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Convention Dispatch

  1. Congressman John Lewis: GOP Making ‘Deliberate Effort’ to ‘Steal’ the ElectionLewis elaborates on his DNC remarks.
  2. Newman Isn’t Tired of Being NewmanHis wife, on the other hand…
  3. Charlotte’s Most Central Chick-fil-A Hasn’t Been Open All WeekCurious.
  4. 50-Person Poll: DNC Delegate EditionThey answer questions on racism, the Clintons, and 2016.
  5. Crazy Cops Turn DNC Traffic Control Into Performance ArtYou have to watch this. YOU HAVE TO.
  6. Bill Clinton Got a Few (Thousand) Things Off His Chest TonightWhat he talked about for 48 minutes at the DNC.
  7. In Which Southerners Try to Explain an ‘Obama Y’all’ T-Shirt to a YankeeWhat does that mean?
  8. These Mormons Aren’t Voting for RomneyInside a gathering of LDS Democrats.
  9. Freedom of Assembly Is Nice and All, But People Have Hotels to Get ToAn Occupy protest at the DNC irritates Democratic delegates who have places to be.
  10. Clint Eastwood Speech BombsDavid Frum begs to differ. 
  11. Jon Voight Does Not Feel Overshadowed by Clint EastwoodClint Eastwood is tonight’s “mystery guest.” Jon Voight has been here all week.
  12. Fetus Trucks Circling Downtown TampaGraphic.
  13. 50 Person Poll: RNC Delegate EditionDelegates still unsure about Obama’s birthplace. A few are unsure about Romney’s, too. 
  14. Better Know a Delegate: George Engelbach, MissouriHe is, um, not dressed like Lincoln.
  15. Mark Sanford Is Not ShermanesqueAlso: his theory on life.
  16. Luntz on Christie Speech: ‘It’s All Good’Stop whining, everyone. 
  17. Pro-Equality Republicans Gather to Laud Progress, Lament Their PartyThey exist, and they’re at the RNC
  18. Robert Gibbs Infiltrates RNC, Gets Out UnscathedIt’s hard to be incognito.”
  19. Tagg Romney Recycles Interview JokeThere is this joke about his name that Tagg really enjoys.
  20. Better Know a Delegate: Robert Palisin, North CarolinaHe’s a retired pastor and he does not like gay marriage. 
  21. Better Know a Delegate: Todd Tiahrt, KansasHe dressed like Wyatt Earp. 
  22. Live From Tampa, Roger Stone’s Steakhouse Politics: Charred and BloodyThe GOP consultant likes presidential campaigns just like his New York strip.
  23. Better Know a Delegate: Colonel Oscar Poole, GeorgiaHe owns a barbecue restaurant.
  24. Herman Cain Is Not ‘Mad’ at Me, He’s ‘Just Pissed Off’He called me “dude.”
  25. Better Know a Convention Delegate: Kimo Sutton, HawaiiHe was born in the same hospital as Obama. 
  26. Better Know a Convention Delegate: Reid King, TexasLearn some stuff about this guy who is a delegate at the GOP convention!
  27. Delegates Oppose Canceling RNC for New OrleansBad stuff happens all the time. 
  28. The Strangest Security Measure at the GOP ConventionNo fruit inside the convention center.