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  1. last night on late night
    Extremely Real Melania Trump Visits Tonight Show to Dispel Fake-Melania RumorsThe First Lady has heard all about your little meme.
  2. People Are Saying a Melania Impostor Was With Trump in This VideoSomething’s going on.
  3. skin deep
    10 Conspiracy Theories About the World’s Most Infamous Skin CreamLa Mer is the most mysterious beauty product in history, and it has the crazy rumors to prove it.
  4. conspiracy theories
    Trust Flat-Earth Truther B.o.B to Have a (Bad) Opinion About the Solar EclipseThe moon generates its own light, according to B.o.B.
  5. Watch Alex Jones Get Coffee Dumped on Him While Trying to Film in Seattle“See that? That’s who they are! This is the brainwashing.”
  6. White House Aides: A Cabal of Islamists, Marxists, and Bankers Is After TrumpThe deep state, GOP, and media are in on the conspiracy, according to an NSC memo — which multiple White House officials have defended as correct.
  7. conspiracy theories
    A Breitbart Editor Has a Conspiracy Theory About J.Law’s Vogue CoverIt has to do with the Statue of Liberty.
  8. conspiracy theories
    4:44 Conspiracy Watch: No, the Address of the Standard Isn’t Actually 444One elevator fight, three albums.
  9. Trump Lawyer Hints Comey Part of ‘Deep State’ ConspiracyAfter calling Comey a liar, Trump attorney identifies him with the leakers some Trump fans believe are trying reverse the election.
  10. ‘Is This Even About Seth Rich at All?’Before he was a murder victim and the subject of politically motivated conspiracy theories, Seth Rich was a real person with a real life.
  11. Someone Should Explain to Trump His Administration Appointed the Special CounselOr is all this complaining just meant to fire up his base?
  12. FBI Raids GOP Consulting Firm, Setting Off (False) Alarms OnlineThe raid is related to a 2013 PAC investigation, the firm’s president says — probably not to Russia or a deep-state coup.
  13. conspiracy theories
    Kim Kardashian Reveals the Easter Bunny’s True Identity: Kanye WestIt all makes sense now.
  14. Why Education (Sometimes) Protects People From Conspiracy TheorizingTwo new experiments dig into the complicated interplay between education and susceptibility to fake news.
  15. Kellyanne Conway Suggests That Obama Could Have Used Microwaves to Spy on TrumpShe didn’t provide any evidence for the claim.
  16. Trump Suggests Obama Always Wanted Obamacare to Collapse in 2017“That’s the year it was meant to explode, because Obama won’t be here,” the president explained to the House GOP leadership.
  17. Trump Team Dares James Comey to Say Obama Didn’t Wiretap TrumpOn Monday, the White House suggested that Trump trusts his own misreadings of Breitbart articles over the word of the FBI director.
  18. conspiracy theorists
    Alex Jones Is a Very Rude Lunch HostIn a new Der Spiegel profile, we learn what eating barbecue with Infowars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones looks and sounds like.
  19. Stephen Colbert Plays the Greatest Hits of Infowars’ Alex JonesSorry, America. We all have to know about Alex Jones now.
  20. last night on late night
    Colbert Wants Answers About the Bowling Green Massacre That Never Happened“We will have more on this story when it doesn’t develop.”
  21. Alex Jones Says He’s Been ‘Offered’ White House Press CredentialsThe chief nut at Infowars has a relationship with President Trump.
  22. A Surprising Number of Democrats Think Pizzagate Is TrueTwenty four percent of Dems think Hillary Clinton is involved in a satanic child-sex ring, according to a poll.
  23. can't handle the truth
    What If Starbucks Misspells Everybody’s Name on Purpose?A video that jokes it’s a trick to get free advertising has really struck a nerve.
  24. One Sandy Hook Parent’s Fight Against an ‘Emboldened’ Conspiracy Culture“My hatred for Google and YouTube and Facebook has increased 1,000 percent,” says Sandy Hook parent Lenny Pozner.
