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Conan Is at His Best When He’s Traveling the World

One of Conan O'Brien's comedic strengths has always been his ability to self-deprecate. It's a trait that, in addition to his absurdism, has allowed the host to forge his own path and distinguish himself in late night. Now that O'Brien has been [...]

By Ian Goldstein

‘The Great Philouza": A Masterpiece of Old-Timey Comedy

"I'm going to the general store! For a phosphate!" The fact that these quaint-sounding words are shouted in anger by David Cross is just one of many funny aspects of "The Great Philouza," a brilliant sketch from a November 1997 episode of HBO's [...]

By Joe Blevins

Artie Lang Has the Best Match.com Profile Ever

Last night, Artie Lang swung by Conan and showed off his very sexy Match.com profile photo. Yes, that is a peanut butter cup and an EpiPen sitting on his exposed stomach. Get in line, ladies.

By Adam Frucci

Ellen Page Shared Her ‘Conan’ Standup Audition Tape Last Night

Here's a clip from last night's Conan featuring special guest and onetime aspiring standup Ellen Page, who teamed up with Steve Agee when she was 23 years old to make a standup audition tape for O'Brien's show. Hopefully this clip will serve as [...]

By Megh Wright