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  1. special senate election
    Midterms Overtime: Mississippi Gears Up for a Competitive Senate RunoffRepublican Cindy Hyde-Smith is the favorite, but her racially tinged gaffes may have created an opening for Democrat Mike Espy.
  2. vision 2020
    Decoding the Recent Travel Schedules of Democrats With Designs on 2020They aren’t in any tight races, but the Dems most likely to run for president have been campaigning everywhere from Manchester to San Diego.
  3. 2020 election
    Kamala Harris Updates Obama’s Winning Strategy for 2020Twelve years after Obama’s breakthrough, it’s unclear Harris can emulate it given a giant field and polarized politics.
  4. defense spending
    Eventually, Progressive Democrats Will Need to Get ‘Soft’ on DefenseAmerica can have a Western European–style welfare state or a giant and ever-growing military budget — but it can’t have both.
  5. profile
    Cory Booker Wants to Give You a Hug, and Be Your Next PresidentHe’s ready to run the most optimistic, earnest, emotionally present campaign in history — and is betting that’s what Trump’s America is ready for.
  6. the kavanaugh hearings
    Democrats Take ‘Civil Disobedience’ Stance in Leaking Kavanaugh DocumentsIn an escalation of protests over a rushed procedure with concealment of documents, Democrats start leaking them and Republicans threaten retaliation.
  7. the kavanaugh hearings
    As Kavanaugh Tried to Focus on Legal Abstractions, Real World Kept IntrudingOn day two of the Kavanaugh hearings, Democrats chipped away at the Supreme Court nominee’s attempt to put forth a regular-guy persona.
  8. criminal justice reform
    Criminal-Justice-Reform Deal Facing Opposition From Left and RightTrump’s support is crucial to a deal that would add sentencing reforms to a House-passed prison-reform bill. But Cotton and Booker aren’t on board.
  9. Where Do ‘Centrist’ Democrats Turn in 2020?Joe Biden is the obvious favorite for those who aren’t crazy about the progressive drift of the party. But if he doesn’t run, then what?
  10. The Progressive Hawaii Senator Reshaping the 2020 Race, Without Even RunningBrian Schatz isn’t running for president — really — but his plan to yank Democratic colleagues to the left could define the party in 2020 and beyond.
  11. Can Kushner’s Patchy Prison-Reform Bill Survive the Senate?A House-passed bill backed by the Trump administration at the behest of Jared Kushner could succumb to bipartisan crossfire in the Senate.
  12. the national interest
    Democrats Are Rushing Into a Job Guarantee. It Could Be a Huge Mistake.The hottest new progressive policy idea is not ready for prime time.
  13. Gillibrand and Booker Swear Off Corporate CashThe rumored 2020 candidates join Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Maria Cantwell in refusing donations from corporate PACs.
  14. how artsy
    Senator Cory Booker Dabbles in Instagram PoetryA good fallback gig.
  15. Government to Reopen After Senate Democrats Back DownDems can still prevail in the larger battle over immigration policy — but ending the shutdown Monday definitely wasn’t a victory.
  16. There’s a Long List of Dems Trump Should Fear in 2020. Biden Isn’t One of Them.The White House supposedly has no fear of any potential 2020 opponent other than Joe Biden. It needs to fear its president’s own limitations.
  17. Turnout Will Win It for Moore or Jones, But GOP Will Have a Headache Either WayIn a strange campaign where the front-runner disappeared and the polls are all over the place, turnout patterns will matter most.
  18. Cory Booker Campaigns for Alabama’s Doug Jones — and Maybe Himself in 2020If the New Jersey senator is successful, he’ll have helped defeat Roy Moore. If not, he got a chance to test out his stump speech.
  19. First N.H. Poll for 2020 Shows Trump Looking VulnerableIn a way-early 2020 N.H. primary poll, nobody’s challenging Sanders and Biden among Democrats, and Trump looks potentially vulnerable to a challenge.
