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Crack Tape

  1. oh canada!
    The Latest Rob Ford Meltdown Includes a Justin Bieber Cameo, of CourseThis is what they call rock bottom.
  2. other countries' embarrassments
    How to Videotape a Mayor — Say, Rob Ford — Smoking CrackIt’s easy, according to instructions from the videographer.
  3. Don't Believe the Pipe
    Rob Ford Finally Gets His Own Tribute HamburgerCrack pepper burger, get it?
  4. other countries' embarrassments
    An ‘Inebriated’ Rob Ford Video Without the Crack“I am a sick motherf*cker, dude.”
  5. other countries' embarrassments
    Did a Huffy Rob Ford Pretend to Be a Radio Caller Defending His Crack Tape?Sounds like it!