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  1. Menendez Has Run Out the Clock on GOP Fantasies of Picking Up a Senate SeatSenator Robert Menendez may or may not be acquitted of corruption charges. But it will be too late for Chris Christie to appoint a successor.
  2. Flynn Kidnapping Plot Is Like Teapot Dome With a Dash of TreasonThat a presidential national security adviser might have sold his influence to a foreign government so quickly and cheaply is a very big deal.
  3. ‘What Is a Senator’ May Actually Be a Key Question in the Menendez CaseA juror’s grade-school-civics question cuts to the heart of the New Jersey senator’s corruption trial.
  4. Trump’s Presidency Is Taking a Toll On His BusinessAs cosmopolitan elites shun Trump’s hotels and resorts, his company grows more reliant on swamp-fueled profits.
  5. Congress Is a Desert, Not a SwampWhile many people think Congress is enriching itself, it’s actually too poor in policy knowledge and resources to do much more than take orders.
  6. Appeals Court Overturns Conviction of Former Assembly Speaker Sheldon SilverAn appeals court used a recent Supreme Court precedent to say the jury had been given incorrect instructions in the case.
  7. GOP Lawmakers Bought Health-Insurance Stocks While Advancing TrumpcareCongressman Mike Conaway’s family bought stock in UnitedHealth the same day that a bill repealing Obamacare’s taxes on insurers advanced in committee.
  8. Goldman Speeches a Big Unforced Error for Hillary ClintonShe denies her paid speeches for Wall Street audiences represented special treatment. It’s probably true, but hard to prove.
  9. russia
    Hundreds Arrested During Anti-Corruption Protests in RussiaThe nationwide demonstrations were the largest in the country since 2012.
  10. GOP Oversight Chair Calls Conway Promoting Ivanka’s Brand ‘Unacceptable’But the president attacking private companies for dropping Ivanka’s brand is, apparently, totally fine.
  11. the national interest
    Trump’s Self-Enrichment Gets Even More CorruptA business that doesn’t want to carry the Trump brand is attacking the president, insists the White House.
  12. Sometimes Corruption Happens All at OnceIt’s not always a slippery slope.
  13. Trump Won the Presidency, Then Approval on a Tax Subsidy for His HotelAfter the election, the federal government approved the second phase of Trump’s application for a massive tax break on his D.C. hotel.
  14. Bahrain to Hold Celebration at President-Elect’s D.C. HotelThe oil kingdom will ring in the seventeenth anniversary of King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa’s rule by channeling money to Donald Trump.
  15. Pennsylvania’s Ex-AG Is Sentenced to Prison for Illegally Leaking DocumentsHer attorneys and her son argued for leniency, but the judge ordered her to serve up to 23 months in prison for the bizarre political scandal.
  16. Nassau County Executive and His Wife Arrested in Federal Corruption ProbeOne of the alleged figures in the case also has ties to the investigation into Mayor de Blasio’s fundraising activities.
  17. corruption
    Secret Service Paying Taxpayer Money to Trump-Owned CompanyThe Trump campaign has so far spent a total of $8.2 million on payments to businesses owned by the candidate or his family.
  18. Governor Cuomo’s Former Aide to Face Charges in Corruption InvestigationEight others are also facing charges in a sweeping investigation involving the governor’s upstate economic program.
  19. SCOTUS Overturns McDonnell Corruption ConvictionFor Bob McDonnell, this means a new trial or maybe even freedom. For the country’s prosecutors, it means a tougher job going after corruption.
  20. 3 NYPD Officers and a de Blasio Fundraiser Arrested in Federal Corruption ProbeFormal charges will be announced this afternoon. 
  21. crimes and misdeamnors
    High-Ranking NYPD Officer Disciplined in Connection With Corruption ProbeDeputy Chief John Sprague said he would plead the Fifth if asked to testify before a grand jury.
  22. state politics
    Sheldon Silver Hoping to Serve His Time in a Cushy PrisonHe was sentenced to 12 years in prison Tuesday.
  23. oh albany!
    Sheldon Silver Filed for His Pension a Day After Getting Convicted of CorruptionHe could make more than $85,000 a year.
