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  1. sports
    Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest May Go High-tech Next Year“I doubt we can put the microchip on the tongue or in the esophagus,” says Major League Eating president Rich Shea.
  2. encounter
    Out to Sea With Neil Gaiman and Amanda PalmerThe King and Queen of the Mermaid Parade.
  3. Best of New York
    The Absolute Best Hot Dog in New YorkThere’s never been a better time to tuck into a tube steak.
  4. New York Restaurant Quickly Cancels NRA Fundraiser After BacklashThe event at Gargiulo’s was announced just two weeks after the Parkland school shooting.
  5. controversies
    A Coney Island Restaurant Will Host an NRA Fundraiser Next MonthRaffles are planned for at least seven different firearms.
  6. the chain gang
    Carl’s Jr. Will Finally Open a New York City LocationIt’s located down in Coney Island.
  7. The Staten Island Beaches Should Be Your Summer DestinationA guide to spontaneous, easy in-the-city getaways to the beaches on Staten Island and Coney Island.
  8. NYC’s Best Beaches: Jones Beach, Rockaway Beach, Coney Island, and MoreHow and why to visit the best beaches in the New York area.
  9. New York City Beaches Will Have Free Sunscreen Dispensers This SummerThe Parks Department is installing 100 sunscreen dispensers.
  10. lawsuits
    Coney Island’s Year-Old Wahlburgers Already Sued for Wage TheftFive employees claim the restaurant stole tips and ran an illegal tip pool.
  11. usa usa!
    Joey Chestnut Wins Hot Dog Eating RecordHe ate 70 hot dogs in 10 minutes.
  12. Hot Dog Hustle
    Coney Island Superfan Reviving NYC’s Original Hot-Dog BrandFeltman’s is back, sort of.
  13. Even the Times Square Characters Are Moving to BrooklynI don’t come to the Boardwalk to hang out with inaccurate versions of characters.”
  14. Interviews
    Wahlberg Brothers Just So Honored to Open a Wahlburgers in New York“…to me, you can’t have enough burgers.”
  15. Man Arrested for Smearing Paint on Brooklyn 9/11 Memorial This is extremely personal.”
  16. step right up
    Rag & Bone Took Winona Ryder to Coney IslandWhere she played the claw game.
  17. Coney Island
    Restaurateur Wants to Open Culinary School in Coney Island’s AbandonedPlans also include putting a restaurant on the top two floors.
  18. New York Beachgoers Fail to Appreciate Nazi Symbol BannerA good way to ruin a sunny day.
  19. photo ops
    The 2014 Mermaid Parade: Dante and Chiara de Blasio’s Coney Island Coronation Photos of NYC’s First Kids and other elaborately costumed participants. 
  20. Lawsuits
    White Castle Customers Who Were Arrested Win $32,500 From CityThat’s a lot of burgers.
  21. Chiara, Dante de Blasio Will Rule Mermaid ParadeHeavy is the ‘fro that wears the crown.
  22. Check Out These Dreamy Vintage Photos of Coney Island in the ’60sA ‘60s-centric preview of the new exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York.
  23. Two NYPD Officers Critically Injured While Responding to a Fire They got stuck in a smoky elevator.
  24. Redevelopments
    City Secretly Bulldozes Huge Community Garden Near Coney Island ChildsTwenty chickens out there need a new place to roost.
  25. Coming Soon
    Plan for Historic Childs Restaurant in Coney Island Moves ForwardA summer concert hall and restaurant are coming to the boardwalk.
  26. Dolphin Surviving Brooklyn Water, for NowMemo to dolphin: Get out of here!
  27. brushes with fame and death
    Beyoncé Terrorized Coney IslandIn a good way! Except for one woman.
  28. Leftovers
    Dueling Cocktails at Donna; Ice-Cream Social and Boozy Gummy Bears at WhiskeyPlus: fake cronuts dispensed by people dressed like mimes, Pepsi wins over Coke at CUNY, and more in today’s leftovers.
  29. Bill O’Reilly Thinks the Coney Island Mermaid Parade Seems Pretty GayI’m not being a wise guy or being offensive,” he said.
  30. Coney Island’s Swaying Astrotower Will Be DemolishedIt had recently begun swaying, a lot. 
  31. Swaying Coney Island Astro Tower Scared a Lot of People TodayThe swaying was normal; the evacuation less so.
  32. scene stealers
    Street Style: The Most Dazzling and Mystical at the Mermaid ParadeCaptain Jack Sparrow was there, obvs.
  33. Fiesta Lime Mermaids
    Applebee’s Now Promoting Coney Island’s Alt-Culture Mermaid ParadeThe family-friendly chain may or may not have a contingency plan for six-foot lobster penises.
  34. Roller Coaster From Annie Hall Returns to ConeyThe new Thunderbolt is a bit fancier.
  35. first looks
    Are Warby Parker’s New Frames Coney Island Inspired?They’d fall off on a roller coaster.
  36. Coney Island Mermaid Parade Saved by Kickstarter, Amanda PalmerThe Internet defeats Hurricane Sandy.
  37. Coney Island’s Mermaid Parade Needs a $100,000 Kick StartHurricane Sandy caused some budget problems.
  38. Hot Dog!
    Coney Island Nathan’s Famous Damaged by FireThe Coney Island institution is scheduled to reopen this summer.
  39. Coming Soon
    Coney Island’s Historic Childs Will Become a New RestaurantThe once-mighty Childs restaurant is coming back, sorta.
  40. They’ve Finally Found a Use for Coney Island’s Historic Childs RestaurantIt’s been a landmark long enough.
  41. Reopenings
    Coney Island Totonno’s ReopensThe pizza temple, which struggled to open after Hurricane Sandy, reopened yesterday.
  42. Dog Eat Dog Eat Dog Eat Dog
    Nathan’s Famous Will Hold Hot Dog Contest Qualifier on March 23Everything will be back to normal, meaning bonkers and crazy, by July 4.
  43. Pizza Heroes
    San Francisco Chefs Will Donate $5,000 to Totonno’s in Coney IslandMoney intended for Governor in Dumbo, which will not reopen, will instead be routed to the historic pizzeria.
  44. Judge Rules a Plastic and Concrete Boardwalk Is No Big Change for ConeyNot enough to warrant a review.
  45. Get Ready for a Shinier, Newer, Post-Sandy Coney IslandThe storm helped accelerate a change already in progress.
  46. Reopenings
    Original Nathan’s Famous Will Not Reopen Until SpringIt’ll take some time, but the hot dogs are coming back.
  47. Boardwalk Empires
    Cha Cha’s in Coney Island Has Had Enough“The place is an awful wreck.”
  48. Occupy Sandy’s Street Medics Go Door-to-Door in Coney IslandInside a crumbling tower full of seniors.
  49. Whopper
    Mama Burger’s Burger Is Missing in Coney IslandHave you seen this hamburger?
  50. Teacher Exodus at Troubled Coney Island SchoolIt seems that Greta Hawkins is a little difficult to work for.
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