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  1. movies
    The New James Bond Movie Is Definitely CursedIt’s been plagued by rewrites, injuries, literal fireballs, and now, video games.
  2. cautious optimism
    Can This Orca Baby Break the Curse?An orca family has finally had a calf survive after four very unlucky years!
  3. theories
    Post Malone Has Definitely Been Cursed by a Haunted BoxThe reason behind his recent string of near-death experiences.
  4. curses
    Terry Gilliam Had a Stroke But Man Who Killed Don Quixote Will Finally ScreenBut the director will be ready to celebrate The Man Who Killed Don Quixote on the Palais.
  5. curses
    The Glorious Reason Lil B Uncursed Kevin Durant“Me being Lil B, I really feel like the Based God did it because the Based God is humble and very empathetic.”
  6. conspiracy theory
    Is Wu-Tang Clan’s Once Upon a Time in Shaolin Cursed?Probably.
  7. *skrrrrrrrrrt*
    Did Lil B Invent the Flick of the Wrist?Your guide to one of the year’s biggest memes.
  8. curses
    De Blasio’s City Council Speaker Pick Accused of Hexing Rival With a giant rooster mural.
  9. curses
    Bradley Cooper Is the Latest Person to Exit Jane Got a GunThe Natalie Portman project is clearly, inarguably cursed.
  10. curses
    Brooklyn Felon’s Profanity-Laced Rant Fails to Win Over JudgeIt was worth a try.
  11. can i get a witness
    Court Has Little Faith in Mystic Imam’s Expertise on CursesCalled to testify in a hex-related murder case.
  12. Closings
    Cursed Berkeley Spot Claims Another Restaurant’s Life: OrigenThey only lasted eight months in the cursed Telegraph Avenue location.
  13. curses
    GOP Candidates Should Avoid the Cover of NewsweekIt’s cursed.
  14. spider-man
    Cursed Spider-Man Musical Injures AnotherAnother anonymous ‘Spider-Man’ star broke both feet a month ago.
  15. cultural capital
    Sue Simmons Wants to Know What the F**k You Are DoingWNBC 4 anchor Sue Simmons curses on live television. Uh, back to you, Chuck!
  16. intel
    Cursed Brooklynites Seek Relief What doesn’t Brooklyn have? An ad in today’s Metro promised to undo the curses that plague us, be they addictions, debt, rage, or witchcraft. But if you can’t make it out to the Universal Church in Bedford-Stuyvesant on Friday night at seven, call ahead and reserve a prayer. We asked for help in getting rid of our migraines, and the gentleman working the phones added us to the list. Doctors “won’t fix all your problems,” he said, encouraging us to stop by the church sometime: “How can you taste the food if you never go in the restaurant?” Caution to the cursed: Our man said the phone has been ringing ever since the ad hit the streets, so your prayer may not be answered in a timely fashion. —Jocelyn Guest Metro New York [Official site]