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  1. critical mass
    Cher on Cher: ‘I’m Not a Cher Fan’Cher is Cher’s own harshest critic.
  2. The Other Critics
    Chef Takes to Twitter to Curse Out ‘Self-Serving’ CriticThen he favorited his own tweet.
  3. Critical Mass
    Restaurant Critic With 20 Years of Experience Finally Revealed Her FaceCiting “realities of the Internet era,” the Patriot-News reviewer joins the “out” club.
  4. critical mass
    Early Reviews: Gravity Is Like Being in SpaceThe movie opened the Venice Film Festival today to rave reviews.
  5. critical mass
    Critics Roundup: What Everyone Said About Miley Cyrus’s VMA PerformanceSo many opinions.
  6. critical mass
    What Everyone Said That Time Ben Affleck (Sort Of) Played SupermanHe starred as TV’s Man of Steel in a biopic called Hollywoodland.
  7. Critical Mass
    Chicagoans Tired of Tribune Critic’s Recurring Next RavesThen fine-dining innovation traps critics in a rut.
  8. Critical Mass
    Observer Officially Names Joshua David Stein Restaurant CriticHe’s got his finger on the pulse of the sea buckthorn.
  9. Critical Mass,
    ‘Trickle-Down Tartare’ Is a Thing Now, Says WSJBacon sundaes for all!
  10. Critical Mass
    Bread Lines Form at Num PangPlus, Martha Stewart jumps on the sandwich train.
  11. neighborhood watch
    Cop Who Clobbered Cyclist IndictedYouTube helped convince a grand jury that the biker wasn’t aiming for him.
  12. the morning line
    In Case You Haven’t Been Screwed Enough By the MTA… • Wait, now there’s a $3.9 billion surplus?! Just weeks ago, the city was projected to be mere $2 billion in the black. Bloomberg warns that the city’s become “very dependent” on transfer taxes from huge real-estate deals. Whatever. We want free cabs for a week. [NYT] • A “wacky” judge “ranted” “bizarrely” against a death-penalty case on his hands, preferring that the prosecutors shoot for life-in-prison instead. And that’s just the news story; you should see the epithets in the editorial. [NYDN] • Today the massed forces of NYPD will once again do furious battle with the evil swarm otherwise known as hippies on bicycles: Critical Mass is coming to town. Interestingly, Brooklyn cops appeared far more supportive two weeks ago: Officers even rode alongside the cyclists. [amNY] • The Post’s Andrea Peyser, having finally cracked, roams the floors of a Bed, Bath & Beyond waving photos of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Paris Hilton. It’s a “social experiment,” apparently. [NYP] • And City Hall is about to, um, roll out official New York City condoms. “Memorable packaging” may include the iconic subway map. Is the mayor getting frisky with the budget surplus already? [AP]