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Bad Times for the ‘Times’

MEDIA • In a show of symbolic disapproval, New York Times shareholders withhold 42 percent of the vote for the company's directors. [AP via Yahoo] • Pulitzer Prize–winning reporter and prolific author David Halberstam died yesterday in a car crash on his way to an interview. [NYT] • Are Marie Claire's video podcasts too commercial to be called editorial? [WWD]

Private Equity Votes for Romney

FINANCE • Investment bankers may be backing Barack Obama, but private equity is investing in Republican Mitt Romney's future. [DealBook/NYT] • KKR's Henry Kravis credits Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch with doing "extremely well" in buyouts but disses Goldman Sachs by omission. [Deal Journal/WSJ] • Stephen S. Roach, Morgan Stanley's chief economist, will take his dour views on the American economy to Hong Kong as the bank's chairman of Asian operations. [NYT]

Why Can't Bonus Season Last All Year?

FINANCE • It's never too early to start talking bonuses, and rumor has Goldman and Merrill paying out the most to first-year analysts. [Portfolio] • JPMorgan exec Timothy Ryan, Henry Paulson's personal choice for a top job at the Treasury Department, withdrew his nomination for unspecified "personal reasons." [DealBook/NYT] • If you run the numbers, the Yankees and the Mets are the two most valuable teams in Major League Baseball. And that's taking into consideration that the Yankees were the only team in the league last year to lose money. [Forbes]

Another Duke Alum Joins Morgan Stanley

FINANCE • The former captain of the Duke lacrosse team was hired by Morgan Stanley's investment-banking analyst program. JP Morgan had hired David Evans and then rescinded the offer after Evans's indictment. [Deal Journal/WSJ] • Tudor Investment Corp. forms a political-action committee, another step toward political sophistication for hedge funds. [WSJ] • If you take a cab that's showing CNBC, you might just hitch a ride with Jim Cramer. [DealBreaker]

Olbermann Is Everywhere

MEDIAKeith Olbermann will take a break from slamming the Bush administration to co-host NBC's Football Night in America on Sundays this fall. [Hollywood Reporter] • Tired of losing to Condé Nast at the National Magazine Awards, Hearst will honor its own at the Tower Awards tonight. [WWD] • Newspaper coverage of the Virginia Tech shootings looked downright bloglike. [E&P]

Is Naked Brooklyn Law Student a Natural Blonde?

LAW • The Brooklyn Law School student who appeared naked in a Playboy video is neither blonde nor brainy. Discuss. [Above the Law] • Is David Lat at Above the Law siding with Aaron Charney over Sullivan & Cromwell? Disclosures aside, the site's commenters are suspicious. [Above the Law] • Claims from victims of one fraudulent attorney could put the New York Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection in fiscal jeopardy. [New York Law Journal]

My CEO Can Beat Up Your CEO

FINANCE • Lehman CEO Dick Fuld, nicknamed the "Gorilla" on the Street, didn't do so well when he picked a fight with another father at his son's hockey game. [Trader Daily via DealBreaker] • Paul Wolfowitz promotes his girlfriend at the World Bank, and his colleagues want him out. [CNNMoney] • The world's top earner in the financial sector: reclusive ex–Enron trader John Arnold, who netted almost $2 billion shorting natural gas. [The Guardian]

Naked Law Student's Ex-Boyfriend Tries to Keep Low Profile

LAW • An ex-boyfriend of the nude-video Brooklyn Law chick appeared briefly in the video with her, and he hopes his employer doesn't find out. Talking to the press is a proven way of maintaining anonymity. [NYDN] • Oh, boy! It's omnibus-hearing day in the Aaron Charney case! We expect hot cross-motion action. [Above the Law] • Two loud and zealous attorneys, Michael S. Washor and Michael F. Vecchione, are out-shouting each other at a judicial corruption trial in Brooklyn. [NYT]

Advertisers Flee Imus Fiasco

MEDIA • Advertisers ditch Imus faster than you can say "Rutgers basketball" — Proctor & Gamble is out, along with Staples and Bigelow Tea. Considering Imus's show generates 25 percent of revenue for WFAN, this isn't looking good. We'll see what happens when the Rutgers basketball team meets up with him. [WSJ] and [NYT] • SNL producer Lorne Michaels is frustrated with NBC's vigilante legal department for removing network material from YouTube. [NYO] • Newish Times editorial-page editor Andrew Rosenthal is embracing the Web in ways his predecessors have not. Anyone want a TimesSelect column? [NYO]

