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  1. North Korea May Have Tested Components of a Hydrogen BombPyongyang may even believe the January 6 test was the real deal (but it probably wasn’t).
  2. New Mexico Man Kills His Friend After Binge-Watching The Walking DeadHis friend allegedly tried to bite him.
  3. Glenn Beck Sorry for ‘Mistakes’ That Made Him Rich and FamousI think I played a role, unfortunately, in helping tear the country apart.”
  4. Wallenda’s Proposed Skyscraper Walk Won’t Get Off the GroundHe said he won’t violate the law.
  5. Ron Paul Suggests Edward Snowden Might Be Killed in a Drone StrikeNot likely.
  6. Bus Ride From Atlantic City Gets Even WorseThanks to a crazy person.
  7. sex ed
    Boston College’s Anti-Condom Rule Makes No SenseThey don’t want people to get any ideas (as if they don’t already have them).
  8. Woman Steals Train, Plows It Into ApartmentsWe doubt the photo was her intent, but it really is cool.
  9. stalkers
    Another Criminal Thinks He’s Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend24-year-old Wisconsin man showed up at her Nashville home uninvited to celebrate her birthday.
  10. Read an Unforgiving Celebrity Craziness MatrixBilly Joel next to Mike Tyson? Please!
  11. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Arrives in New York for the UN General AssemblyAnd receives a touching welcome from the Post.
  12. Flying Dutchman Uses Custom Birdwings to Soar Over the HagueHe gets almost as emotional as the Double Rainbow dude.
  13. Man Runs Onto Tarmac at LaGuardia AirportNot a smart thing to do, really.
  14. People Went Crazy on Airplanes YesterdayPlease stop doing that.
  15. Continental Passengers Subdue Crazed Man Who Tries to Open Door Mid-FlightRemember this the next time a flight attendant asks you if you are able to assist in the exit row.
  16. Unstoppable Love for Cameron Diaz Caused Man to Run Onto Field During Yankees GameGrim LeRogue has issues.
  17. Exotic-Pet Owners Take a Laissez-faire Approach to Their Wild AnimalsWhy would someone need accident insurance for a black bear?
  18. A Foolproof Guide to Going ViralTarget audience: bored office workers.
  19. tweets
    Live Nation CEO Masters Twitter“u r a jerk”
  20. the real housewives of new jersey
    Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Danielle Staub SuingShe’s suing Ashley Holmes and Teresa Giudice.
  21. crazy people
    Here Is a Photo of Kanye West Standing Next to King Tut’s Great-GrandmotherWow.
  22. the bachelorette
    The Bachelorette: The Cautionary Tale of the TattooContestant Kasey freaks Ali out with a tattoo, and then is summarily given the boot.
  23. betty white
    Crazed Betty White Fans Now Trying to Give Her Other People’s JobsAnd we support them.
  24. crazy people
    Nicolas Cage Is Selling Off Houses, But Nobody’s BuyingWe’re disappointed in you, America’s millionaires.
  25. Bart Stupak Threatened in the Most Insane, Creative WaysHow did they come up with these crazy voice messages?
  26. crazy people
    Meet John Mayer’s Racist PenisMayer’s latest crazy interview is here!
  27. crazy people
    MF Doom to Pay Tribute to Fallen Killer ChimpHe’s writing a song from the chimp’s perspective.
  28. crazy people
    Ghostface’s Magical Publicity Tour ContinuesNow this is how you give a crazy interview.
  29. reboots
    Legal Challenge Imperils Reboot of Catcher in the Rye FranchiseAncient recluse J.D. Salinger has filed a lawsuit seeking to block the publication of an unofficial sequel to his famous book.
  30. boycotts
    Every Movie Now Being BoycottedThere was a time when a movie needed to be pointedly critical of a religion to earn itself a hilariously ineffective boycott.
  31. Skinheads Hoping to Assassinate Obama FoiledTwo angry kids hoped to shoot or decapitate 102 non-Caucasians, ending their spree by going after the presidential candidate.
  32. crazy people
    Confirmed: Mickey Rourke Still CrazyWe were worried his comeback in ‘The Wrestler’ meant he might’ve settled down. Our fears were unfounded.
