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  1. Climate Change Isn’t Real, Also Can’t Be StoppedFaced with the Paris agreement, the right generates new arguments for its old position.
  2. the national interest
    The Paris Climate Deal Is President Obama’s Biggest AccomplishmentFive reasons why Paris will top Obama’s legacy.
  3. Never a Need to Reduce Emissions at WSJArguments against green energy reverse completely, but the conclusions stay exactly the same.
  4. How Republican ‘Thought Police’ Enforce Climate-Science DenialDavid Brooks casually drops a reason why no sane person can vote for his party.
  5. The Case for Optimism in ParisWhy the climate accords are the start of something big.
  6. Can the Paris Climate Talks Save Our Planet?Negotiators are optimistic they’ll reach a historic agreement, but symbolism may end up trumping science.