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  1. Trump to Meet Putin in Helsinki for Summit Next MonthThe White House does not expect any “specific outcomes” from the meeting, beyond warmer relations between Washington and Moscow.
  2. Trump Says Putin’s ‘Not Going Into’ UkraineTime to brush up on your geopolitics, Donald.
  3. Russia Is Building a Pro-Russia Theme Park in CrimeaIt will be the biggest amusement park in all the land.
  4. The Chain Gang
    Kremlin-Approved RusBurger Replaces McDonald’s in Crimea, PromisesCrimea finally gets a “Taste of Russia.”
  5. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Shuts Down in CrimeaThe fast-food giant is offering to move workers and their families.
  6. Russia Has Also Seized Ukraine’s Military DolphinsWho might actually appreciate the change of leadership.
  7. Harry Reid Suggests the GOP Helped Russia Annex CrimeaBoehner says he’s “unhinged.”
  8. Putin to Celebrate Taking Crimea With Lots of FireworksRussia!
  9. Obama Sanctions Friends of Putin, Russia Retaliates With Mixed MetaphorThe latest fallout from Ukraine.
  10. Ukraine Giving Up on Crimea, in One PhotoThe government in Kiev is removing its troops following Russia’s decision to annex the peninsula.
  11. international intrigue
    What Crimea Looked Like Before Putin: PhotosMaybe Putin just wants the beach to himself?
  12. U.S. Announces Sanctions Against RussiansWe’ll continue to make clear to Russia that further provocations will achieve nothing,” President Obama said.
  13. Crimea Votes to Secede From Ukraine and Join Russia [Updated]93 percent of voters went with Russia, according to exit polls.
  14. Crimea Votes to Join Russia, Complicating Things FurtherUkraine and the U.S. are not having it.
  15. Hillary Clinton Compares Putin to Hitler AgainI’m not making a comparison, certainly,” but …
  16. U.N. Envoy Chased From Crimea by Armed MenSo that’s how things are going over there.
  17. Breaking Down Putin’s Lies About UkraineFact-checking the Russian president’s outlandish press conference.
  18. Russia Today Anchor: ‘What Russia Did Is Wrong’For journalism.
  19. Russia Reportedly Threatens Ukrainian Warships in Crimea [Updated]Russia denies that this happened.
  20. What Obama Should Do About Russia, According to EveryoneWith the situation in Ukraine escalating, politicians and pundits all have advice.
  21. MSNBC Map Reestablishes CzechoslovakiaTime for an update.