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  1. cool things
    It’s Easier to Get a Female Leader in Outer Space Than in the United StatesOn the plus side, this bodes well for when we colonize Mars.
  2. hairy situations
    Tracey Africa Norman Is Back As the Face of ClairolThe first black trans model returns to her roots.
  3. Hubble Sees Galaxy 13.4 Billion Years in PastThe Hubble team literally looked back in time.
  4. cool things
    Nicolas Cage Returns Stolen Dinosaur SkullIllegally taken from Mongolia. 
  5. sleep
    A Composer Hopes His Music Will Put You to SleepAn eight-hour lullaby for grown folks.
  6. cool things
    A Space Probe Just Landed on a Comet the Size of Central ParkDoes this mean we’re losing the Space Race?
  7. taxi!
    The Amazing Day in the Life of a Cab-Driver MapA data visualization that’s exhausting just to watch.
  8. kids today
    The Definitive List of Things That Teenagers on Reddit Think Are CoolAccording to the teenagers of Reddit.
  9. cool things
    Beautiful Interactive Map Displays a Year of Taxi Rides And the benefits of splitting a fare.
  10. cool things
    Watch the Best (First?) Citi Bike Trick Video EverAnd you thought no one could make Citi Bike look cool.
  11. photo op
    There Is Now a Brooklyn Park Named After One of the Beastie BoysR.I.P. Adam “MCA” Yauch.
  12. photo op
    The Most Awesome Pictures of the Space Shuttle Enterprise Riding a Jet to NYCCheck out the visuals from this morning’s low-altitude flyover.
  13. neighborhood news
    A Day in the Life of New York CityA short film makes the everyday hustle and bustle of New York look oddly relaxing.
  14. sigh
    Here’s the Location of That Really Cool Party You Were Only Supposed to Vaguely Know You Didn’t Know AboutOnly now you probably don’t even care.
  15. cool things
    Beastie Boy Adam Yauch Introduces ‘The Circle of Trust’ DVD Subscription ServiceAnd makes a Columbia Record Club joke.
  16. election hangover
    Are Obama’s Personal Tastes — Gasp — Not Highbrow?He has a zune, he reads ‘USA Today,’ he has an old-school BlackBerry. What next, he watches TV shows in real time?