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The Best of Late Night’s Responses to the Presidential Debate

America's late night shows took on Tuesday's presidential debate this week, all of them going about it in their own unique way. Here's Jon Stewart laying into Mitt Romney over his contraception stance and his "binders full of women" remark, as [...]

By Bradford Evans

Michelle Obama to Return to Daily Show to Talk about Plants

On May 29th, First Lady Michelle Obama is making her Second appearance on the Daily Show for an interview that will take up about a Third of the episode. Her previous appearance was during the 2008 campaign so now she'll be able to talk about [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Let Kristen Schaal’s Floating Head Explain Women Voters

Last night, Kristen Schaal slapped on a green-on-green, green-screen-ready jumpsuit to walk through the last 16 years of "_____ Moms." Mostly, it was an excuse for Schaal to play her best floating head and Stewart to laugh profusely at such. [...]

By Jesse David Fox

‘The Daily Show’ to Cover the Republican Convention from Tampa

Those poor souls at The Daily Show are doing what few sane New York liberals would dare to do: spend a week in Tampa at the Republican National Convention. They'll be broadcasting from America's shameful dangler from Tuesday, August 28 through [...]

By Adam Frucci