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    A Dispute on Twitter Illustrates the Insanity of Copyright LawThe current architecture favors those with time and money to burn, not individuals who get ripped off.
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    E.U. Saves Memes by Rejecting Controversial Copyright RegulationsArticle 13 could have changed the internet drastically.
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    Why Is This Man Going to Prison for Copying Free Repair Software?Eric Lundgren made 28,000 unauthorized copies of software you can legally download for free. Now he’s headed to federal prison for 15 months.
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    Julian Assange Got in Trouble for Stealing a Viral VideoYou gotta keep engagement up somehow.
  5. love and war
    Did Frank Ocean’s Panorama Shirt Violate Copyright Laws?Green Box Shop, the maker of the shirt, may have violated copyright laws when it used the words of a 2015 tweet.
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    Warner Bros. Took Down Its Own Sites in Copyright SweepThe flaws in how the web handles copyright become ever more apparent.
  7. the blurred lines effect
    ‘Blurred Lines’ Appeal Backed by 212 MusiciansDanger Mouse, Jennifer Hudson, Tears for Fears, Hans Zimmer, and R. Kelly all signed the amicus brief.
  8. That Time Negativland Trolled U2 Into Suing Them Trawling YouTube is a weekly look at one interesting story or oddity from YouTube. You ever go down a YouTube rabbit hole and suddenly you’ve […]
  9. Why Is Oracle Suing Google and What’s at Stake?An intricate court case has big implications.
  10. Is Richard Prince the Andy Warhol of Instagram?He always wanted to be the coolest artist in the world. But how much cred can one man appropriate?
  11. The Woman Who Invented ‘on Fleek’ Still Hasn’t Seen a Dime for ItOur current copyright system offers little protection to the black creators generating much of the viral content.
  12. Calvin, Hobbes, Twitter, and CopyrightThere is a battle going on between good and evil – right at the nexus between art and commerce, between the old way and the new, between […]
  13. Adorable Toy Company GoldieBlox Sues the Beastie BoysAfter the band threatens copyright infringement.
  14. lawsuits
    Faulkner Estate Files Second Lawsuit in Two DaysThis one is over a Washington Post ad.
  15. arrests
    Pirate Bay Co-Founder Arrested in CambodiaThe Swedes have been after him for years. 
  16. eye of newt
    Gingrich Sued for Using ‘Eye of the Tiger’ Throughout CampaignSurvivor is kicking Newt when he’s down.
  17. music
    Record Labels Prepare to Battle Artists Over Song RightsAs usual, the RIAA are the villains.
  18. copyfights
    Copyright Protection for Fashion Design Comes One Step Closer to Becoming LawA bill that would protect high-fashion designers from knockoffs passed unanimously in the Senate Judiciary Committee today.
  19. fashion law
    Diane Von Furstenberg Wields a Gavel for Fashion LawThe CFDA president helped welcome Fordham’s new Fashion Law Institute.
  20. fashion law
    Fordham’s New Fashion Law Institute Will Serve, Protect, Talk ShoesFrom copyright infringement to signing a store lease, director Susan Scafidi gives us the lowdown on the new center.
  21. copyright
    David Byrne Sues the Governor of FloridaFor using a song without permission.
  22. Trimmings
    Times Restaurant Ceases and DesistsA restaurant that across from the Times Building stops mimicking the paper’s font.
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    Marc Jacobs Sues Christian AudigierFor copyright infringement, not because his clothes are ugly.
  24. Paris Hilton Sued for Copyright Infringement and We’re Forced to Take Her SideCan you really sue over insoles?
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    Court Throws Out Small-Town Seamstress’s $3.7 Million Forgery Suit Against ChanelThe seamstress is actually fairly pleased with the outcome.
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    Smalltown Seamstress’s $3.7 Million Lawsuit Against Chanel Goes to CourtAnd her business is suffering as a result.
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    Trovata’s Suit Against Forever 21 Ultimately Has No Effect on Knockoff RegulationsTrovata gave up the two-year legal battle that could have resulted in a landmark verdict.
