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  1. politics
    Democrats Elect Younger, More Moderate Caucus Chair Over Progressive StalwartHakeem Jeffries’s win over Barbara Lee suggests Democratic representatives are reluctant to go too far to the left.
  2. nancy pelosi
    For First Act in Power, Dems Consider Making Their Own Agenda Impossible to PassPelosi is plans to create a super-majority requirement for raising taxes on the middle class, a rule that could make single-payer impossible to pass.
  3. congress
    Why Congress Thinks Voters Are Way More Conservative Than They Actually ArePoliticians think their constituents are right wing — because, in most cases, the only constituents they need to worry about are corporations.
  4. sexual assault
    Kavanaugh and His Accuser Both Say They’re Willing to Testify Before Congress“She decided to take control of this and tell this in her own voice,” a lawyer for Christine Blasey Ford said.
  5. florida
    This Congressional Candidate Is More Than Just Her Alien Abduction, Okay?“It has nothing to do with what I have done. It happened when I was 7 years old,” Bettina Rodriguez Aguilar said.
  6. Trump Mulls Legally Dubious Plot to Deny Aid to Poor ForeignersThe White House might refuse to spend $3 billion that Congress appropriated for foreign aid (even as it demands a $716 billion military budget).
  7. Women Have Won About Half of Major Democratic Primaries So Far This YearFinally, a wave of Democratic women running for and winning nominations for high office is producing something close to gender equity.
  8. a woman's place is in the house
    Michigan Likely Just Elected the First-Ever Muslim Woman to CongressThe progressive Palestinian-American Democrat had a day filled with “happy chaos.”
  9. Peter Strzok, FBI Agent in Texting Scandal, Will Testify Before CongressHis attorney said he’s willing to testify without immunity, and “intends to answer any question put to him.”
  10. GOP Moderates’ Push to Force Bipartisan Dreamer Vote FlopsWith the discharge petition stalled, Paul Ryan said the House will vote on two GOP-only immigrations bills, which are unlikely to go anywhere.
  11. Another Poll Shows Close Race for House ControlIt’s still early, but the midterm environment is looking less frightening for Republicans.
  12. Embattled Congressman Accused of Turning Staff Into His Personal ServantsVirginia’s Tom Garrett was already struggling to win reelection. A report that he and his wife routinely used staff for personal chores won’t help.
  13. Freedom Caucus’s Cunning Plan Could Hand the House to DemocratsTo subdue rebellious moderates, just take campaign funds from some of the most vulnerable GOP members. What could go wrong?
  14. White House Aide Rewards Paul Ryan’s Loyalty With Talk of Ousting Him As SpeakerRyan, who’s retiring in January, is having trouble controlling the GOP caucus. So why is Mick Mulvaney undermining him with talk of an early coup?
  15. Paul Ryan Allegedly Ousted House Chaplain for Disrespecting His Tax CutsReverend Patrick Conroy doesn’t know why he was asked to resign, but Ryan complained about his prayer for a tax law that’s fair to the poor.
  16. keeping up with kongress
    Kourtney Kardashian Went to D.C. to Advocate for Safer Beauty ProductsKourtney takes Kongress.
  17. russia probe
    House Republicans Lay the Groundwork for Trump to Fire RosensteinTrump’s allies in the House are preparing a subpoena and threatening to impeach the deputy AG if he won’t do more to meet their demands for documents.
  18. politics
    Paul Ryan Stepping Down Is the Only Good Thing He’s Done for WomenMany are not sad to see him go.
  19. select all
    Mark Zuckerberg Wants You to Think You’re in Control of Your Data. You’re Not.In his testimony before senators, Zuckerberg claimed that users have strong controls over their data. Is he sure about that?
  20. politics
    Stacey Dash Withdraws From California Congressional RunThe Clueless star had filed to run for a seat in California’s 44th Congressional District.
  21. sexual harassment
    Congresswoman Apologizes for Keeping Alleged Abuser on Staff for MonthsAfter a fellow staffer said Elizabeth Esty’s chief of staff threatened and harassed her, she sent him off with severance pay and a job recommendation.
  22. obituaries
    Veteran New York Congresswoman Louise Slaughter Dead at 88She was a longtime advocate for women’s rights and co-authored the Violence Against Women Act.
  23. unsanitary politics
    Members of Congress Call Out ‘Unsanitary’ Practice of Sleeping at the CapitolPaul Ryan is known to do it.
  24. sexual assault
    Evan Rachel Wood Details Her Harrowing Abuse in Speech to CongressWood is pushing to get Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights Acts in all 50 states.
