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  1. Apple Adds So-called “Cop Button” to iOS 11For when you need to protect your data quickly.
  2. Emotional Swings Make You More GullibleWhy the “good cop, bad cop” routine works.
  3. whatcha gonna do
    The TV Show Cops Is Being Made Into a MovieWhatcha gonna do when they come for your TV show?
  4. NYPD Goes to the Public for Feedback on Its New Body-Camera PolicyAn unusual, and pretty unprecedented, move. 
  5. Scenes of Mourning at the Funeral for Slain NYPD Officer Randolph HolderThousands, including many fellow cops, paid their respects to the policeman killed in East Harlem last week.
  6. Report: School Officer Who Threw Student Across Classroom Will be FiredAuthorities are expected to announce the decision at a noon press conference.
  7. How a Judge Managed to Acquit the Cleveland Cop Who Fired 49 RoundsAll norms fall away when a police officer is on trial.
  8. Talking to a Former NYPD Officer So Dirty He Spent 12 Years in PrisonMichael Dowd shook down dealers, protected drug lords, and even started selling cocaine himself.
  9. Why Is Freddie Gray Dead?It may have less to do with villainy than tragedy, less to do with racism than race.
  10. When Bad Cops Become Gitmo TorturersOne man’s story shows how deep the link is between America’s police forces and the national security apparatus. 
  11. When Abuse from the Streets Reaches the Gates of GitmoOne man’s story shows how deep the link is between America’s police forces and the national security apparatus. 
  12. Police Accidentally Killed a Cops Crew MemberAnd the suspect, in Omaha.
  13. Cop Retires at 29 After Taking Staple to FingerHe’s pulling in $46,000 a year, tax free, for the rest of his life.
  14. New York Police Using Armed Trucks From IraqThey’re especially popular in upstate New York.
  15. Shot Off-Duty Cop Chases Down Robber, Kills HimA dramatic, scary night in the Bronx.
  16. Wall Street Recruiter Fighting for Right to Flip Cops the BirdAnd he’s got a pretty good case.
  17. castings
    Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy Buddy Up for Cop MovieMcCarthy’s character is “unconventional.”
  18. bad boys
    Fox Is Cutting Back on COPSThe men and women of law enforcement will be seen less frequently on the network.
  19. Even Cops Cannot Resist the Sleep-Inducing Sway of the SubwayA police officer was caught napping on the F train. He’s in trouble.
  20. Police Officer Shot in Head in Brooklyn [Updated]The officer was rushed to Bellevue Hospital.
  21. slideshow
    Which TV Show Rich People Hate the Most, and 27 Other Unexpected Ratings FactsWhat reality show mesmerizes kids ages 2-5? How many NBC shows does it take to equal the audience for NCIS?
  22. Bloomberg Says Arrested Councilman Should Just Have a Beer With NYPDJumaane Williams sees things differently.
  23. City Councilman Handcuffed at West Indian Day Parade [Update]A mistake, it turns out.
  24. lady gaga
    Lady Gaga Loves the LAPDGaga gives “kisses to the cops.”
  25. enemies of the state
    Watch NYPD Crackdown on Sidewalk Biker Lead to an Arrest“My ni***a went to Princeton.”
  26. ‘Rubber-Gun Room’ Cops Cost Us Around $22M a YearIt’s like the NYPD Gulag Archipelago.”
  27. Even Criminal’s Own Mom Is a Fan of Salon-Defending Folk-Hero CopThe making of a folk hero.
  28. Cops Livid at Being Barred From Shooting to KillShooting in the legs or arms is just not sufficient.
  29. Ex-Con Shoots Parole Officer in BrooklynFYI: There are no metal detectors at the parole office.
  30. Phone-Book Kidnappers BustedThree men who kidnapped a man with the same name as their intended target are now behind bars.
  31. blobs
    Cops Cracking Down on Kids’ Seat BeltsStrap those babies down!
  32. Circulation Departments Raided at Four Major New York NewspapersIt was all part of an investigation into the Newspaper and Mail Deliverers Union.
  33. Cops Prevent Suicide on Upper East SideA woman on 85th Street was halfway out the window before cops convinced her to come back inside.
  34. Man Sues Tuna Fish for Having BonesTuna was ruined for him forever, and someone must pay.
  35. Brooklyn Flea Not Behind Stoop-Sale CrackdownAnd anyway, if you actually live in the building in front of which you are hocking tchotchkes, you should be fine.