  28. Lawsuits
    Dog Fight: Chicago’s Superdawg Sues Super Hot DogWho’s your dog in this fight?
  29. DVF Settles With Mercy of Canada Over CopyrightThe matter of the floral jacket is officially over.
  30. copyfights
    Mistrial Declared in Forever 21 Trovata CaseSo much for that landmark legislation about copyrighting clothing designs.
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    Jury Deadlocked in Forever 21 Knockoff CaseThey might not even understand what the case is all about.
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    Forever 21: You’d Need a Telescope to See What Trovata Thinks We CopiedWell, not really — but it’s up to a jury to decide.
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    Trovata Fights Forever 21 With Music, Forever 21 Fights Back With Apple CobblerThe landmark trial over fast-fashion knockoffs has begun.
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    Maria Cornejo Lobbies for Copyright Protection, Might Want a Diffusion LineThe designer blogs about her recent trip to Washington, D.C., with Jason Wu, Narciso Rodriguez, and Thakoon Panichgul.
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    Michael Kors Embroiled in Trademark-Infringement SuitHis resort collection was inspired by Tony Duquette, but the Duquette brand thinks he took it a little too far.
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    Are Reverend Run’s Daughters Knocking Off a Homegrown T-Shirt Company?The designer of Johnny Cupcakes thinks tees from their Pastry line are suspiciously similar to his.
  37. Lawsuits
    Trader Joe’s to Trader John’s: Oh No You Didn’tIt turns out Gristedes is behind the mysterious Trader John’s. And the company is in trouble.
  38. Victoria’s Secret and Phat Farm Settle Trademark DisputePhat Fashions sued the lingerie giant in March since the logo for Victoria’s Secret’s Pink line was too close to theirs for comfort.
  39. get your vote on
    Elect This: Barackawear Versus RocawearBarackawear has nothing to do with Jay-Z’s Rocawear label, and he’s cool with that.
  40. knock-offs
    Louis Vuitton Wins $3.5 Million in Counterfeit SuitA company tried to register an “LY” logo that looked similar to their “LV” logo.
  41. Nike Sues Wal-Mart for Copying SneakersWal-Mart’s Shox sneakers are nearly identical in design to Nike’s Shox footwear.
  42. the take
    Fire Up Your Silk Screen: Mickey Mouse Might Be in the Public DomainDisney, of course, doesn’t think this is nearly as hilarious as we do.
  43. loose threads
    DVF Accuses Mango of Copyright Infringement; Gisele’s Pad for SaleAlso, Gisele strips down for new watch ads, and Sarah Brown says she couldn’t compete with Carla Bruni during her London visit.
  44. loose threads
    Ad Pages Down at ‘Vogue’; Crocs Sues for CopyrightAlso, Anne Slowey’s assistants aren’t perfect, Anna Wintour awaits two new babies, and Agyness Deyn sings at a big music festival.
  45. run through
    Isabel Marant Fights a Knockoff and Wins in FranceFrench fast-fashion chain Naf Naf must pay the label $120,000 for ripping off a black dress.
  46. first responders
    Breaking: eBay Wins Trademark Suit Brought On by Tiffany & CompanyThis is a landmark win for eBay, which would have had to completely restructure business operations if it lost.
  47. beauty marks
    Oscar de la Renta Sues Elizabeth Arden; $800 Lipo DiscountsAlso ScentByMe.com is the Netflix of fragrances, Marc Jacobs launches Daisy Black, and they now make peel-and-stick eye shadow.
  48. run through
    Breaking: LVMH Wins Landmark Lawsuit Against eBayA French court ruled eBay must pay LVMH over $60 million for selling fake and real LVMH goods.
  49. loose threads
    Adidas Takes Wal-Mart to Court; 52-Year-Old Sues Victoria’s SecretAdidas says Wal-Mart is copying its logo, a woman got injured by a Victoria’s Secret V-string, and André Leon Talley wears another turban.
  50. run through
    Dooney & Bourke Wins in Louis Vuitton’s Trademark SuitAfter a long legal battle a judge has ruled Dooney & Bourke’s monogram bags don’t infringe on LV’s trademark. But would everyone be able to tell them apart?
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