late Show host has surpassed Jimmy Fallon in the ratings. Here’s how he did it.
  28. tour dates
    Can You Feel a Phil Collins Comeback Tour Coming in the Air Next Summer?Oh, lord.
  29. comebacks
    Mischa Barton’s New TV Role Is SurprisingVroom vroom.
  30. fall tv
    Fall TV 2016 and Its Most Notable ComebacksThose actors you love are coming back in TV style.
  31. interviews
    Why a Legendary Chef Has Returned to New York — With an Upstate Steakhouse“I think there’s a tremendous amount, still, that can be brought to the table when it comes to steak, and the steakhouse.”
  32. comebacks
    Crystal Pepsi Actually Coming Back This SummerAs hard as it is to believe, the ’90s soda will begin hitting North American stores in July.
  33. openings
    Acclaimed Restaurant Aska Is Set to Reopen in WilliamsburgThe Nordic restaurant will have 12- to 15-course tasting menus, a downstairs bar, and a large garden.
  34. The Chain Gang
    Chipotle Will Roll Out Its First-Ever Loyalty ProgramIt thinks that will finally lure back customers.
  35. Comebacks
    Hi-C’s Ecto Cooler Officially Coming Back Just in Time for GhostbustersThe ‘90s juice-box favorite returns May 30.
  36. comebacks
    This Surprise Appearance Is the Best Part of Daredevil Season TwoSpoilers ahead, obviously.
  37. Comebacks
    Clearly Canadian’s Triumphant Comeback Hits a Snag, and Fans Are UpsetThe first shipments finally went out this month, but tens of thousands of orders have remained unfulfilled.
  38. Comebacks
    Hallelujah: Carnegie Deli Is Open AgainDon’t call it a comeback.
  39. Comebacks
    Subway Is Trying Really, Really Hard to Change the ConversationThe chain’s new advertisements play up the ideas of freshness and nostalgia.
  40. Comebacks
    Crystal Pepsi Is Back — Sort OfYou’ll have to enter a contest to get some.
  41. Tracy Morgan: ‘It’s My Responsibility to Come Back and Come Back Strong’Between a new standup tour, hosting Saturday Night Live, and landing multiple movie roles, Tracy Morgan has made a big comedy comeback this […]
  42. comebacks
    Tracy Morgan Is Going Back on Tour With Picking Up the PiecesStarting in February.
  43. Comebacks
    Park Slope Favorite City Subs Will Officially Reopen TodayThe sandwich shop is ready to go in its new location.
  44. look of the day
    Tracy Morgan Went Back to Work in a CapeThe return of the king. 
  45. comebacks
    John Boyega Has Words for His Star Wars Haters“I’m in the movie, what are you going to do about it?”
  46. Comebacks
    Celebrated Chef Laurent Gras Will Return to a New York Restaurant Kitchen ThisHe’s cooking at Chef’s Club by ‘Food & Wine’ from October 18 to 24.
  47. the 90s
    Bikini Kill Tells Us Why They’re BackGet ready to riot again, grrrl.
  48. Comebacks
    You Can Finally Buy the Ingredient Southern Chefs Have Been Psyched About forBenne oil is being produced commercially for what is likely the first time since the 19th century.
  49. Comebacks
    Hydrox Cookies Will Return to Stores This MonthThe “original Oreo” is coming back very soon.
  50. look of the day
    Janet Jackson Is Ready for Her ComebackIt includes gold chains, Missy Elliott, and a six-month world tour.
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