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‘I, Nancy’: This Week in Trailer Parodies

Like someone doing a spot-on celebrity impression, even the best parodies are, at their very core, marvels of the derivative. Still, there's something mesmerizing about a well-tuned riff on a zeitgeisty moment. It's almost primal. Anna Roisman [...]

By Luke Kelly Clyne

What YouTube Pranksters Could Learn From ‘Windy City Heat’

Are there any four words that cause cringe in 2018 like "It's a prank, bro"? Hordes of well-scrubbed YouTube boys have built careers around hollering that disclaimer after performing ridiculous acts in front of unsuspecting victims. Their [...]

By K. Thor Jensen

Netflix Adds a Standup Special from Ray Romano

Ray Romano is the latest comedian to land a Netflix standup special. Deadline reports that the streaming network has ordered an hourlong special from Romano, who starred in Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon’s film The Big Sick last year. A [...]

By Megh Wright

Seth Rogen Developing US Adaptation of British Comedy ‘Plebs’  

Seth Rogen has another TV project in the works. According to Deadline, Rogen and Evan Goldberg's production company is in the early stages of developing a US adaptation of the British comedy series Plebs, which debuted on ITV2 back in 2013 and [...]

By Megh Wright

Chris Lilley Has a New Comedy Series in the Works at Netflix

Australian comedian Chris Lilley is working on a new comedy project. According to Deadline, Netflix has given a 10-episode order to a comedy series from Lilley. No details about the untitled show have been revealed yet, but production is slated [...]

By Megh Wright

Charles Barkley Hosts ‘SNL’ “for No Reason”

Hey, we’re adults. We can talk about big issues directly and frankly. I need to know why Charles Barkley hosted SNL this week. He was promoting nothing, he didn’t have a hit indie movie last summer. What gives? Was it because all the movie [...]

By Bethy Squires