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Joel Kim Booster Talks Growing Up in the Midwest on ‘Conan’

Here's a clip from Joel Kim Booster's appearance on last night's Conan, where he did a fantastic standup set about his parents adopting him from "the GrubHub of babies," growing up in the Midwest, and why it's just as racist as the South (just [...]

By Megh Wright

Kumail Nanjiani Comes Clean About Pooping His Pants Two Years Ago

Here's a clip from Kumail Nanjiani's visit to last night's Conan, where a story about a childhood friend pooping his pants leads Nanjiani to confess that he, too, pooped his pants once, but it wasn't when he was a kid. No, it was just two years [...]

By Megh Wright

Fred Armisen Has Mastered Every Accent in the World (Except One)

For the past few years, Fred Armisen has been on a mission to master every accent in the world. He can do every New York City accent, every Southern US accent, and as his appearance on last night's Conan proves, he's now a worldwide master [...]

By Megh Wright