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Solomon Georgio on Standup, Comedic Heroes, and the Beauty of LA

Today is an exciting day for comedian Solomon Georgio. Not only does his Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents episode premiere tonight at 12:30, but his debut album, Homonegro Superior, just dropped on Comedy Central Records. Since leaving Seattle [...]

By Isaac Kozell

Joel Kim Booster’s Unlikely Path to Standup Stardom

Joel Kim Booster is the prince of unusual beginnings. As a baby, he was adopted by white, conservative, religious Midwesterners, an experience he sums up this way: “As you can imagine, it was a little weird growing up in the Midwest with this [...]

By Isaac Kozell

In the Moment with Josh Johnson

The day before his Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents taping, comedian Josh Johnson sat down with me in the green room of New Orleans' Civic Theatre. One thing I noticed very quickly was that he was there to work. New Orleans is an easy city to [...]

By Isaac Kozell

Inside the Outsider Mind of Julio Torres

Tonight at 12:30 Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents will air a half hour that is arguably unlike any you've seen before. If this sounds like hyperbole, please know that the special involves giant sentient glowing crystals and excerpts from [...]

By Isaac Kozell

Jordan Klepper’s ‘The Opposition’ Is Off to a Promising Start

When Jordan Klepper made his debut on The Daily Show in 2014, it was clear that he had a little Stephen Colbert in him. Or, to be more specific, a little “Stephen Colbert.” He was perfect at being the guy who was arguing for the wrong things [...]

By John Hugar