  33. Hey, Jeffrey ToobinThere’s someone who’d like to get in touch with you.
  34. Cops: Samurai Guy’s Wife ‘Kind of Shocked’ to Hear of His PlanA Daily Intel *special* investigation.
  35. Brooklyn Man Hires Hit Man to Cut Off Wife’s Hand With Samurai SwordFigures it’s the best possible way to get the ring back.
  36. apropos of nothing
    What Are Jonas Brothers Fans Getting for Their $200?JoBro fans are paying $200 on eBay for the band’s out-of-print first album. Are they getting their money’s worth?
  37. New ‘Gossip Girl’ Blog Discovers Lost Artifacts of BrillianceAnd we heave a sigh of relief that we may not be the most weirdly obsessed blog out there.
  38. apropos of nothing
    Will Kanye West Bring Ehud Olmert to MSG Tonight?Which outlandish guest stars will turn out for Kanye’s biggest-ever New York show?
  39. Paul McCartney Is Still Rich; Heather Mills Is Still Crazy A U.K. judge has just awarded Heather Mills around $50 million of Paul McCartney’s money, enough to keep her in golden legs for a lifetime. You think she’d be pleased about this, right? But no! Immediately after the proceedings, Mills stalked down the steps of the London court and complained to the press that the judge said that McCartney was worth £400 million when “everyone knows he’s worth £800 over the last fifteen years.” Then she announced she would contest the decision to make the settlement figures public, which she said Paul had insisted on doing. “He has always wanted it public because he wants to make it look like he is … generous,” she ranted, because apparently nothing will make her happy and she will never go away ever. UPDATE: From CNN: “The judgment included 35,000 pounds ($70,000) a year for the couple’s 4-year-old daughter, Beatrice. Mills said she was unhappy with that amount because it isn’t enough for school tuition, private security, or first-class airfare. ‘He likes her to fly five times a year on holiday,” Mills said of McCartney. “It’s 17,000 (pounds) for two people return (round-trip) first class, so that’s obviously not meant to happen for her anymore. It’s very sad.’” Because obviously that can’t come out of the $50 million. Judge Awards Heather Mills £24.3 Million in Divorce Ruling [Times UK] Related: Intel’s Weird Obsession With Crazy Heather Mills
  40. apropos of nothing
    People Who Don’t Want a ‘Wire’ Movie Are CrazyYeah, that’s right, Nick Denton, we’re talkin’ to you!
  41. the best part
    ‘The Office’ Convention Disappoints the Show’s Least Capitalization-Savvy FansScranton Is Gonna Be A Party All Weekend.
  42. the early-evening news
    Ryan Adams’s Tantrum-Throwing Ability on the DeclineRobert Plant’s not crazy after all! Plus: great news for movie fans that can’t spell!
  43. the early-evening news
    Wes Anderson Wary of Working With Actors Not Named Bill MurrayPlus: Surprise! They’re making a sequel to Transformers!
  44. apropos of nothing
    Ten Things That Probably Stressed Out Meg WhiteThe White Stripes canceled their fall tour this morning citing Meg White’s “acute anxiety” and inability to travel. What’s to blame for her breakdown?
  45. tube junkie
    World’s First Porno for Plants Not Nearly As Hot As It Could Have BeenArtist Jonathan Keats’s Cinema Botanica is, he claims, the world’s first porno film for plants and features “explicit acts of cross pollination.”
  46. the take
    Ailing Record Company Adopts a New Strategy: Magic!“Can Rick Rubin Save the Music Business?” asks the cover of Sunday’s New York Times Magazine. Short answer: No. Long answer: Noooooooooo.
  47. apropos of nothing
    What the Terrorists Don’t Understand About Zac EfronThe Al Qaeda–affiliated Britons who issued death threats to Diddy and other dangerous subversives in the video that we highlighted earlier today really got us peeved.
  48. tube junkie
    ‘Crossfire’ With Ted NugentProgressive musician Ted Nugent took time out of a recent concert to talk politics with an equally forward-thinking audience.
  49. beef
    Religious Zealots vs. Pop CultureIt’s the end of August, and most of our pop stars are either on vacation, in prison, or planning their next DUIs — but for the zany Islamic fundamentalists trying to stamp out the influence of Western culture, it’s just another day at the office!
  50. countdown to meltdown
    50 Cent Already Practicing His Concession SpeechIn a video interview today with OnSmash.com, 50 Cent states unequivocally, “Of course I’ll outsell [Kanye West].” Then he preemptively makes excuses for why he might not.
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