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Glenn Beck Drinks the Blood of Small People Who Are Different Than He Is

Glenn Beck
Name: Glenn Beck
Job: Glenn is the author of the best seller An Inconvenient Book and host of the third-largest radio talk show in America (on 1450 AM, here in New York) and a self-titled show on CNN Headline News.
Age: He just turned 44! Who's your favorite New Yorker, living or dead, real or fictional? Teddy Roosevelt. What's the best meal you've eaten in New York? Anything from Ollie's Noodle Shop in Times Square. In one sentence, what do you actually do all day in your job? Same thing as you, except my cubicle is connected to radio and television networks.

Bob Shrum Shows Bill Kristol How It's Done

Hey guys! Did you see Bill Kristol's first column appeared in the Times today? Boy, was it a doozy. Kristol took his classic conservative bluster and put it front and center on his first day:
Thank you, Senator Obama. You’ve defeated Senator Clinton in Iowa. It looks as if you’re about to beat her in New Hampshire. There will be no Clinton Restoration. A nation turns its grateful eyes to you. But gratitude for sparing us a third Clinton term only goes so far. Who, inquiring minds want to know, is going to spare us a first Obama term? After all, for all his ability and charm, Barack Obama is still a liberal Democrat.
Blah, blah, blah, Hillary is a national nightmare, liberal Democrats will doom us all. Pretty standard boilerplate, most likely selected to startle the tepidly Democratic readership of the Times opinion pages. But Kristol doesn't teach us anything we don't know ("some Democrats are licking their chops at the prospect of a Huckabee nomination"), and he doesn't question anything we take for granted ("Voters seem to be enjoying making up their own minds this year. And Huckabee is a talented politician."). So it's not really that startling at all. But over in the Daily News, we get the same sort of indictment of Hillary Clinton and her campaign machine — only more surprising, this time it's from former Clintonite and Democratic mastermind Bob Shrum.

New Conservative Worry: Save George Washington High!

How lovely it must be for conservatives today; how triumphantly they must have achieved all their goals. How else to explain the existence of the recent "Civic Report" we stumbled across on the Manhattan Institute's Website, in which that bastion of urbane conservatism exposes a horrifying trend: Apparently there’s been a precipitous decline in the naming of public schools in the U.S. after presidents and other notables. Egad!

Was Live Earth a Failure?

The conventional wisdom on Live Earth, last Saturday's Al Gore–wrangled series of eight concerts around the world, is developing: It was a big, fat flop, conservative commentators are saying — and they're gleeful about that, because, they say, it's upsetting Gore's supposed "grand plan" (Oscar win to Live Earth to Nobel Prize to presidency, natch). "The organizers … were hoping to attract 2 billion viewers to their cause but managed a slender 2.7 million," writes Nicholas Wapshott in today's Sun. And, yeah, wow, that's quite a failure. Except that Wapshott's number is totally wrong. He cites only the U.S. ratings for the Saturday-night broadcast on NBC. Though a relative disappointment in the United States, the concerts were seen in 178 countries on an array of platforms. Bravo, which carried the shows, registered its best-ever Saturday; on BBC1 in the United Kingdom, it snared 4.5 million viewers against Wimbledon. The shows also set records online, including an all-time viewing high on MSN with 30 million streams. Last but not least, there were also eight stadiums' worth of live viewers. In short, those hoping that Al Gore will "grow another beard," as Wapshott puts it, and skulk away will have to wait a while longer. Until a voting-machine mix-up in Stockholm County sends his Nobel to Rupert Murdoch. Cringe-Making Concerts [NYS] 'Live Earth' Concerts No Big TV Draw [AP]

How the Other Half Thinks: Advise George Bush!

The trouble with polls these days? They're all biased. Those damn liberals don't ask whether you think George W. Bush is doing a great job in office but whether you'd like to see him kicked to the curb. That, you should understand, is a rigged question. Thankfully, the Heritage Foundation has stepped in to fix the problem; the right-wing D.C. think tank has sent a survey to "Conservatives and Republicans Only," the results of which they promise will end up on the desks of some very powerful people in Washington. Through what can only be an act of Daniel Ellsberg–like political bravery, a copy of that survey arrived at the home of a neither conservative nor Republican magazine writer in the very blue state of New York. So what can we learn about the conservative mind from this leak? Well, according to the Heritage folks, most media surveys are "inaccurate … because they don't ask the right questions." So what are the correct, unbiased questions?

Bloomberg Attacks Guns, Annoys Conservatives, Amuses Us

When it comes to guns, Mike Bloomberg behaves less like a mayor and more like the 101st senator. His national anti-gun drive (okay, an anti-illegal-gun drive) began with a lawsuit against firearm dealers in neighboring states and grew from there to encompass efforts in such far-flung places as Ohio and Kentucky. Normally, and ingeniously, Bloomberg works by recruiting other city mayors to his cause, cobbling together a coalition of counterparts, now about 180 strong. Now, though, he's also lobbying Washington directly: At issue is a Republican measure that bans the ATF from sharing gun-trace data with the police, except in special cases. As a result, says Bloomberg, local authorities never get to see the full scope of firearm traffic in their own communities. A Bloomie-financed TV ad campaign is careful to draw the line between "crime" guns and "legal" ones, but the National Rifle Association is decrying it nonetheless. It's hard to tell if crafty Bloomberg is actually all-out anti-gun or not, much like it's hard to tell how, if at all, Republican he really is. In the meantime, we're just enjoying the sight of our mayor pissing off conservatives from shore to shore. As any good New Yorker should. Bloomberg Bolsters Gun Drive in Ohio and Kentucky [NYT]

A (Conservative) People's History of New York City

"A website founded by US religious activists aims to counter what they claim is 'liberal bias' on Wikipedia, the open encyclopedia which has become one of the most popular sites on the web. The founders of Conservapedia.com say their site offers a 'much-needed alternative' to Wikipedia, which they say is 'increasingly anti-Christian and anti-American.'" —The Guardian, London, March 2
New York City (also Gotham, Sodom, Gomorrah, The Big Apple, Satan's Condom) is the headquarters of the elitist East Coast liberal empire [1] and the world's largest sustained experiment in secular humanism.