  25. politics
    Stacey Dash Files to Run for Congress in CaliforniaThe Clueless star registered in California’s 44th District, currently repped by Democratic congresswoman Nanette Barragán.
  26. SCOTUS Hands Trump Temporary Setback on DACA CancellationThe March 5 deadline set for DACA’s demise is now a dead letter as the Ninth Circuit and then perhaps SCOTUS will review Trump’s action.
  27. mass shootings
    Every Attempt to Change Gun Laws Under TrumpTrump and other GOP lawmakers have worked to loosen gun restrictions, and the few bipartisan efforts to address mass shootings have stalled.
  28. The Government Briefly Shut Down Last Night, Thanks to Rand PaulAfter a five-hour shutdown, the House and Senate finally passed a massive bipartisan budget deal early on Friday.
  29. Two Weeks After Last Shutdown, All GOP Has Is a New Way to Jab DemocratsWith only days to go until the next deadline, House Republicans unveiled a stopgap bill that will probably be blocked by Senate Democrats.
  30. Trump Has Lost the Upper Hand in the Immigration FightThe president took hostages that he’s unwilling to shoot. Now, the Dreamers’ allies have no reason to pay his ransom.
  31. Joe Manchin Is Right: Washington SucksAs Washington descends into tribal warfare over the president’s struggle against independent investigation, Congress is becoming a bad joke.
  32. McConnell Pitched a Scheme to Fill an Ailing Senator’s Seat: ReportIt involved the governor of Mississippi appointing himself to the Senate.
  33. Freedom Caucus Claims, Once Again, That They Might Force a ShutdownLast time they got on board at the last minute, and they may want to keep the shutdown blame on Democrats.
  34. politics
    Senator Marco Rubio Fires Chief of Staff Over Misconduct AllegationsRubio didn’t specify that the misconduct was sexual harassment, but it seemed to be implied.
  35. Washington Can Indulge Its Bipartisan Fantasies for 3 More WeeksBut things are going to get ugly again.
  36. more sexual harassment
    Congressman Calls a Former Aide His ‘Soul Mate,’ But Denies Harassing HerRepresentative Patrick Meehan denies harassing a former aide who received a taxpayer-funded settlement.
  37. women in politics
    2018’s Record Number of Women Candidates Are Set to Blow Up Politics As UsualWhat’s the fastest way to fix a broken system? Take it over.
  38. shutdown watch
    Senate Pushes Shutdown Fight to Final DayMcConnell put off the deciding vote on the House bill, which is likely to fail, and dismissed Schumer’s call for a days-long stopgap measure.
  39. What You Need to Know About the Government-Shutdown FightTrump’s vulgar remarks have decreased the chances of reaching a DACA deal, and avoiding a shutdown by the Friday deadline.
  40. GOP Leaders Mull Giving Up on Obamacare Repeal, Getting Much Else Done in 2018They might skip passing a budget this year, which means no reconciliation, and no passing major legislation without Democrats.
  41. After Passing Trump’s Tax Cuts, What’s Next on the GOP’s Agenda?GOP leaders want to tackle infrastructure and welfare reform, but first they’ll have to address all the issues they pushed off to the new year.
  42. Britney Comes Out in Support of DreamersSpears calls for Congress to create a permanent solution to the current DACA crisis.
  43. House Passes Spending Bill, Punts Policy Fights to Next YearThe continuing resolution keeps the government running until mid-January, while leaving DACA, Obamacare, and Defense spending unaddressed.
  44. more sexual harassment
    Congress Discloses 3 More Sexual-Harassment SettlementsThe amounts reportedly total $115,000.
  45. sexual harassment
    Congress Fears Release of Bombshell Sexual-Misconduct Exposé That May Not ExistMeanwhile, more lawmakers are embracing calls to reform the current reporting system, which doesn’t satisfy victims or the accused.
  46. Congress Fears Release of Bombshell Sexual-Misconduct Exposé That May Not ExistMeanwhile, more lawmakers are embracing calls to reform the current reporting system, which doesn’t satisfy victims or the accused.
  47. power
    Will All the Harassment Claims Against Senators Be Released?Senator Tim Kaine thinks they should be.
  48. Don Jr. Cited Attorney-Client Privilege to Avoid Discussing Talks With His DadTheir lawyers were listening to the conversation, but Democrats say that’s not how attorney-client privilege works.
  49. sexual harassment
    This Congressman Is Retiring Amid Sexual-Harassment AllegationsThe Michigan Democrat announced his retirement on a Detroit radio program.
  50. Nancy Pelosi Calls on John Conyers to Resign Over Sexual-Harassment AllegationsPelosi’s statement comes as the 88-year-old was reportedly hospitalized in Detroit.
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