  25. pizzagate
    To Understand Pizzagate, It Helps to Understand CultsJust about anyone can, under the right circumstances, start believing some crazy and potentially dangerous stuff.
  26. conspiracy theories
    Low-Flying Military Aircraft Spooks ManhattanThe New York National Guard is claiming that the flight was part of a training exercise.
  27. How Do You Solve a Problem Like Pizzagate?“This is a problem that’s not going to be solved, probably, by the law,” one expert says.
  28. Bristol Palin Is Pregnant AgainThe former abstinence speaker is expecting her third child.
  29. Sandy Hook Truther Arrested for Threatening Parent of Shooting VictimLucy Richards, 57, allegedly wrote: “you gonna die, death is coming to you real soon.”
  30. conspiracy theories
    Gunman Detained at D.C. Pizzeria Was Investigating Clinton Conspiracy TheoryThe incident has heightened fears that an absurd fake-news story may now lead to real-world danger.
  31. conspiracy theories
    The Far Right Thinks Chobani Is Trying to ‘Drown the U.S. in Muslims’The founder’s support for refugees has the fringe right issuing death threats.
  32. last night on late night
    Samantha Bee Has a Shockingly Believable Conspiracy Theory About Donald TrumpTwo can play this game.
  33. The North Dakota crash was an inside job
    It’s So Easy to Get People to Believe in Conspiracy Theories a LittleWhy won’t the government tell us what really happened with the North Dakota Crash? What gives them the right to hide the truth from us?
  34. The Internet’s Conservative Fever Swamps Aren’t Going Away, So We Need to AdaptIt’s probably time for everyone to give up on the idea that any level of denunciation or fact-checking can counter online gonzo media.
  35. vulture cover story
    The 70 Greatest Conspiracy Theories in Pop-Culture HistoryFrom “Paul is dead” to “Stevie Wonder isn’t blind,” with a lot of Illuminati in between.
  36. select all
    ‘Citizen Journalism’ Is a Catastrophe Right Now, and It’ll Only Get WorseIn theory, the internet could be a great place for crowdsourced journalism, analysis, and debunking. In theory.
  37. conspiracy theories
    Alex Jones: Sources Confirm Clinton and Obama Are Smelly Demons From HellAlex Jones out–Alex Joneses himself.
  38. conspiracy theories
    Here’s What the Department of Energy Really Thinks About Stranger Things“I will note that we do work in parallel universes.”
  39. kim kardashian robbery
    There Are Some Insane Conspiracy Theories About the Kim Kardashian RobberyShe’s being accused of faking it on social media.
  40. kim kardashian robbery
    All of the Insane Conspiracy Theories About the Kim Kardashian RobberyShe’s being accused of faking it on social media.
  41. conspiracy theories
    Is Marla Maples the Trump Tax Return Leaker?It’s a juicy theory, and there are some clues that might back it up.
  42. books
    Hillary Clinton Loves ‘Hypnotic’ Elena FerranteThe Neapolitan Candidate.
  43. books
    Hillary Clinton Loves ‘Hypnotic’ Elena FerranteThe Neapolitan Candidate.
  44. feature
    Lenny Pozner Believed in Conspiracy Theories. Until His Son’s Death Became One.Just as a father was mourning his child killed at Sandy Hook, strangers were saying he’d never lived at all.
  45. Stephen Colbert Has Some Very Intriguing Conspiracy TheoriesPut on your tinfoil hat. 
  46. last night on late night
    Clinton Denied Health Rumors on Jimmy KimmelWatch her pass the ultimate strength test.
  47. conspiracy theories
    Why Are Trump’s Hands Always Making the Symbol for ‘Vagina’?Hmmmmmm. Is that what we think it is?
  48. conspiracy theories
    Hanging Out With Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato Sounds Fun“No books.”
  49. anti-truthers
    Vivian Kubrick Hates Your Moon-Landing TheoriesStanley Kubrick faking the moon landing is “a grotesque lie.”
  50. chaos theory
    Jeff Goldblum Meets His DoppelgängerDon’t let yourself be so easily duped.
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