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  1. life in pixels
    The Egg Is Bigger Than Before, or, Mysteries of YouTube’s Third-Biggest ChannelWhat is 5-Minute Crafts, and why?
  2. life in pixels
    The Egg Is Bigger Than Before, or, Mysteries of YouTube’s Third-Biggest ChannelWhat is 5-Minute Crafts, and why?
  3. so fresh and so green
    This Shower Hack Really WorksHow to make your shower look and smell better in a few easy step.
  4. diy
    DIY Signal Gallery Closes: Is the Golden Age of the Bushwick Art Scene Over?Two 20-somethings cultivated an artist-first environment in the former rug warehouse where they also lived.
  5. select all
    The Complete, No-Nonsense Guide to Smart LightingI just wanted to control the lights with my voice. Why is that so hard?
  6. select all
    Everything You Need to Build a Budget-Friendly Smart HomeAutomating your home can cost thousands of dollars. These budget picks can help you build one that’s “good enough.”
  7. select all
    3 Smart-Home Obsessives Talk About Their Unbelievably Teched-Out Homes“Most people are just trying to turn on kitchen lights from their iPad. Yawn.”
  8. select all
    Should You Hire a Pro to Smarten Your Home?Please don’t electrocute yourself. It’s so much easier than you’re making it. There are people trained to do these things.
  9. over easy
    Did You Know You Can Make Your Own Peeps?Don’t be turned off by how they look.
  10. diy
    3 Fun Crafts to Do on a Freezing WeekendHoops, a bag, and faux-fur cuffs.
  11. DIY Unicorn Frappuccinos Are the New DIY SlimeThere can never be enough Instagram posts of either.
  12. This Etch A Sketch Can Tell TimeThanks to a surprising DIY hack.
  13. d.i.y.
    Met Gala Looks Re-created With Actual GarbageTinfoil, garbage bags, and toilet paper were all in last night.
  14. wellthy
    6 Natural Hair Treatments That Actually WorkWe put yogurt in our hair so that you didn’t have to.
  15. d.i.y.
    Fun Words to Spell With Your Baby’s Umbilical Cord“Marry me, Zayn.”
  16. cities to love
    Behind the Scenes With Sleater-Kinney at Brooklyn’s Reopened Market HotelWe tail Sleater-Kinney as they reopen Brooklyn’s weirdest little venue, Market Hotel.
  17. trailer mix
    What Is This Random Chinese Tupac Biopic?Leave it to the internet to DIY a Tupac biopic into existence.
  18. Video Feed
    This Video Will Make You Appreciate Just How Complex Sandwiches Really AreIt apparently only takes six months and $1,500 to make one entirely from scratch.
  19. Speedy Ortiz Wants You to Feel Safe at Their ShowsIs a safe hotline the answer? 
  20. candy
    How to Make Your Own OITNB Jolly Rancher ShivYou just need some ingenuity.
  21. d.i.y.
    With This Adorable Homemade BB-8 Replica, You’ll Never Need Human Friends AgainUsing the power of magnets!
  22. Crowdsourced Edits to Various DIY Home Improvement Instructions to Account […]• Before starting the job, put on shoes and pants. • You’ve heard the phrase, “Measure twice and cut once”? Please measure three times. And […]
  23. d.i.y.
    The ’90s Inspiration Behind FKA Twigs’s New Beauty Look“I feel like a warrior on the inside, so I want to reflect my mood visually.”
  24. this is weird
    Woman Made Possibly Delicious Yogurt From Her VaginaYes.
  25. lab rat
    I Tried Cate Blanchett’s DIY Body ScrubBenjamin Butt-ery skin.
  26. holiday goth
    Michelle Obama DIY-ed a Punk Holiday DressCrinoline. 
  27. Now You Can Make Your Own Tiny Underwear for Peach ButtsWeekend craft project!
  28. gif tutorial
    How to Create a Dolce & Gabbana–Inspired Floral ChainNot to be confused with a flower crown.
  29. d.i.y.
    How to Make Miley Cyrus’s Jewelry by Yourself“Dirty Hippie” jewelry: a trip to Party City and a glue gun. 
  30. d.i.y.
    Cheap and Safe Birth Control Alternatives From Hobby LobbySlut pills, meet chastity crafts.
  31. self-improvement
    Holding the Internet Accountable for All Its False DIY PromisesA big, amused eye roll to all of the Internet’s unachievable beauty, crafts, and fashion tips.
  32. d.i.y.
    The Criminal Use for Nail Polish RemoverTeen girls used it to clean dye-pack-stained stolen cash.
  33. Mary-Kate Olsen Has a Five-Hairpins-Only RuleAnd other Olsen beauty secrets from their hairdresser, Mark Townsend.
  34. uniqlones
    Uniqlo Now Suggests Matching Hair to ClothesIf you can master these slightly complicated techniques.
  35. hommes depot
    Are Home Depot Totes the New Hipster It Bag?This is what happens when bright orange things get discontinued.
  36. this is how you do it
    How to Re-create the Violet Eyes From Jason Wu In four easy steps.
  37. How to Make Your Bike Sound Like a Horse-Drawn Carriage?Trotify it!
  38. Learn a Thing or Two From the D.I.Y. BridePinch-lift!
  39. daredevils
    The Most Exhilarating Window-Washing Video of the DayThis barefoot Brooklyn man is alarmingly confident.
  40. d.i.y.
    White House Releases Its Beer RecipeDon’t worry, oppo-researchers: the Obamas pay for the equipment and ingredients themselves. 
  41. doctor who
    Watch the Doctor Who Theme Song Played on Eight Floppy DrivesAnd the Internet, finally, is complete.
  42. emmy rossum
    Check Out Emmy Rossum’s Homemade HairpinEat your heart out, Katniss.
  43. back to the future
    Check Out a Homemade Flying DeLoreanCue Huey Lewis!
  44. south park
    Watch One Guy’s DIY Orchestration of the South Park Theme SongKlezmer never sounded so good.
  45. d.i.y.
    Aziz Ansari Also Doing That $5 Download Thing for His New SpecialSelf-distribution is the new Comedy Central.
  46. DIY
    Now Everyone Can Be Like the Pizza HackerThe KettlePizza attachment for Weber Grills makes having a wood-burning oven pretty simple.
  47. campaign trail
    Orlando Bloom and Lily Aldridge Took Pictures of Miranda Kerr for Rag & BoneShe’s topless in several of them, naturally.
  48. Mediavore
    No Cheesesteaks Harmed in Last Night’s Fatal Shooting in South Philly;Plus: Mini-desserts are trending; and meat consumption is going up, all in our morning news roundup.
  49. Makin' It
    The Next Big Small Brand Looks WestwardThe contest for foodie entrepreneurs will expand to the West Coast.
  50. d.i.y.
    How to Swap Bodies With Anyone You Want, According to the MoviesCrossing pee streams, eating fortune cookies, and wearing earrings are all highly effective methods.
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