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    Tabagotchi Makes Productivity CuterThe most frustrating ’90s game is reformed as a productivity tool.
  2. Cute Babies Have an Evolutionary Advantage in LifeNot fair.
  3. cute
    Maisie Williams Does Not Want You to Call Her Cute — So Don’t “It does limit you.”
  4. election 2040
    The 10-Year-Old Girl Lobbying for the PresidencyAlena Mulhern 2040.
  5. social psychology
    New Insights Into the ‘It’s So Cute I Could Eat It’ PhenomenonResearch may have identified the purpose of cute aggression. 
  6. cute
    Martha Stewart Calls Terry Richardson ‘Cute’While posing with a needlepoint pillow of a fancy dog. 
  7. Memes On Wheels
    Finally, Cupcakes and Kittens Are Together and On DemandIt’s come to this.
  8. you need this
    A Chic Cuff for the French Bulldog LoverBecause who can say no to a puppy?
  9. you need this
    A Faux-Fur Jacket With a Sense of HumorMeow.
  10. alien
    Watch Kids Reenact a Scene From AlienWe’d see it.
  11. madonna
    Watch Kindergarteners Perform Madonna’s ‘Vogue’How bad  does Mr. Avina’s class just make you want to run out and get pregnant?
  12. carly rae jepsen
    Watch Corgi Rae Jepsen, Which Is Exactly What You Think It IsHonestly, we’re surprised it took this long.
  13. bohemian rhapsody
    ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Sing-AlongIt’s called “riding in style.”
  14. kanye west
    Watch a Video for Kanye West’s ‘Way Too Cold’Lil Kanye gets around, huh?
  15. Watch ‘Bone Pugz N Harmony’Next up: Nate [the] Dogg Whisperer.
  16. azaelia banks
    Watch Precious Little British Children Evaluate Azealia Banks’s ‘212’Well, they are the future, so we might as well listen.
  17. commercials
    Watch an Epic Orchestration of the Star Wars Theme, ‘Barked in Key’ by DogsIf we could give out CLIOs …
  18. ps22 kids chorus
    Watch the P.S. 22 Children’s Chorus Sing ‘The Edge of Glory’ With a College a Cappella GroupAlthough we still don’t really know what it means to be “on the edge of glory” (you’re dead? you’re alive?), we’re always happy to hear P.S. 22 give a song their best shot.
  19. kids
    Watch a Toddler Come Face-to-Face With a Lion, Not CareYour Chronicles of Narnia nightmares just came true!
  20. dogs
    Watch a Kayaker Rescue a Runaway Dog at SeaDog escapes drunk driver, winds up in water, lives!
  21. csi
    Watch a Kiddie David CarusoDavid Caruso is tiny, adorable.
  22. dogs
    See a Dog Drink From a Water FountainPoint: Dog People.
  23. kids
    Meet Stella, the Cutest Dinosaur Expert EverThink you know the Triceratops? Think again. Actually, just ask Stella for help.
  24. Check Out an Adorable, Poetic Ode to Leonardo of the Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesReal or fake (please be real?), this poetic salute to “the smart Ninja Turtle” is one for the history books, or at least This Week in Internet.
  25. michael shannon
    Watch Michael Shannon Be AdorableAw, Michael Shannon? Er, sure! Aw, Michael Shannon!
  26. women
    Watch an Adorable Little Girl Play ‘The Modern Woman’A tiny little child playing a grown-up? Gets us every time.
  27. music
    Little Dancing Boy Is Devastated When Parent Tells Him He’s ‘Not a Single Lady’“I’m a horrible father,” says horrible father.
  28. music
    Hear a Children’s Choir Sing ‘Still Alive’ From the Video Game PortalIt’s lovely.
  29. Truckin'
    The Aww-Inspiring Cotton Candy Jeep of Sunset ParkThought the Heartschallenger truck was the smallest sweets ride around? Think again.