  24. gooooal
    FIFA Suspends President Sepp Blatter and Two Other Top Executives“The rot in the FIFA leadership is so extensive.”
  25. the sports section
    Once America Got Interested in Soccer, FIFA Was ScrewedThe silver lining to the scandal: By comparison, it makes our pro leagues look downright angelic.
  26. fifa
    Vladimir Putin Is Not Impressed With the FIFA IndictmentOther people and organizations are not impressed with FIFA.
  27. city politic
    Albany Lobbyists Are Misunderstood, Says Albany Lobbyist A state power-broker explains on why he and his colleagues get an undeserved bad rap in the capitol. 
  28. World Soccer Rocked As Corruption Indictments Target Top ExecutivesFourteen people have been indicted and six already arrested, though the charges implicate the entire system through which the sport is governed.
  29. city politic
    Does Albany’s Corruption Crisis Have an Upside? Finally, the citizenry may benefit from the State Capitol’s dysfunction.
  30. oh albany!
    New York State Starts Searching for Someone to Make It Less CorruptWant to clean up Albany? There’s a job for you.
  31. cops
    Talking to a Former NYPD Officer So Dirty He Spent 12 Years in PrisonMichael Dowd shook down dealers, protected drug lords, and even started selling cocaine himself.
  32. city politic
    Who Is Preet Bharara’s Confidential Informant No. 1?Dirty water meets dirty politics in Skelos Case.
  33. oh albany!
    Report: New York Senate Leader Dean Skelos Is Under Federal InvestigationMore from the office that just took down former State Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver.
  34. Albany Lawmakers Worried Everyone Is Wearing Wires“As to whether it is the NSA, prosecutors or the Russian Mafia keeping tabs, probably somebody has the tapes.”
  35. city politic
    Sheldon Silver’s Arrest Is Huge, But Preet Bharara Is Waging an Even Bigger CaseHe seems to be headed toward a confrontation with the governor.
  36. new york's finest
    NYPD Steals Cash, Pepper-Sprays Victims: VideoWith no regard for consequences.
  37. oh albany!
    Corrupt Politicians Sent Each Other Sexy Valentine’s Day Texts (About Money)Add another blemish to former city councilman Dan Halloran’s record.
  38. oh albany!
    Yet Another New York Lawmaker to Be Charged With CorruptionGabriela Rosa is expected to plead guilty to a couple of types of fraud.
  39. Brooklyn Assemblyman Not As Lucky in Second Corruption TrialAfter he already beat charges in 2011.
  40. crimes and misdemeanors
    Ray Nagin on Conspiracy Conviction: ‘I’m Good’The former New Orleans mayor is pretty mellow.
  41. oh albany!
    Shirley Huntley Also Wasn’t Honest About Her Broken Ankle Faking an injury makes it easier to tape people.
  42. oh albany!
    New York Political Corruption Case to Get Even Bigger Shirley Huntley was busy with her wire.
  43. the racie for gracie
    The Times Won’t Let Lhota Have His Best SoundbiteLost in the meta.
  44. oh albany!
    Corrupt City Councilman Didn’t Respect His Religion’s Rules, Either And he was flogged for it!
  45. crimes and misdemeanors
    Bipartisan Bribery Plot to Rig the NYC Mayoral Race Foiled by FBIMalcolm Smith, Dan Halloran, and four other local politicians have been arrested.
  46. Top St. John’s Official Blocked Payback RequestThe Cecilia Chang corruption case deepens.
  47. crimes and misdemeanors
    Former Assemblyman Jimmy Meng Pleads Guilty for Taking $80,000 Fruit BasketNow he’d like to avoid jail time.
  48. cryfest
    A Brief History of Bernie Kerik CryingA breakdown in court should be seen as a commonplace by now.
  49. crimes and misdemeanors
    Pedro Espada Jr. Found Guity on Four CountsHe’s already facing up to 40 years, with four counts still to go.
  50. Crime Scenes
    Critically Panned Water Works Restaurant Soaks City Tax Payers For Hundreds ofThe insult to injury here is, it’s not even a decent restaurant.
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