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Calvin and Hobbes and the Trouble with Nostalgia

My Calvin and Hobbes anthologies sat unread at home on the highest shelf of my parents’ living room bookcase for almost ten years. My father sent them to me last week, and when they arrived in a beat-up box lined with tennis ball cans (don’t [...]

By AJ Aronstein

Geekdom Pauses to Honor Stan Lee

The original comic-book guy gets his day and his Hollywood star. The schools stay open, though.

By Adam Weinstein

Brenda Starr Retires

The 70-year-old comic strip will stop running in January.

By Willa Paskin

See Lois Lane in Bondage

A selection of Lois Lane comic-book covers that find Superman's proto-feminist crush object in absurd, damsel-in-distress situations.

By Nisha Gopalan