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  1. London Man Spends Commute in Cleaning CupboardAnd you thought the MTA was bad.
  2. Don’t Count on Taking the L Train for the Next 3 or 4 YearsGet used to the G, folks.
  3. pda prohibition
    Vienna Cracks Down on Transit PDANo more making out on the train.
  4. commuters
    Can Someone Please Loan Lindsay Lohan a Jet?She has a court date to get to.
  5. watch out
    Turn the iPod Down, There’s a Train ComingHeadphone-wearing man walks into oncoming train.
  6. keanu reeves
    Witness Keanu Reeves Being a Genuinely Polite CommuterKeanu Reeves rides the subway, offers his seat to women, is polite.
  7. transit
    7 Train, Next Stop: Secaucus, New JerseyThings get fancy.
  8. chris christie
    Expensive Tunnel From Jersey to Manhattan Will Not Be Built After AllThree billion dollars later, Chris Christie has changed his mind.