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Leave Bill Watterson Alone

Dear Mr. Watterson is a documentary project that explores cartoonist Bill Watterson, his timeless comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, and their impact on culture. Celebrities like Seth Green and Bill Amend are interviewed, as are appreciative fans, [...]

By Stephen Winchell

‘Marmaduke, no!": Mocking the Not-so-Great Dane

Since 1954, Brad Anderson’s single panel comic Marmaduke has graced newspapers across the country with the misadventures of the Winslow family’s Great Dane, Marmaduke. Each and every Marmaduke strip boils down to the same joke:

By Justin Geldzahler

Matt Groening Ending ‘Life in Hell’ After 32 Years

So, apparently Groening is able to end very long running things he's involved with – who knew? The 1669th and last Life in Hell ran last Friday, June 15th and for the next four weeks, editors will run strips from the archives, but then on July [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Fighting for Nature: The Stilted Sincerity of Mark Trail

Newspaper comics are a funny thing. Like television, the medium requires a constant output of new material. But due to any given comic strip’s short length, it’s hard to achieve the same depth of serialized storytelling as television, even if [...]

By Justin Geldzahler

Comedy’s Love/Hate Relationship with Garfield

When I was younger, there was no greater pairing than the holiday season and Garfield. I’d watch wide-eyed as he'd float down 5th Avenue in the Thanksgiving Parade; I’d pop in our VHS recording of A Garfield Christmas, and I’d adorn our tree [...]

By Stephen Winchell

Stand-Up Comic Patrice O’Neal Has Died

The great comic Patrice O'Neal, who suffered a stroke a few weeks ago, has passed away, Opie of Opie & Anthony (where O'Neal was a frequent guest) has confirmed. This is very sad news for fans of comedy and fans of good people in general, and [...]

By Hallie Cantor

What Marc Maron Looks Like Before and After You See His Face

As the first entry in a neat series in which comic book artist Harvey James draws podcast hosts before and after seeing their faces, he's done a really interesting pair of portraits of Marc Maron. After hearing Maron guest on Comedy Bang Bang, [...]

By Hallie Cantor

Belgium: The Kingdom of Comics

Flemish humor. Sounds like a joke about my imminent Sinus infection from all this rain, right? Now that you’ve indulged me my one terrible pun, let’s talk about Flemish humor. Or more broadly, Belgian humor. Beloved by us Americans for exports [...]

By Laura Turner Garrison