  36. Peter Vallone Jr.: Kelly Move to Oust Reporters From NYPD HQ ‘a Step in the Wrong Direction’The chair of City Hall’s public-safety committee is worried about the police commissioner’s effort to clear reporters from “the Shack” this summer.
  37. Getting Busted for Coke Dealing Is Surprisingly HilariousWe would think it would be terrifying. Apparently, not so.
  38. New Year’s Eve in Times Square Just Got So Much More Exciting!Ring in 2009 alongside a bunch of rookie cops bearing machine guns!
  39. We Need to Talk About You Drinking on Your StoopDon’t be alarmed that we’re all here. We just want to chat.
  40. Clobbered Times Square Biker VindicatedThe biker who was body-slammed by a cop during a Critical Mass ride was cleared of all charges today.
  41. CopCabs Are Totally Freaking Us Out Right NowIf cops are riding around undercover in yellow cabs, where else could they be?
  42. Staten Island Has a Turkey Overpopulation ProblemEdward Albee is being used to market a condo, a cat-beating sicko lurks the streets of Queens, and Staten Island turkeys are being given mandatory abortions. The city’s gone mad, in our daily boroughs report.
  43. Sean Bell Cops Face Internal NYPD ChargesRay Kelly handed down charges against eight officers today related to the Sean Bell shooting.
  44. Cop Beats Up Fellow Cop Over Parking-Ticket Snafu, Onlookers ApplaudRestless residents of the Bronx side with a police officer in a public tangle. Of course, it was only because he was kicking the crap out of another cop.
  45. Fossella Cops to Affair, Love ChildIn a statement, the congressman admits that he has a three-year-old daughter with someone not his wife.
  46. Jump Pad Inflated Outside Halfway House in Boerum Hill (Updated)Someone is threatening to jump off of the roof of a halfway house there, and police have been quick to respond.
  47. New York Is King of the World for Pot ArrestsSeems like everybody is being arrested for weed possession around here. Well, not white people.
  48. The City and Al Sharpton Gear Up for Verdict in Bell TrialAs Ray Kelly assembles cops to deal with any unrest tomorrow and over the weekend, Sharpton is uneasy.
  49. Sean Bell’s Friends Shed More Light on His Final MomentsAs witness testimony in the Sean Bell trial continues, new details provide some clarification and more questions about the young man’s last night. Bell’s friends Larenzo Kinred and Hugh Jensen took the stand today to explain what they remembered about that evening outside of Club Kalua. According to the Times, they corroborated accounts by police officers that Bell had gotten into an argument with a man dressed in black who seemed to have a gun. The cops say that the altercation is what led them to believe that Bell and his friends might have been getting into the car to perform a drive-by shooting, but Kindred and Jensen say the fight wasn’t so serious — both weren’t even distracted from their pursuit of women they had met in the club. They also said they had seen two white men inside the club and assumed they were cops. There is still much debate over whether or not Bell and his friends knew white police officer Michael Oliver was a cop when he approached them in their car. Prosecutors have said that they did not, and that they tried to speed away because they were afraid they were getting carjacked. For more of what we know about that fateful evening, see Robert Kolker’s piece in this week’s New York. Friends of Bell Describe Argument Outside Club [NYT] Related: A Bad Night at Club Kalua [NYM]
  50. Chris Smith: Tony Ricco’s Racial PoliticsIt’s textbook defense-lawyer strategy: dirty up the victim. And, yesterday, during opening arguments at the Sean Bell trial, the tactic was on full display, as the man who died in a hail of 50 NYPD bullets took a few more blows, this time to his reputation and character. Totally predictable, cringe-inducing — and entirely necessary if you’re defending the detectives who killed a seemingly defenseless man hours away from his wedding. What makes the argument far more interesting, and potentially more powerful, is the defense lawyer who’s using it. Anthony Ricco is one of the city’s most gifted defense attorneys. He also happens to be black and Muslim, and he favors fedoras and eyeglasses straight from the Malcolm X catalogue. While Ricco’s race helps mute the blue-versus-black story line and regularly draws him taunts from simplistic racial demagogues like councilman Charles Barron, the attitude Ricco deploys on behalf of his vilified clients is fascinatingly complicated.
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