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TBS Doubles Down on Conan, Orders a New Comedy Pilot from Conaco

TBS just ordered a comedy pilot from Conaco, Conan O'Brien's production company. Conaco also produces Eagleheart and Conan, obviously. I guess if you're looking for a good comedic lead-in to Conan, you might as well go to the source. Here's [...]

By Adam Frucci

Is The Late Night Talk Show Format A Dying Breed?

Bill Carter over at the New York Times has an interesting/scare piece on the future of the late night talk show format, which may be driving itself out of relevancy with its extremely expensive production costs, uncertain relationship with [...]

By Halle Kiefer

10 Promising TV Series That Weren’t Picked Up

Every year, TV networks horde up pilots for potential new shows and then whittle this group down to a few programs that actually make it to air. While it's often the case that these passed-over pilots are rejected for good reasons, there have [...]

By Bradford Evans

Attention, Travelers: Conan’s Put His Studio Up For Rent on AirBnB

Looking for some spacious digs in LA from October 10th-13th? Well, the Conan studio is up on AirBnB for that time period, if interested: "Great for families (children 16+) looking to relax in over 25,000 square feet of musty warehouse space. [...]

By Adam Frucci

Conan Viewership Down Roughly 60% Since Premiere

Oh boy. Apparently Conan ratings have fallen approximately 60% since the show's debut last fall. They've dipped below one million viewers per night after starting off at around 2.4 million, and the show is consistently beaten by Nightline, [...]

By Halle Kiefer

Conan Discovers Chinese Knock-Off Coco

Watching Conan's Chinese knock-off work the crowd last night really makes you notice the power of Coco's physical comedy. Give me 40 minutes of hip string work and I probably wouldn't have noticed that the entire show was in Cantonese. The main [...]

By Halle Kiefer

COCO MoCA Unveiled At Comic-Con

If you've ever dropped a note in the MoMA's suggestion box demanding "more Conan O'Brien, you philistines" then the newly-opened Museum of Conan Art (Coco MoCA) is the place to satiate your craving for fine pompadoured art. Open as of last [...]

By Halle Kiefer