  20. Confederates in the CapitolDuring the Jim Crow era, southern states sought recognition in the Capitol for ex-Confederates and other proud racists. That may finally be corrected.
  21. politics
    This New Bill Seeks to Reform the Way Women Are Treated in PrisonIt mandates that women prisoners be given pads and tampons and extends visiting hours with their children.
  22. politics
    Watch Senator Cory Booker’s Emotional Speech Condemning the Health-Care BillA Facebook Live session turned into a spontaneous rally on the Capitol steps against the Senate’s health-care bill.
  23. very jersey things
    Cory Booker Is Still Waiting on His Date With Mindy Kaling“She’s just an extraordinary force.”
  24. celebrity romances
    Did Cory Booker and Mindy Kaling Just Set Up a Real-Life Date Over Twitter?This romantic comedy is writing itself.
  25. The Socialist Takeover of the Democratic Party Is Proceeding NicelyCentrist Democrats used to distance themselves from the left ahead of their presidential runs. Now, Booker and Cuomo are doing the opposite.
  26. How Booker and Lewis Tried to Raise the Bar at Sessions’s Confirmation HearingTwo African-American lawmakers suggest a higher standard for an attorney general than affability and not being a racist.
  27. Cory Booker Is Releasing a Book a Month Before the First PrimaryJust in case someone’s in the market for a vice-president.
  28. Did Rand Paul Just Announce 2016 Run in a Festivus Tweet?His annual “airing of grievances” has been cheapened by shameless marketing ploys.
  29. Booker Trying to Take a Selfie With Each SenatorCory Booker’s at it again.
  30. Ras Baraka Is the New Mayor of NewarkAnd he’s not a big Cory Booker fan.
  31. Cory Booker Can’t Stop Shoveling Other People’s DrivewaysThe Senator needs help — and salt.
  32. Rand Paul’s Airing of Grievances Leads to Festivus MiracleCory Booker gets involved; it becomes a whole thing. 
  33. Cory Booker Clams Up to Fit in With New Senate FriendsThe senator is suddenly “extremely selective” about interviews.
  34. Cory Booker Dating a Woman, New York Post ReportsDespite being famously noncommittal about his sexuality…”
  35. Newark’s New Mayor Is the Opposite of Cory BookerLuis Quintana doesn’t “twit,” or e-mail.
  36. Cory Booker Sworn in, Laughs at BidenHere’s what it looked like. 
  37. Harry Reid Already Embarrassing Cory Booker in Front of His New FriendsWhat a remarkable young man he is.”
  38. Cory Booker Is Making Nice With Rand PaulThey both want to revamp drug laws.
  39. Scenes From New Jersey’s First Same-Sex WeddingsAt midnight, Cory Booker started marrying people at Newark City Hall.
  40. Gay Marriages Are On for Monday in New JerseyThe state’s highest court says go for it.
  41. Does the Tea Party Realize It Lost in New Jersey?A movement of dead-enders now.
  42. Mayor Cory Booker Now Senator-Elect Cory BookerD.C. wants to know if he’ll be shoveling driveways there.
  43. Cory Booker Wants to Know If You’re Down With O.P.P. Rick Shaftan would be proud.
  44. It Doesn’t Matter If Cory Booker Is Gay (But He Isn’t)According to Rachel Maddow.
  45. Cory Booker’s Start-up Flop Sold for Practically NothingHe’s still winning his Senate race, though.
  46. Lonegan Aide Goes on Unhinged Rant About BookerAs opposed to sucking on a stripper’s breasts. 
  47. Cory Booker’s Dad Dies Six Days Before the ElectionHe was one of the first black executives at IBM
  48. Steve Lonegan Calls Cory Booker’s City a ‘Big Black Hole’At their final, and nastiest debate.
  49. Voters Do Not Care That Cory Booker Communicated With a StripperBooker remains ahead of his GOP rival by 11 points. 
  50. Bloomberg Offers Booker Help, Though He Doesn’t Really Need ItHe’s winning, but not by a big enough margin.
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