Co-ed Naked Brooklyn Law Students

LAW • A third-year Brooklyn Law School student has been identified as a woman being spanked and holding gavels up to her breasts in the Playboy TV show Naked Happy Girls. [NYDN] • Was Aaron Charney just afflicted by Sullivan & Cromwell's general malaise? The firm ranked 60th on a satisfaction survey of midlevel associates in New York. [New York Law Journal via Above the Law] • Judicial paradox: New York Chief Justice Judith Kaye says she’s prepared to sue after Albany failed to deliver on judicial pay raises. [New York Law Journal]

Bravo Makes Tim Gunn Work

FASHION • Tim Gunn will carry on for another season of Project Runway. Bravo executives can now breathe. [Downtown Darling] • Vogue's May issue spotlights the ten new top models, including Jessica Stam, Chanel Iman, Coco Rocha, and Agyness Deyn. [Fashionologie] • Henry Holland knockoffs continue to flood the market. The culprit this time: Urban Outfitters. [Fashionista]

‘Times’ Gay Mafia Underground Even to its Members

MEDIA • Ben Brantley, identified by Out as part of the Times's "gay mafia," claims he didn't even know some other colleagues listed were gay. The first rule of the gay mafia … [WWD] • Ed Bradley wins a posthumous Peabody Award for his 60 Minutes pieces on the Duke rape case. [Peabody Awards] • Larry King wants to keep going for another ten years and then pass his show along to Ryan Seacrest. At which point it might actually get softer. [NYT]

Giuliani Asks Press to Back Off His Third Wife

MEDIA • Presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani asks the media to lay off his wife. Media laughs to itself and continues writing. [WCBS-TV via Mediabistro] • In an effort to make viewers stick around for commercials, Fox will experiment with running short programming clips during the break. [WSJ] • The entire Harper's archive is online, a cornerstone of the magazine's relaunched Website. [Harper's]

Investment Banks Mull New Trading Floors

FINANCE • JP Morgan, Lehman, and Merrill are in talks with developers to build new trading floors in Manhattan. [Bloomberg] • Donald Trump set a new low last night, defeating WWF owner Vince McMahon in a "Battle of the Billionaires." [AP via Yahoo] • The SEC celebrates April Fools' Day with a prank press release about new disclosure rules. [Financial Times via MSNBC]

A Last-Minute Bid for Tribune

MEDIA • L.A. Billionaires Ron Burkle and Eli Broad jumped back into the Tribune contest, offering $1 per share more than Sam Zell. [NYT] • After Joy Press left for Salon, new Voice editor Tony Ortega rehired former editor Brian Parks to edit the arts and culture section. [Eat the Press/HP] • Former Times public editor Dan Okrent appears in the upcoming film The Hoax, playing a publishing exec engaged in fraud. [WWD]

Law-School Rankings Leaked

LAW • The U.S. News 2008 law-school rankings were somehow leaked. Yale's still No. 1, but Harvard and Stanford swapped this year to be two and three, respectively. [Law School Discussion via Legal Blog Watch] • If you're looking for a good M&A lawyer, wait till they all come back from the Corporate Law Institute at Tulane. [DealBook/NYT via WSJ] • Seyfarth Shaw finally ups associate pay to match other New York firms. As one partner said back in February, "We don't follow all the other firms over the cliff like lemmings. We wait, think about it, discuss, and then jump off the cliff." [Above the Law and Above the Law]

Allegra Versace Seeks Treatment for Anorexia

FASHION • Allegra Versace, daughter of Donatella and heir to the fashion empire, is being treated for anorexia. [NYP] • The ever persistent rumors of Hedi Slimane leaving Dior Homme keep swirling. Slimane has let his contract go unsigned for nearly a year. [WWD via Flypaper] • Kate Moss picked close friend Irina Lazareanu as the face of her new Topshop collection. Lazareanu, incidentally, used to be the drummer of Pete Doherty's band, Baby Shambles. [British Vogue]