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  1. Is Renée Zellweger Leaving New York for Good?The pair of apartments she owns off Madison Avenue have been listed.
  2. hamptons
    ‘Affordable’ Sales Dominate Hamptons Real EstateDepending on the meaning of “affordable.”
  3. Manhattan Real Estate Finds EquilibriumThe “R” word is “rebound,” not “recovery.”
  4. vu.
    Marc Jacobs Holes Up at New York Ranger’s ApartmentThe designer and his boyfriend will wait out their renovation at ex–New York Ranger Scott Gomez’s place.
  5. Manhattan Housing Market Is Feeling the PainSales of Manhattan homes have plunged, according to reports released today.
  6. Washington ‘Post’ to Other Papers: Don’t Ditch D.C.!An axed Maine political reporter writes to tell how local papers that close their Washington bureaus are hurting the cause of democracy. Plus, the latest in finance, law, media, and real-estate news.
  7. Broker Stashes Olsen Twins on 13th StreetBut he still can’t sell their $10 million Morton Square apartment.